Beautiful Christian Easter Decorations For Your Home

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It’s that time of the year when our homes, yards and the whole community are filled with colorful dyed eggs and Easter bunnies. But before that, let us not forget the essence of why we celebrate Easter. It is the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead in accordance with the Scriptures.

But, have you ever wondered why rabbits and eggs are associated with Easter? It is said that pagans long ago believed that rabbits symbolize rebirth and fertility. The same goes for eggs. Rebirth is associated with Spring, which coincides with the celebration of Easter. That’s why there are a lot of bunnies and eggs during this holiday.

Aside from those, there are a lot of decorative ideas and pieces to fill up your humble abodes, and let you feel the spirit of Easter. We’ve got you covered if you’re out of ideas this holiday.

Yup, they say that DIY crafts and Easter go together—from dyeing your Easter eggs to preparing its basket and wreath. But it needs a lot of time to prepare, conceptualize, and organize.

Buying Christian Easter decorations, on the other hand, could be super convenient and hassle-free even if you are a DIY-kind-of-person; it saves you more time and effort. But, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before adding those items in your cart, such as “What things do I need to consider?” and “What should I shop for this Easter?”

Scroll down if you want to know more on how to make a sound decision before buying those cutesy items.

What to Consider When Buying Christian Easter Decorations

There are times when we are blinded by the decor’s physical appearance or its price. I know you have encountered situations when you said, “OMG it’s so cute, let’s buy it!” or, “It’s on sale! Let’s get ourselves one.” Yes, they may be good steals for you, but have you ever regretted buying an item because it’s not durable or it doesn’t fit your home’s aesthetics?

So, before we get impulsive, let us help you by asking these questions in order for you to make a wise and sound decision in adding those items to your cart.

Is it Durable?

Considering the durability of the item is a must to meet your money’s worth. You can know that the item is durable if it can withstand a long period of time and can be reused over the next years.

Stick with your trusted brands and companies to assure the quality and durability of the item. Moreover, you could check and research the product reviews of the item before buying it to save you from regretting in the end.

Does it Complement Your Home’s Aesthetics?

You also need to consider how the items would fit in your home’s aesthetics and preference. Does it suit your theme? Can it still be used for other occasions or can it be added as a decorative piece even if it’s not Easter?

Make sure to consider that these Christian Easter decorations would complement the tone and color of your room or home to make it more attractive. Even if it’s beautiful, if it contrasts or splashes colors to your home, it makes it less attractive. This is a no-no.

Does it Reflect Christian Easter?

Lastly, you also need to consider if the decorations reflect the essence of Christian Easter. Does it bring the Easter vibes in your home? Does it sing the spirit of rebirth and Christ’s resurrection from the dead?

Things to Shop For

Here are several items we have listed and sorted out, which may serve as your guide to complete the Easter shopping list.

Pillowcase Decor

Grab several Easter-themed pillowcases to bring the spirit of Easter to your living room. It may be colorful patterns relating to Easter or typographies, such as biblical verses or famous Easter quotes.

Table Decor

Make your home more aesthetically pleasing with table decor pieces, such as figurines, placemats, candles, and baskets.

You need to decide whether wooden, plastic, or glass figurines suit your home better. If you have kids who usually roam around the house, that’s also one thing to consider to avoid clumsy situations.

For placemats, candles, and baskets, you can buy several pieces that you can reuse after Easter. Keep in mind the above-mentioned questions before buying.

Wall Hangings

Decorate your walls and doors by hanging paintings, frames, and wreaths. One of the trendy wall hangings nowadays are those of biblical verses aesthetically printed on a canvas or a wooden board. You can mix and match several paintings and frames to make your walls more alive and creative.

10 Christian Easter Decorations for Your Home

Still don’t know what to buy and where to find Christian Easter decorations for your home? Don’t worry, we have handpicked several items that would suit your taste, perfect for Easter celebration.

“He Lives” Tabletop Decor

If you are a fan of decorating your coffee or hallway table, then this tabletop is just for you! 

This 3×13-inch, three-dimensional decor includes a piece that spells out “He Lives” with a cross in the middle, which conveys the message of Christ’s Resurrection this Easter. 

It is durable, which looks like it’s made of stone even though it’s actually made of sturdy resin. This may also serve as your table topper even after the holiday.

