The Best Inflatable Pools to Cool Down This Summer

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Going to the pool and swimming in it on a hot, sunny day is one of the many distinctive childhood memories we have. It isn’t just about hopping into the water, and wading through it that makes us enjoy swimming in a pool. It’s the closest connection we make with nature, especially when we’re far from the beach. And, there’s also the fun of lingering in the water as much as we desire.

Unfortunately, it’s often an unrealistic plan for the average working family to have a swimming pool dug in their backyard, especially considering the overwhelming construction cost. For most of us, there seemed to be no other way other than flopping down to congested public pools. If we’re lucky enough, we have that one friend with a nice, private pool we could visit.

The good news, though, is that there’s actually a way around the two options above—all thanks to the inventors of inflatable pools! Not only are they affordable, but they can also be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike!

Inflatable pools are cost-effective and a modest luxury compared to building a swimming pool or going to public pools. Not only could you use it to battle the summer heat, it can also be used for other recreational activities as well. Pool parties, anyone?

You can have an inflatable pool up and running in the span of three hours, and can take it down with just as much ease. Since it’s not cemented to the ground, there’s no hard and fast rule on where you could put it. You can move it around easily, switching from one spot to another. No need for winterizing—an added bonus!

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Inflatable Pool

With so many inflatable pools available, it could be overwhelming and confusing, leading you to make do with the closest one to you. Just know you’re better off without an inflatable pool than hurrying off with one that is only useful as your pet’s loo bag.

Before buying an inflatable pool, it is necessary to consider these factors:

The Appropriate Age Advertised

Manufacturers of inflatable pools are careful to state the age category allowed into their pools. For example, you could see “3+” boldly written on the outer covering of an inflatable pool. This indicates that any person younger than three years old is prohibited from using it. 

Depending on who you’re buying an inflatable pool for and its purpose, it’s important to look out for the age the product specified. Using your best judgement also goes a long way!

Overall Size

Do you plan on using it in the great outdoors? Indoors, perhaps in a basement?

It would be a blow on your ego if you get a pool that won’t fit where you were imagining. What’s even more disastrous is getting one so tiny that two adults can barely squeeze their legs in it. To avoid having to explain your fruitless purchase to your family members, do well to take the measurements of the area where you’re going to place the inflatable pool. This would help you in purchasing one wherein the size is appropriate for the space you would like it in. 

When buying an inflatable pool for your kids, you may have to pay attention to its depth size. Some children learn to swim from infancy, while others never really take to learning. So, this is another aspect you’ll need to consider on an individual basis. Keep in mind that if you decide to get a deeper one, you don’t have to fill it to capacity. So, there’s that to consider as well!

Ease in Setting Up

Will you be relying solely on lung-power to inflate the pool or do you have a compressor? Sometimes pools come with their own little compressor which makes matters easier. Make sure you’re equipped enough to handle the setup process, whether you muscle through it or have a handy helper!

Some inflatable pools are very tedious to set up. While it isn’t simple to know just by their face value, it’s wise to stay away from inflatable pools with more than 10 openings to inflate. Unless, of course, you’re blowing it up by yourself; plug-by-plug might offer your lungs a few little breaks! 

Avoid using Helium. (kidding of course!)

Durability of the Inflatable Pool

A ruptured pool in the heat of a much enjoyable swim session is definitely a bummer! There are varieties of thin-skinned inflatable pools that can’t take the caress of a fingernail lightly. If you can, go for PVC coated pools or those that are generally made of strong materials. To be sure you’re buying a quality, durable inflatable pool, have a feel of the material or read up reviews by customers before parting with your hard-earned money.

Best Inflatable Pools To Cool Down This Summer

We know that people of all ages enjoy taking a dip. But we also know that with different age groups comes different needs and wants! Let’s start with the little ones.

Inflatable Pools For Kids

Take it or leave it, kids are the main motivation behind our seeking out inflatable pools this season. It’s either they’ve been begging for one or you want to surprise them. Whichever the case, below are inflatable pools you and your kids would love. 

Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

Spattering water and wading through the pool is cool. Having toys to toss about as the water happily carries them to any direction of choice is cooler. Giggling endlessly as sprinkles of water dash across their little bodies is the coolest! 

Perfect for toddlers, starting two years old, this pool from Intex provides your kids with a 2-in-1 play area and ball pit. It boasts of a water sprinkler, which, when connected to the garden hose, mimics a joyful bath shower experience. 

