Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

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Easter baskets are not just for kids, at least they don’t have to be! If you’re looking for some good ideas for Easter baskets for adults, you stumbled into the right place!

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Admit it, you’re envious of all of the excitement experienced by kids on Easter morning when they go searching for their Easter baskets and eggs! Admitting it is the first step in feeling better about yourself, and the only true solution to make things right: Easter baskets for adults!

That’s right, Easter baskets don’t always have to be just for the kids! Adults can get in on the fun, too! Even though it doesn’t have the magic touch of the Easter Bunny, himself, parents can indulge in a tradition of making Easter baskets for each other. Easter baskets, but with an adult twist! Just what exactly goes into an Easter basket for an adult?

What to Put in an Easter Basket

When it comes to throwing together an Easter basket for a family member, friend, or coworker, common sense should tell you that an adult isn’t going to enjoy all the same things as a child will. This might mean doing away with the bubbles and chalk, and replacing them with something more worth it for an older person. Whether you’re thinking about making an Easter basket for an adult, the ideas are boundless!

Need a few tips on how to come up with appropriate ideas?

Think spring

So with springtime in the air, many people would benefit from a few things related to the season such as new sandals, a hat, some shades. Even items they can use outdoors such as grilling accessories or some nice garden decor could be really appreciated!


Whether they’re a sports junkie, a total techie, a foodie, or a wine enthusiast, you simply cannot go wrong with making a basket themed around what they like and do!


If you’re looking to do something a bit more practical, think about what the person does for a living and what you can give them to help make their jobs easier or more enjoyable! It might not make the most exciting Easter basket, but it’s surely an idea that will be put to great use!


Everyone needs something. Even if it’s just some new socks and underwear (boring, I know…). Think about what the person might need: If they need to relax, put together a basket with an essential oil diffuser and some nice oils, candles bath salts, and a calming CD. If they need some humor, get them a gag book off or Amazon such as “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” and some other little random things. You get the drift!


Everyone has things that they want, and although you can’t exactly fit a Corvette in an Easter basket, you could fit that pair of headphones or a massage gift certificate!


This is probably the most important factor when determining what to put into an Easter basket. If it’s for your spouse, then you really don’t have to worry about this one. If it’s for someone like a boss, tread with caution! After all, you wouldn’t want to include a book called “How to Traumatize Your Children” if he has a dry sense of humor, or none at all!

Now that you have a general idea on what to consider when putting together a basket, let’s go over some basic elements of making an Easter basket for an adult.

The Basket Itself

First things first, you need a basket. For adults, you can go with a traditional basket or something else to act as a basket such as a hat, beach bag, laundry basket, purse, wooden crate, etc. Then load Easter basket is not an Easter basket without this fun filler!

Gift Ideas

The main gift should always be highlighted somehow in the basket, even if it’s really small! If the main gift is a gift card or gift certificate, or something similarly small, be sure to wrap it in a nice, big box with shiny paper, for example.


Every Easter basket needs edibles of some sort. Think kids baskets, full of candy! Adults tend not to have as big of a sweet tooth, so think about snacks that they do like, whether it’s organic gummy worms or that gourmet popcorn!


I’m a big believer in themes when it comes to an adult Easter basket, only because it’s too easy for it to look tacky without a theme. So pick a theme and stick with it! Pay special attention to the main item in the basket, and any related colors.

With everything considered above, creating the perfect basket should be easy, right? Not so fast. Before you go on some kind of wild shopping spree, read through the following section for some more specific ideas!

Easter Basket Ideas for Men


For the sports fanatic, use their favorite team for inspiration, down to the team colors and memorabilia. Idea: Fill a team cooler or large lunchbox with team-colored easter grass, a hat, a t-shirt, a team ball, collectible cards, a calendar, and some peanuts and Slim Jims!


If the man you are creating a basket for is a beer drinker, take the box or crate from his favorite beer brand and fill it with related items. Idea: Fill beer box with coordinated colored Easter grass, a few bottles or cans of beer, a mug, a couple of coozies, a nice wall-mount bottle opener with cap catcher, and perhaps some Chex mix and nuts.


Foodies tend to appreciate anything food, whether it’s familiar favorites or exotic gourmets. Idea: Fill a basket with fun-colored Easter grass along with a magazine subscription to a food magazine, some cheeses, sausage, various different kinds of crackers, and some delicious German chocolates. A “kiss the cook” apron is always a funny idea as well!


If he likes working out, then you can’t go wrong with a basket filled with things that he uses on the regular at the gym. Idea: Fill a duffle bag with a few muscle tanks, a nice water bottle, a soft towel, their favorite energy drinks, a tub of protein shake powder and various types of trail mix.


