Crazy Fun Camping Games for Adults (and maybe the kids)

Camping is a sought-out activity known for being a short escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Especially for adults, who are consistently burdened by responsibilities at work and at home, camping can be seen as a nice break where you can re-energize and regroup while basking in the bliss of the outdoors. Since most of your camping time will be spent hanging out with your family or friends, this would be a great time to throw a few games into the mix. Spending some quality time with fellow adults through fun camping games can really take your mind off stress while allowing you to let loose for this mini vacation.

Without further ado, here’s our jam-packed list of crazy camping games for adults. Whether you’re into games that are more conversational, require physical exertion, or a test of survival skills and logic, we have game suggestions for every type of camper out there.

Either way, we think it’s a nice balance to settle on a few of every type to make the most out of this experience.

Fun Camping Conversational Games for Adults


One of the most popular games fit for parties is Mafia—a spin on the classic wink murder game, updated with new roles and thrilling mechanics. In this game, the group is split into two sides: the good and the bad. Players will each take a turn picking from a box filled with different roles, including regular townie, police, and mafia goon. After everyone has picked their roles, you can now sit in a circle, and begin the silent staring game.

The Mafia’s objective is to kill every townsperson until no one is left. The townspeople’s goal, more specifically the police, is to catch the mafia before they kill everyone. All of this will be done by the Mafia winking at a random person in the circle, hoping it’s common folk rather than police, or else they get caught. 

Depending on the number of members you have in the group, you can introduce more town roles or Mafia members. Either way, this game, combined with the eerie calmness of the outdoors, will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting for more.

The Voting Game

For this game, players must take turns finishing the question, “Who is most likely to ____?” You can either write funny questions before starting, or gather up some generic questions online for a nice surprise. Either way, once the question has been completed, and the leader of the turn has recited it out loud, players must now vote among the group. 

This is a great test for how well you know your friends, or what image they have of you.

Truth or Dare

A true party game classic, but this time with a twist. Take turns answering basic truth or dare questions, and whenever anyone chooses dare, you can give complicated tasks that require survival skills or spooky requests if you’re playing at night.

Whichever one you go for, playing this outdoors in the middle of nowhere is bound to raise the stakes for any player.


Another party favorite you can play when camping is no other than charades. Split up into a group of two, and battle head-to-head, acting out people, occupation, actions, or camping activities. Playing this game in front of a campfire with some friends will surely raise the competitive spirit with each one, making this entire bonding experience even better.

Three Truths and a Lie

If your group is still trying to get to know each other, then this is a nice ice-breaker that’s perfect for the job. Prepare four facts about yourself, one of them being completely fake. When it’s your turn, recite all four of them without giving away which ones are real and which one isn’t.

Let other players guess which one is a lie, and take turns until everyone has gotten a go. While really simple, this game can easily help you learn more about each other, preparing you for more games and activities along the way.

Spin the Bottle

Spin the bottle is almost just like truth or dare, but with a unique and stimulating take on choosing who goes next. Sit in a circle, and place a bottle on its side at the center. When it’s time to start the game, simply spin the bottle, and wait for it to stop. Once it does, the person who’s facing the mouth of the bottle will immediately be tagged, and so on for the rest of the game.

With this one, you can assign any task or question to those whose turn will be next. An idea would either be to ask a question for everyone to answer or to gather up a bunch of dares that will change per round. No matter what you choose, having a bottle to decide your fate in this game is what gives it its charm.

Physical Camping Games for Adults

Capture the Flag

If you’re looking for some great action that requires good leadership and effective communication, Capture the Flag is the perfect game for you. Start off by preparing two bases for two teams, setting up a flag in each one. In order to win, one team must be able to steal the enemy flag, and return it to their base. There will also be a line down the center that separates the teams’ territories, where players can tag and steal opponents when they cross the line.

Overall, this game may require a lot of physical exertion, but is incredibly fun nonetheless. Whether you play on the offense or defense, this activity can be thrilling for everyone.

Night Frisbee

A simple activity that’s great for camping is night frisbee. Just like the traditional catch and throw game, the mechanics of this one is really simple. Have one of your players start off holding the frisbee, and let them throw it as far as they can. The rest of the players can start chasing at the frisbee until the next player catches it and throws it back.

To make it more appropriate for camping and night time, you can even introduce a glow-in-the-dark version that will shine bright without light. Because of its simplicity, you can play this game for hours on end, even when you’re just passing the time.


If you’re looking for a head-to-head battle between teams, tug-of-war might be your best bet to achieving just that. Split the group into two teams, and prepare some rope and a line in the middle for judging. Have two teams hold each end of the rope. 

When the game starts, tug on the rope as hard as you can, with the goal of dragging the other team past the line in the center. Other than just sheer strength, this game is also a test of strategy, which can bring teams closer together.

The MineField

A test of teamwork and coordination, Minefield is a spin on the classic “Watch Your Step.” In this game, the group can be split into two. From there, one member (or more) of each team is tasked to cross the path filled with bombs, all the while being blindfolded. They would have to rely on their teammates who are shouting the directions in order to cross the field without making a mistake.

Because this is a race, a player’s nerves, combined with the cheers and instructions from the other group, can easily become a distraction. That’s why this is a test for one’s mind and body coordination, focus, as well as attentiveness to their teammates.

Team Building Camping Games for Adults

Goodie-Bag Skits

In this game, there aren’t really any winners. It’s more of a challenge to see what the teams can come up with, based on what they are given. To start, prepare a number of prop bags corresponding to the number of teams. You can add random, assorted items that typically don’t go well together. 

