Family New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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Everyone’s always looking for a night out on New Year’s Eve, but how about spending this special time with the ones you love most?

Create some fun memories this New Year’s Eve by spending it with your family, children included! Looking for a few New Year’s Eve party ideas? We’ve got you and the kids covered!

Fun and Games

If you are having a night in with the family this New Year’s Eve, then you will want some fun and games! Here’s some must-haves when it comes to celebrating with the family:

Party hats and masks: Simply put, you cannot have an official New Year’s Eve party without these New Year’s party staples!

Noise makers: Yet another New Year’s party staple, you need lots of noise to celebrate the new year!

Fireworks: If legal in your state, grab some fireworks to blow up at the drop of the ball! Make it a show that will attract your neighbors, or better yet, team up with some neighbors to put on a real show!

Resolutions: What is the new year without making some much-needed changes? Set some goals and write them down!

Guess that resolution: Everyone places their resolutions in a hat and one person draws them out one at a time to read them. Everyone has to guess who the resolutions belong to!

Guess the lie: In this game, everyone will write down one or two resolutions and one lie. They will read them aloud once the game starts and everyone has to guess which one’s the lie!

Time capsule: If you are in your forever home, have everyone place pictures, notes, and anything special from the year into an airtight and moisture-safe jar, making sure to write the year somewhere on the capsule (inside of the lid works nicely). Bury this jar, mark the location with a stepping stone, and set your timer for 10 years!

Pause and reflect: In a single journal with the year written on the cover, everyone should write down memorable moments from the past year, including happy times, special milestones, and important lessons learned.

Food and Beverage

Okay, we know it’s a family party, but any party calls for good food to snack on! Here’s some New Year’s Eve party ideas that should not be skipped over:

Hot chocolate: It’ll likely be really cold, so keep your hands warm with a mug full of hot cocoa. Extra marshmallows, please! (Stir them with those leftover candy canes for a nice, minty touch!)

Champagne: Toast your family to the new year! Make it sparkling grape juice for them littles, but make sure they have their own plastic champagne flutes to feel like a real part of the toast!

Fondue: There nothing quite like things that can be dipped in chocolate! A fondue pot or fountain can make for some fun snacking time!

Appetizers: Make it a dinner of appetizers including things like meat and cheese platters, pigs in blankets, deviled eggs, quiche bites, wings, and whatever your family normally love to munch on at parties!

Ice cream sundae buffet: Lay out everything you need to make amazing ice cream sundaes so that everyone can help themselves. Bake some brownies for this, too! Having sweets pretty late can help the little ones make it to the countdown without conking out!

All of these fun New Year’s Eve party ideas have me wanting to jump out of my seat and get started! Family is what it’s all about around the holiday season, and there truly is no better way to start off the new year.

While you’re having fun celebrating the incoming new year with family, be sure to take a family portrait to remember the perfect closure to this year!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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