About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting my About page! My name is Laura and I started https://GatheredAgain.com because I think that family is one of the most precious and important parts of life.

What Will You Get Out of Gathered Again?

I don’t want to talk about myself too much, so what will you get out of visiting my website? You will get one of the most comprehensive family reunion planning sites on the net! We’re still growing, but the quality of the information you find here is unquestionable.

Gathered Again is laid out in a way that makes finding the information you need simple and fun. I also link to other sites that have amazing ideas and concepts, so you know when you use my website, you are truly getting the best ideas, themes, games and other family reunion related information!

Why Family Reunions?

I could have had a website about anything, so why did I choose family reunions? Too often, families drift apart and I think that reunions are an amazing way to reconnect people who might have gotten just a bit too busy. I wanted to provide this site as a useful resource to help people out there like me who just need some good family reunion ideas and a little encouragement!

Throughout this site, I provide all types of great ideas for things like:

I started this website because the resources out there didn’t seem adequate for the information I needed, so I learned all that I could and put this site together to help.

Keep checking back for more information. I know that this is the best family reunion planning resource on the internet, and I hope that it helps you immensely with planning the best family reunion ever! If you have any questions or ideas you would like to see me share, make sure you contact me and let me know.

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