Indoor Easter Games to Play at Home with the Kids

Most of the time, we usually go out and celebrate Easter outdoors. We dress up our kids into cute Easter bunnies and fairies, and off we go hunting some Easter eggs. Aside from that, we also go to church and celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection; go to our grandparents’ place, and have family lunch together.

However, there are some instances that make us opt to go for plan B—bring the celebration indoors. Don’t be worried if it won’t be as fun as celebrating it outdoors; we can prepare a mini-program with various indoor Easter games, so that you and your kids can truly have a great time this holiday. Make this celebration memorable and worthwhile with these 13 indoor Easter games you could play at home with your kids.

Indoor Easter Games

There are a lot of Easter games that we usually do outdoors, which can also be done indoors. We just need to tweak it a little bit, as well as prepare some space in our humble abodes to achieve it. 

Here’s a list of indoor Easter games you could choose from, and their mechanics.

Color-Coded Egg Hunt

Definitely, egg hunts are on top of our indoor Easter games list! Bring the typical outdoor egg hunt inside your homes. One egg hunt you can adopt and play indoors is the color-coded egg hunt. 

You may create your own rules and mechanics of this game, but to give you some ideas, here are some how-tos:

  • You may hide the eggs in a place where it has the same color. For example, hide the red egg behind the red toy car, place the green egg together with green vegetables in your fridge, etc.
  • You may assign one egg color per person, and make sure that you hid an equal number of eggs per color! This will avoid quarrels and conflicts, especially when younger kids are the participants of this game.
  • Don’t forget to give those kiddos sweet treats at the end of the game!

Glowing Egg Hunt

If you’re looking for something unique to do this Easter, why not try this Glowing Egg Hunt? It’s unique because one, you will organize it at night; and two, we’ll make use of neon lights and neon paints to achieve this egg hunt. 

Before the hunting proper, you may seek help from your little ones to dye or paint the eggs. Once the eggs are dry and done, set up your chosen place with neon lights to complement the theme and hide those eggs. Why not buy some glow-in-the-dark bracelets and accessories for the kids, too? Also, don’t forget to clear out the room from any hazards before playing! 

Easter Bingo

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Gather your family, and have a memorable Easter by playing Bingo! Assign one member to be the gamemaster or host, then give bingo cards to the rest of the family. 

You may prepare DIY cards or download printable Easter-themed Bingo cards. Have a bowl filled with call cards that match the ones in the bingo cards. Let the family decide on what pattern will be followed in order to win. 

If the gamemaster called a picture perfectly the same as found in your card, place a marker or identifier that it has been called. The person who completed the agreed pattern wins, and is entitled to receive an Easter present!

Easter Word Search and Scramble

Challenge yourselves by playing this Easter-themed Word Search and Scramble. Just like any word search, find the words jumbled in a pool of letters, and make sure that the players can’t cheat by peeking at their sibling’s word search or to the key to the correction sheet. 

There are a lot of inspirations and printable word searches and scrambles you can download for this game. 

This game would allow your kids to know and recognize various words related to Easter, and it’s best paired with the next game idea below. 

Easter Trivia Game

You may prepare a set of statements for your kids to answer—true or false, or multiple choices. Give them cue cards, and let them raise their answers after a few seconds. After which, give a brief description of why it is true or false. This informative game is somehow an informal lesson about Easter, for them to know more about what happened, why it is celebrated, and the like. 


Just like any charades, have one player choose a piece of paper where the word or phrase they will act out is written, while the other family members guess it correctly. You may split your family into two teams, and challenge one another whose team would guess as many charade items correctly in the shortest period of time. 

Put some informational words or phrases related to the holiday that will allow your kids to gain new learnings and familiarize themselves with what Easter is all about.

Pin the Bunny Tail

If you’re still looking for a game aside from egg hunts, prepare this game for all ages! Just print a bunny poster with the right spot for its invisible tail. The tail can be a cutout from colored papers or DIY colorful pompom-looking bunny tails made of dyed cotton balls. 

Place a magic tape behind it, so that it will stick to the poster. All you have to do is to blindfold the player, spin them around three to four times, and let them navigate their way to give this Easter Bunny a tail. For sure, everyone will laugh out loud while playing this game.