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Avoin Easter Pillow Cover

This Avoin Easter pillow cover is a perfect decorative statement that would complement your sofa or couch, as well as the whole living room. There are a variety of designs you could choose from, which you can mix and match to fit your taste and preference.

It is made of durable fabric, and has a breathable polyester and cotton linen material with high quality faux linen cover. It fits 18×18-inch pillows that bring super soft texture, and is shrink-resistant. 

This is friendly and safe for your children, as well as for your pets. Also, the seller offers a 120-day protection against manufacturer defects. So, you are guaranteed that you’ll receive your items in the best condition possible.

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Burlap Easter Banner

Bring the Easter spirit into your homes by purchasing this Burlap Easter Banner. You can choose either “He is Risen” or “Happy Easter” printed on it. This perfectly fits well in your fireplace, walls, or table as mantles.

This rustic burlap measures 6.3×5.5 inches, and comes with a string that is approximately 10 feet long. Included in the “He is Risen” burlap are printed purple cross in the middle and purple bows at both ends. In addition, it is eco-friendly, durable, lightweight, and pre-assembled. This means that it can be easily decorated or hung anywhere you want to put this decor, may it be indoors or outdoors.

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“He is Risen” Wooden Sign

Cop this wooden sign, which has a double purpose—a decorative piece and a reminder for us that Christ is Risen. 

This 15×5-inch printed whitewash board, accented with lavender flowers, comes with a jute rope string that you can hang to your doors or wall, which makes it easy to attach and remove.

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Qualtry Personalized Throw Pillow Covers

Give your home a ‘rebirth’ vibe by changing your pillow covers with these personalized Easter- and Spring-themed throw pillowcases from Qualtry. You can choose the design of the wreath and the print that goes with it. You can also have your family name printed below.

This 18×18-inch pillow is made of high-quality washable fabric with cute prints in the middle that can make a perfect statement piece.

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Jesus Resurrection Set Figurine

Set this eight-piece figurine as a tabletop, which depicts the scene where Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. It includes Jesus Christ, the tomb, and six witnesses of His resurrection. Plus, it includes a story card where you can share to your kids—share to them what happened during Easter.  

This set figurine is hand painted and made of resin. Also, except for the rock, the figurines are not stationary and they’re durable and safe for kids to hold. So, if you’re looking for a statement piece that shows what Easter is all about, then add this item to your cart. 

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Biblical Verse Wooden Sign

This solid wood sign is printed with biblical verses for us to be reminded of the true spirit of Easter. It is multi-purpose—it can be used as a door sign, wall decoration, and the likes—depending on how you style and organize this decor. It can also be used indoors or outdoors. Get this trendy, sturdy, simple yet elegant wood sign accompanied by a linen rope, which can be easily hung and removed.

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Rustic Door Wreath

Do you want to have a decorative piece that is unique and custom-made? This item might be for you! This handmade rustic door wreath has a cross fixed at the center of this piece, which has a circumference of approximately 24 inches. It is decorated with brown mesh, accented with burlap and brown, black, and white ribbons. 

The seller also gives the customer the option to choose the colors! Also, if you have an idea in mind with regards to how you want your wreath to look like, the seller’s very willing to hear from you.  

It can be used indoors or outdoors. But, to maintain its good condition, it’s better if it’s set indoors.

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Silhouette Cross on Meadow Sunrise Table Runner

Transform any ordinary table with this elegant table runner, which is made of durable cotton and linen material. It is durable, which can withstand a long period of time. Moreover, it is lightweight and serves its purpose to be the center of your tabletop.

The material is also easy to clean, as it only needs to be gently hand washed in cold water. For sure, you could use it again for next year!

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Rustic Wall Cross

This rustic and vintage-looking wall cross has a brown wooden base on top of a white cross, and a small black metal cross in the center. 

It can be hung alone or you can accent it with other crosses to make a statement wall. Also, it comes with an attached sawtooth hanger at the back for easy installation and use. This is a perfect piece all year round, so it’s 100 percent worth it!

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Whether you are aiming for aesthetic or Instagrammable decorative statement pieces, it is better to be reminded of what it really is we’re celebrating for. Let us stick to our core—bring the spirit of Easter in our humble abodes as we celebrate our Saviour’s rebirth. Also, always remember the questions you need to ask yourselves before shopping for practicality’s sake, and to avoid regretful decisions in the end.

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