Lots of men enjoy music, whether they write it or are a die-hard fan of a specific group. Idea: Fill a basket with Easter grass, a subscription to Guitar World magazine, their favorite band t-shirt, some guitar picks, guitar strings, a new cable, and a bag of beef jerky.


There are always lots of ideas for that guy who is always out polishing his car-baby! Idea: Fill a trunk caddy organizer with Easter grass, Car wash, polish, polishing cloths, leather cleaner, tire shine, glass wipes, some air fresheners, and a fun car decal!


It’s a bit generic, but everyone can use a basket filled with items they use on a regular basis. Idea: Fill a basket with Easter grass, an electric razor, aftershave, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, a shower pouf, a pumice stone, and some Breath Savers.

Warm weather apparel

Everyone can use a new outfit for summer, head-to-toe! Idea: Fill a basket with Easter grass, swim trunks, board shorts, summer tank or t-shirt, flip-flops, a hat, sunglasses, and sunflower seeds.


Lots of men enjoy the great outdoors, and since it’s almost that time again, stocking them up is a good bet! Idea: Stuff a backpack with Easter grass, a canteen, flashlight, Swiss army knife, flint and steel striker, hand crank radio, hunting knife, and some freeze-dried survival meals.

The grill master

We all know that guy who whips up the best steaks and burgers on the grill! Idea: Fill a basket with Easter grass, grill tools, a refillable butane torch lighter with a can of fluid, various grilling spices and rubs, beef jerky, and a chef hat for good measure!

Easter Basket Ideas for Women


Lots of ladies are into fashion, and if you’re creating a basket for one of them, consider this: A large purse or tote stuffed with Easter grass, a couple of infinity scarfs, sunglasses, a wallet, some fashion jewelry, a gift card to a shoe store, and a chocolate bar, of course!

Home scents

There’s something about having a house that smells nice that makes it all the more enjoyable to be there! Idea: Fill a decorative storage bin with Easter grass, a nice, electric wax warmer, a plug-in wax warmer, lots of wax melts, and her favorite candy.

Bath and body

Women like to smell nice! There are so many things you can put in a basket to make someone smell nice. Idea: Fill a basket with Easter grass, their favorite parfume, various scents of body sprays and lotions (Bath and Body works or Victoria’s Secret are always big hits!), bubble bath, bath bombs, body wash, a loofah, and some chocolate.

Kitchen babe

We all know that woman that we just can’t get out of the kitchen and with so much to be done in the kitchen, it makes putting together a basket rather easy. Idea: Fill a large mixing bowl with Easter grass, a cute, vintage-style apron, a cookbook, bottle of cooking wine, some organic spices and salts, an oven mitt, and some gourmet chocolates.


Working long hours at an office can be pretty darn stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Idea: Fill a nice basket with Easter grass, a fairy garden kit, magnetic sculpture desk toy, a stress squeezer, a picture frame with a nice picture, and a bag of M&Ms.

The sports mom

Constantly toting a bunch of kids from one game to another can be tiresome! Idea: Fill a large tote with Easter grass, a folding chair, a water bottle, a misting fan, a first aid kit, a towel, cracker jacks, and chewing gum.

The gardener

Getting out in the garden to grow something beautiful or tasty is a hobby of many, and for good reasons! Idea: Fill a gardening tote with a metal watering can, gardening tools, some good gardening gloves, various seeds, the latest farmer’s almanac, and a bag of gummy worms for fun!


Chocolate is a big one when it comes to the ladies so rather than filling a basket with gifts, try this: Fill a nice basket with Easter grass and visit a local chocolate shop for a large chocolate bunny, chocolate covered-peanuts, chocolate-covered raisins, chocolate covered strawberries (you know, for healthy measure), various filled chocolates, fudge, and a bottle of wine that pairs well with chocolate, such as Cabernet Sauvignon.


College students are busy, and it’s a wonder how they make time for a social life at all! Idea: Fill a backpack with Easter grass, some good notebooks, fountain pen set with refills, a couple of USB thumb drives, a travel mug, Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks gift card, and various on-the-go snacks.


Staying in shape is a hobby for many women! Idea: Fill a reusable canvas shopping tote with Easter grass, a yoga mat, a yoga/workout DVD, a yoga poses poster, relaxing sounds CDs, incense cones with burner, a water bottle, and a soft microfiber hand towel.

In case you didn’t notice, Easter grass in the only common denominator amongst all the different basket ideas, and that’s because without it, an adult Easter basket would not have that Easter feel and would essentially just be a gift basket! Of course, if you really have something against Easter grass, you can forgo it as it’s the thought that truly counts!

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