Golden Egg “Hot Potato”

Instead of passing a real potato or a ball, have one large plastic egg painted in gold. Gather the family, and let them sit forming a circle. Turn on some music, and let them pass the golden egg around. When the music stops, whoever holds the golden egg is eliminated. 

At the end of the song, the eliminated players shall do a consequence the family can think of, like butt-spelling a certain Easter word or phrase.

Chubby Bunny

This fun and exciting game, usually conducted in family gatherings and reunions, can also be played as an indoor Easter game. The mechanics of the game are easy-peasy. Just gather the family, and let them form a circle. Get one mallow from a bowl full of marshmallows, and place it in your mouth. Before passing the bowl to the next person seated beside you, don’t forget to shout “Chubby Bunny”! 

The last person who can clearly utter the phrase wins. Just prepare garbage bags if the player cannot contain the mallows inside their mouth anymore. Also, for those who have kids, let them play with smaller mallows, and settle to one or two mallows at most to avoid choking.

Easter Junk in the Trunk

If you have watched Minute to Win It challenges, then this game is familiar to you, as it is adopted from the very show’s challenge. Wiggle your bodies to the maximum level to win! See the mechanics and materials needed below:

Materials Needed:

  1. Empty tissue box
  2. Belt
  3. Easter eggs (For adult players, place eight in their boxes, and place four for kids)

Mechanics of the Game:

  • In one minute, the player needs to jump, shake, bend, wiggle, and contort their bodies to release all Easter eggs out of the tissue box belted at the back, just above their hips. 
  • If not all eggs are released, the player who got the highest number of eggs out wins.
  • This may be done simultaneously where all players wiggle their bodies all at the same time. But to have control and order, it is advised that this challenge is done one at a time.

Easter Go the Distance

This game is adopted from Minute to Win It’s “Go the Distance” challenge. You only need two glasses or disposable cups, six plastic Easter eggs, and two measuring tapes. 

Here are the mechanics of the game:

  • Group the family into two, with at least three members each. You may add more if you have more family members who will join the game.
  • On a long table (or if not feasible, have two tables), place the team’s glass where the Easter eggs would land.
  • Extend the measuring tape over the glass, and the starting point must be placed 3 feet away from the glass.
  • Place the Easter egg, and let it roll into the glass.
  • Hand over the measuring tape to the next team member, and keep the Easter egg rolling onto the glass or cup.
  • If you have younger kids participating, you may let them place the egg on the measuring tape held by an adult.

Easter Suck it Up

Wanna play a different kind of jelly beans game? Try this Minute to Win It’s “Suck it Up”! Using a straw, have the members of the family suck various colored jelly beans one at a time, and place them into their designated colored cups farther away from the bowl of jellies.

Separation Anxiety

Just like the name suggests, it seems that M&Ms would have separation anxiety when the group will be separated for a while. This challenge is suited for all ages, and it’s super-duper easy to prepare and facilitate. All you need to have is a bowl of coated chocolates, such as M&Ms, Smarties, or any alternative snacks so long as they have various colors. 

The mechanics are: 

  • Give the player a big plate where they can place the sorted candies from the bowl. 
  • Using only one hand, the goal of this challenge is to sort everything in an orderly and chronological manner. Meaning, there should be a sequence the player needs to follow, like red-orange-yellow-green-blue. 
  • If the chocolate is placed in a wrong place or destination, the player must put the wrong candy back into its bowl of candies, and resume to the color sequence after correcting the mistake.
  • There must be a spotter or game facilitator who will review and recount the candies on the plate before declaring a winner.

Fun Easter at Home

Whatever the circumstances may be, always remember that the holiday is better when you are together with your family, especially when you spend it playing indoor Easter games. Anything can be memorable, fun and exciting as long as you’re with them. It’s always a treasured moment in our hearts. 

Also, let us not forget the reason why we are celebrating Easter. Maybe for some, it’s all about Easter bunnies and eggs, but let us go back why we are celebrating this special event. Spare some time to give thanks and praise to the Lord Almighty for this day, and send some well wishes to everyone. 

Happy Easter!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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