During the game, have one representative of each team pick out a bag, without them knowing what the contents are. In five minutes, teams must be able to come up and perform a skit using all the props in the bag.

Though the mechanics are simple, this game is a good test for each team’s creativity and innovativeness. Watching other teams perform with their own set of crazy challenges only makes this game even better.

Relay Race

Because spending time outdoors on this trip can give you a lot of space and free time, why not consider playing a competitive relay race with your friends or family? 

To start off, divide the group into teams of two to four. From there, prepare specific challenges each member of the team would have to play. You can either lay out physical barriers they would have to get across, or even something they have to hold on to while running. 

The goal here is for one player to pass the flag or token to the next player until the last player crosses the finish line. What’s great about this game is its nature that allows you to customize it according to what suits your group best, making it a truly enjoyable team building experience.

Longest Line

While going out camping may sometimes require you to pack light, this is a game where overpackers can thrive. To start, split the group into two teams. From there, you can set up a time limit of one to three minutes, depending on how many members you have. 

The main mechanic of this game is to bring out anything you can think of from your belongings, and assemble them into a line. It can be your clothes, camping gear, equipment, or any item you can take apart to make the line longer. At the end of the time limit, the team with the longest line wins. 

Because most people in the group are scrambling to get their things, this game would also be a test of teamwork and strategy to organize the team’s system and win.


More than just a strategy game, this activity is a test of deductive skill and wit, perfect for close-knit groups on a camping trip. To start, separate the group into teams of two, each with their own tent as a base. 

Assign one member of each team to get inside a blanket and have them venture out on their own in the dark. The goal here is to find out who the other team’s “ghost” is, using any tactic other than pulling the sheet off their head. Guess correctly, and players will be able to take the losing ghost into their team. The first team to gather all members from the other group wins.

Though easy to set up, this game is hair-raisingly fun, best played with friends for hours of laughter and enjoyment.

Sneak a Peek

Whoever said Lego blocks were just for children, probably must have not enjoyed them as a kid. In this game, a test of teamwork and physics will dictate the winner. 

To start, split the group into teams of three or four. Prepare a bunch of Lego models that range in difficulty, and you can set them up one at a time per round. Once all teams are ready, allow all members to take a good look at the model for five seconds. The goal here is to become the first team to recreate the exact same figure without looking at the figurine—with the exception of one member.

While the team takes time to build Lego blocks, one member would be allowed a limited number of peeks to help ensure the group is going in the right direction. To win, teams must have good communication that not only ensures their victory, but also helps to form a stronger bond.

Escape Game

While this essence of the game does not need further explaining, it can take some time to prepare and perfect. Begin by preparing a couple of riddles, and setting each one with a station of its own. Perhaps you can provide a reward or a piece of the entire puzzle for each accomplished round, so there’s progression.

The first team to accomplish all rounds or finishes in the shortest time wins. Whether it’s a battle of four or five members, you can consider this a head-to-head battle, which tests one’s ability to solve riddles and make the score.

Survival Camping Games for Adults

Fire Building

When it comes to camping, one of the first things you have to set up is a fire. For this game, whether or not you already have one going off on your site, it’s a nice challenge to see the true boy and girl scouts within your group.

Start by creating teams of three or four. For an added challenge, have all teams start at the campsite, and make them hunt for wood as part of the challenge. With no time limit, let the teams race to build a roaring fire with just rare materials found in the woods. While it can be a bit nerve-wracking, it’s a nice game that helps set the tone for camping, and celebrating the outdoors with your friends.


Another game that’s a test of leadership and communication is Frostbite. For this game, you can separate the group into teams, assigning a leader for each team. From here, it’s all about building and assembly, as teams race to build the piece of furniture in front of them.

However, here’s the catch. The leader of the team has suffered a frostbite, and only they have the copy of the instructions. Meanwhile, the rest of the members’ vision suffered in the storm, causing them to temporarily go blind. 

In this game, the immobilized leader dictates the instructions to their blindfolded teammates, with the goal of being the first team to accomplish the said piece of furniture.

Because you’re out camping, you can incorporate some essentials into the game to make the overall setup exciting. This game is not only a productive way to have fun, it also improves communication with everyone in the group.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts, when out in the wild, can easily become a crazy fun game for people seeking the adventure. For this game, it would be best to do research on your camping spot beforehand, so you’re familiar with the available sources nearby. 

From there, prepare a list of items you want teams to collect in order to win. When you’re ready to start, group members into teams of four or five, depending on how many you are all together. You can also set up a time limit for an added challenge. In the end, the first group to return with completed quest items wins. Skilled or not, this is a good battle for each team’s speed, knowledge, and cooperation, so they can bring home the bacon.


Foraging is similar to a scavenger hunt, only with a less extensive list of items to hunt for. This time, it’s all about fruits. Since forests are filled with natural produce all around, depending on your location, this activity can easily be turned into a game. Prepare a list of available fruits that can be found in the forest, and have teams set off with a goal of fulfilling it. 

While the items to search for are not as broad as a scavenger hunt, this game will test the teams’ ability to identify whether certain fruits sprout from trees, plants, or vines, along with figuring out which ones are which to complete the list, and win the game.

Fun Camping Games for Adults

Who said games are just for children? For adults, it’s just as important to find an occasional release, such as these fun games when out camping. Not only can they bring hours of laughter on end, it can also serve as a great team building activity for the ones involved.

At the end of the day, it’s also important to remember that camping isn’t an experience you can have everyday, so better make the most out of it when you have the opportunity to. No matter which ones you choose to try out or participate in, our list is sure to have something for everyone.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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