15 Fun Ways to Spend Summer at Home

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Grab your trusted sunblock and your colorful sunglasses because summer is here, and the heat is definitely on! This summer, we can soak up all the heat, and enjoy summer activities indoor.

We know that you’ve already planned out your next beach trip and summer outings, but what if you can’t go? What if you don’t have the budget to make an out-of-town trip? Spending summer at home may feel a bit of a sacrifice. Instead of lapping under the waves of the sea, you’re stuck at home thinking of ways to ease the pain of not being able to travel. Well, you can still have fun even while you’re at home!

To be able to enjoy indoor summer activities, you’re going to need a dose of creativity to plan and make use of ordinary things. You can create a mini-beach using a pool (inflatable or real one) or create a mini-oasis using your mom’s diffuser and house plants. There are definitely tons of ways you can spend your summer vacation!

Indoor Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is the perfect time for kids to sleep in and do the things they love! It’s a time where they can pursue and learn new skills without worrying over finishing schoolwork. Instead of doing things they usually do, you can come up with ideas that are different, such as hosting a pool party with a bit of a race or inviting friends to learn to play the piano. 

The Mermaids and Mermen Game

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Fill the tub with water, and add their toys inside. Let them wear their mermaid or merman tails, which you can buy online. Grab a book, and engage in a role playing game where they are the good mermaids and mermen of Atlantis. 

Your kids would definitely enjoy acting and role playing throughout the game. Not only is this fun, it can also spark their creativity and imagination. 

Laser Maze Activity

Be like one of the spies who cross laser beams, with a DIY laser obstacle. Using red yarns, tie it on each side of the wall in your hallway, and have your kids walk to the other side without touching these yarns. It can be pretty challenging, but if you give them a reward in the end, it will be totally worth it. 

Pool Party

Bring the beach to your home by spending the day in your (inflatable) pool. You can hand out summer treats as they swim and play in the sun. A great way to keep them entertained is to engage them in different pool games. 

Indoor Fishing Pond

Set up a fishing pond inside the house, and get your kids to catch fish. You don’t need an actual live one, just a cut-out of a fish. Don’t forget a makeshift fishing rod. 

If you’re making your own, the fishing rod has to have a hook at its end of the string while the cut-out fish must have a hole for the hook to slide in. Scatter the fishes on a blue sheet, in place of the ocean, and use the pillows as a makeshift boat. Now all you need is a little bit of imagination!

If you don’t have enough time to DIY your fishing pond, try this magnetic fishing set from Battat.

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Make Fresh Popsicles

There’s nothing better than a cold snack on a really hot day. With the sun heating up your home, it’s the best time for you and your kids to create popsicles! Simply combine different slices of fruits in a mixing bowl, and arrange them into a popsicle mold. Pour enough juice for each mold, insert popsicle sticks, and freeze for six to eight hours. 

Indoor Summer Activities for Teens and Adults

Summer is the best time to learn new skills, and bond with your family. You can try to learn a new instrument, start your own online business, record your daily life, or learn a new hobby. There is so much to do that you wouldn’t notice how time easily flew by. Instead of sulking all day in your bedroom or doing nothing during the summer, these activities perfect for both teens and adults can make your summer worthwhile. 

Apply for an Online Summer Job

An online summer job is a great way for teenagers to earn money while enjoying their summer. Teens nowadays are looking for ways to earn money online, like starting a small online business, monetizing their YouTube channels, or doing brand endorsements. Others are looking at online jobs that require virtual assistance, tutoring or content writing. Your teens can look at the hundreds of job posts online to land a summer part-time job. 

Do Indoor Gardening

Becoming plant moms or dads is a great way to cultivate your gardening skills and love for nature. Starting your own garden at home will help you relieve stress while engaging in a new hobby. This can also be a good bonding activity for both parents and teens. You can cultivate your own herb garden together or simply take care of indoor plants at home. Like others, you can also buy plants to put inside your room to give it a fresh vibe. 

Organize a Book Club

The best way to travel without leaving the house is through reading books! Reading fiction can always transport you to another world, especially if you’re a book lover. 

If this is something that interests you and your teen, perhaps organizing a book club can be a good idea. This can be for you and your teen alone, and you can read together a chapter of a book every night or choose a book for each other to read and share by the end of the summer season. 

Another way to go about this is to invite friends and relatives to join your book club, and provide two to three titles to read throughout the summer. You can meet up (physically or virtually) to share and talk about insights about the book after it’s read.

Take Up a New Hobby

It is never too late for you or your teen to learn a new skill. Learning is an ongoing process, so don’t be discouraged to take on new hobbies. It can either be playing an instrument, trying out a new sport, or practicing photography. 

To make it more engaging and fun, try out these new hobbies together. It’s always better to do new things with someone else. 

Try a New Sport

Get your heart racing and your muscles stretching by trying out a new sport. Summer is the best time to be physically active. If you have an existing sport, you can learn a new one. If you’re a couch potato, pull yourself up to try any sport. 

There are tons of sports you can try—table tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and so much more. You can even have your friends over to have tournaments. If you want, give the games a little twist once you are good with a particular sport. You can try a pool volleyball or a water balloon volleyball game, for instance. 

Indoor Summer Activities for the Family

Spending summer with your family is a worthwhile experience, as you bond and relax. It will not only strengthen your relationship, but it will also help you learn new things about each other. Below are five simple indoor activities you can organize for a fun summer at home. 

Have an Indoor Family Camping

Are you and the kids getting some cabin fever? Well, let’s cure it with a campout in the backyard! Set up a tent, and camp with your family. You can have a bonfire in the middle of the yard, tell ghost stories, cook s’mores, and play nature sounds to immerse in the experience. You can even watch the stars, and point out different constellations before sleeping.  

Build a Backyard Resort

Bring the luxurious vacation into your home by creating your own backyard resort! Set up a table for food and drinks, and bring out your colorful umbrellas, pool toys, and sun lounges. Invite some friends and family over, too, to make it more fun! Blast music on your speakers as you swim in the pool and play different pool games. 

Water Game Olympics

Get your family moving with some fun water olympics! It wouldn’t be fun to play without a little competition, so arm yourselves with energy and determination as you course through your backyard with the different stages.

Be creative when thinking up obstacles. You can have a sprinkler limbo or sponge dodgeball. You can also add water balloon relays or jumping jacks for each stage in the obstacle course.  

Summer Art Attack

Unleash your family’s inner artists by having a day full of art activities. You can use colorful sands and shells to create ornaments and decorate vases or glass bottles. 

Fill a glass bottle with colorful sand, and add small things in it. You can even mix glue and sand to paint a printed canvas. Another thing you can do is create decorative magnets, picture frame designs, and jewelry out of shells. 

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Kids and adults love to take on new challenges. They even like it when treasure and treats are involved. To get your family pumped and moving, create an indoor treasure hunt. Each team has a different set of clues and maps. They will each follow the instructions on the map that will lead them to the treasure. Add some challenges along the way, too! 

A Fun Summer Stay at Home

Staying at home during the summer has a ton of benefits. First, you won’t have to spend a lot to have fun. Second, you can learn new things in the comfort of your own home. And third, you can bond with your family. 

Staying at home doesn’t always mean doing boring stuff. You can actually utilize different parts of your home to make it fun and exciting. Plus, you can reflect within and outside of yourself when you’re in the solitude of your home. So for this summer, don’t be sad that you’ll be spending it at home when you may actually find new things about yourself.

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