How to Plan the Best Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Easter has been celebrated all around the globe for mainly two reasons. One, it is a celebration for Spring; and two, Christians are rejoicing for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Either way, let us not let this holiday pass without having fun with our family and loved ones.

However, there may be circumstances that would hinder us from celebrating this Easter outdoors. It could be due to unpredictable weather—one day it’s bright and sunny, but the next thing you know, it’s raining cats and dogs—or it could be due to health reasons. Also, some of our folks out there don’t have a backyard or garden where they could organize their egg hunts.

However, it doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t celebrate the occasion. It doesn’t only have to be done outdoors; why not bring the fun indoors? Prepare your costumes, and organize the best Easter egg hunt inside your homes!

Mission 101: Planning the Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Whether you live in a studio-type loft or in the countryside where you have a small garden in your backyard, let’s make the most out of our space to organize a spectacular indoor Easter egg hunt for our kids. 

Listed below are several tips on how to plan and organize an indoor Easter egg hunt, as well as the materials you might need.

Make it as Interactive as Possible

Prepare and draw a map for them with corresponding actions or activities at every checkpoint in the map to keep their enthusiasm and energy at its peak. 

Every checkpoint means that there’s a hidden egg in the area, and you may use disposable eggs wherein you could put some dares or activities for your kids to do inside. Examples of which could be twisting your tongue, butt spelling your name, hopping like a bunny, or singing your favorite song using animal sounds. 

Give Equal Opportunities to Everyone

To avoid conflicts and quarrels between your kids, let them feel that there are equal opportunities for all of them. The eggs may be color-coded—only Jamie can pick the yellow eggs, John can pick the blue eggs, and Joe can pick the green ones. With this, we can make sure that everyone will get the same number of eggs.

Have a Bunny Trail

This is optional—it depends on who would clean the beautiful mess after. You may opt to have a bunny trail made of flour, or you could use cotton balls or printed bunny footprints as an alternative. The trail is an additional visual aid for your kids’ egg hunt.

Don’t Forget the Sweet Treats and Goodies!

Another alternative for the bunny trail is a flower cups trail filled with jelly beans, which shows the way to their Easter baskets. Aside from that, you can have a reward treat after every checkpoint to keep them motivated and energized.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

When imagination and creativity are combined, it’s not that hard to achieve an indoor Easter egg hunt. It may be more challenging, fun, and exciting when conducting it indoors. 

Here are several ideas for you to choose from:

Color-Coded Egg Hunt

Give equal opportunities to all of your kids by assigning each of them a color to scavenge or find. This should avoid quarrels or fights during the course of hunting. You may opt to draw lots to know which color each kid should find. After which, you may give them their color-coded bucket where they would put the eggs.

You may also opt to hide these dyed or painted eggs near a place with the same color or shade. For example, hide one blue egg behind your blue pillow in the living room, the red egg behind the red book on the shelf, or the green egg with your green vegetables found in the fridge.

Scavenger Egg Hunt

Who says a scavenger egg hunt can only be done outdoors? Have the kids find the hidden eggs by giving them clues after each task or during a certain time in the day. The clues could also be hidden in obvious places, so the kids have to look for, not only the eggs, but for the clues as well. 

This kind of egg hunt can be combined with the egg hunting idea below, or it could stand on its own. Also, make sure that your clues or hints include brain teasers, rhymes, or puzzles. Let your kids’ brains work for it, so they can exercise their mental faculties as well. 

Egg Hunt Checklist

Achieve this egg hunt checklist by putting some silly tasks, such as read a certain tongue twister, sing your favorite song, name three countries that start with the letter C, and so on. In addition, you may come up with a map for them to follow, like find this egg in the kitchen, laundry room, and bedroom. 

Also, you may give them a list of eggs to hunt in any order: striped egg, blue egg, chocolate-filled eggs, eggs with jelly beans, etc. When they ticked all of those in their list, don’t forget to give them rewards!

Out of ideas? You may search the web for printable Easter Egg Hunt Checklists.

Blindfolded Egg Hunt

This version of egg hunt is easy—you don’t need to do all the work to hide the eggs. If you’re busy with work, and have no time to prepare and organize an Easter egg hunt for your kiddos, this might be suitable for you.

Depending on the number of kids you have, you may split them into teams: one will be blindfolded while the other one will instruct and guide the blindfolded kid to catch those eggs. You may opt to be a guide as well. 

Another idea is that all kids would be blindfolded, and they would individually search eggs in a designated room or area, so that all kids have equal opportunity to be blind for a moment.

A safety tip for everyone—clear the room of all hazards for a smooth and orderly flow of the egg hunt.

Golden Egg Hunt

Kids will be challenged and motivated finding this one golden egg. Fill this egg with cash, candy or sweet treats for your kiddos as a reward. Hide it in unusual places to hype them up, such as behind the media player on the shelf or in their toy boxes.

Gentle reminder to you, parents—remember to give equal opportunities to everyone. If you have three kids, prepare three golden eggs for each because there may come to a point that the kids will fight over this one egg. Easter should be fun, and it is for the kids. Make it memorable for the little one, and not full of tears.

Money Egg Hunt

Yep, you’ve guessed it right! Put a corresponding amount of money for each egg. It could be as low as a dollar, and as high as 25 bucks (or whichever amount you deem reasonable)! You could either write the amount with a marker, or place the money inside a toy egg.

It’s also more fun if the eggs aren’t color-coded, so the kids can’t expect how much they’re getting. After all, everybody likes an extra cash to save for future expenses.

Glowing Egg Hunt

Top up the usual egg hunt by organizing it at night—lights off, and turn on those neon lights. Ask help from your kids by dyeing or painting the eggs with neon and bright colors to complement your egg hunt’s theme. 

Also, you might want to buy some glow in the dark sticks converted to bracelets, necklaces or accessories. Don’t forget to clear out the room of any hazards before playing! 

Chore Exemption Egg Hunt

Looking for a unique egg hunt this year? Cut the kids some slack with the chores through this type of egg hunt. Fill the Easter eggs with certain tasks or chores they are exempted to do for the rest of the week. It’s like “can’t say no to the kids challenge” Easter edition. 

You can either hide those eggs without any catch or have them do a task before giving out clues. You can also have them find those eggs within a certain period of time. 

Have Easter Egg Fun Indoors

Whatever circumstance hinders you from celebrating Easter outdoors right now, it’s still possible to achieve the yearly Easter egg hunt for the kids by bringing all the fun indoors.

Keep in mind that egg hunting need not necessarily be done outdoors. Challenge yourselves as organizers, and your kids to successfully achieve an indoor Easter egg hunt. Nevertheless, the kids will surely love and appreciate all the efforts you’ve done to pull off a fun and memorable Easter celebration.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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