With 117 inches in length and 76 inches in width, this pool is large enough for at least three hyperactive four year-olds. Once up, this inflatable pool stands colorful, with an assurance it’s solid enough to take more beatings from your kids. The waterslide at the pool’s center has a firm surface that can double as a lounge for you while keeping your eyes on your kids. 

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Intex Family Cabana Swim Center Pool

Expanding at 122 inches long and 74 inches wide, the Family pool is roomy enough for simple water games for at least four toddlers. It is strongly built to bear the kicks and pushing, common with pool playtime. 

This pool is complete with a water sprinkler and a detachable shade, which is useful for spraying fine drops of water on your kiddos while protecting them from the scorching afternoon sun. The water sprinkler, attached to your garden hose, can be regulated through a switch that can be turned on or off without stepping out from the pool. 

Helpful Tip: With an adult’s supervision, the pool’s overflow chamber can be closed with a wine cork or a duct tape to bring the water level higher. Exercise your best judgement!

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Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

Even children aged two and above would love to join and play in an inflatable pool. The colorful, animated painting of sea animals and plants on the it makes for a good starting pool for your toddler to start working on their swimming skills. 

Moderately spacious at 62 inches, both in length and width, this pool can comfortably take one adult and two toddlers. It comes with a separate shade, which can be set up to cover your child’s tender skin from the sun. Not only is it designed with a sturdy material to last a long time, the pool is also built with a drain valve, which is easy to unplug when it’s time to empty it of water.

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Intex Swim Center Paradise Pool

Measuring 103 inches long and 63 inches wide, the pool is roomy enough to accommodate an adult and three kids, ages three to eight. It is a solid pool that can last you for years before the seams could show any signs of wear and tear. 

Just as it is fantastically easy to get this pool filled up with air through its top and bottom openings, it’s equally simple to deflate it. Although 18 inches deep, it is indicated where the quantity of water should reach without overflowing and tilting the pool. With a smooth surface on all sides, the pool is simple to clean with a towel and soap. No scrubbing needed!

Helpful Tip: Draining the pool would require a bit of patience and tilting to remove water completely. Consider using a hose to siphon the majority of the water out first.

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Costzon Inflatable Slide Bouncer Climbing Pool

A strong body, a healthy mind, and a playful spirit are all traits we crave for our toddlers. You can help them achieve these in a fun way with the Costzon Inflatable Slide Bouncer Climbing Pool. It can be set up as a mini water park, and enjoyed by up to four kids, ages three to eight.

Made of superior quality material, this pool is durable enough not to be easily torn. It also has a netted bouncing area to protect your kids while they jump to their heart’s content! 

The pool has a climbing wall and waterslide to exercise your children’s motor skills, as they climb and slide into the pool. With its large dimensions, this is the recommended pool for sunny water parties, where toddlers are in attendance. Besides, what kid wouldn’t love a backyard castle?

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Inflatable Pools For Adults

Who says that when the kids are enjoying their fun in the sun, adults are just supposed to watch? Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable for both adults and children when both can relish in a cool, refreshing swim? 

Intex Swim Center Family Pool

The Intex Swim Center Family Pool is the choice product if you are in search of a pool with cozy side walls you can relax on. This pool is big enough, measuring 120 inches long and 72 inches wide, to accommodate the family. With its depth measuring to 22 inches, kids below six years old shouldn’t use this pool, for safety reasons. 

Unlike other pools, this one has three air chambers designed with double intake and free-flow exhaust valves to make pumping in and letting air out easier to do. While it’s strongly designed to last for a long period of time, it’s still important to keep this pool on a clean, flat surface to avoid tiny ruptures that could deflate it prematurely.

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Summer Waves Inflatable Family Pool

This family pool is readily available to help make memories with the family while basking under the summer sun. This pool has snug seats to provide the optimal relaxation spots for your bodies, with or without water. 

Although the box it comes in measures 18.3 inches long and 15.7 inches wide, it can adequately accommodate two adults and two teenagers. With the pool’s design for luxury and its mosaic interior print, there’s no denying that it is made more for relaxation above all else.

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Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool comes off as a wonderful deal for your family pool time. It’s a big, comfy, round-shaped inflatable pool that lets the little ones play while the grownups relax!

The material it is made of is firm and strong enough to take the kids’ energetic bouncing, without ripping through. With two air chambers, the pool is super easy to inflate and functional within 15 minutes.

Let’s not overlook the long, bench-style seat for one person to lay on or a couple to snuggle up together. It also has a cup holder on either side of the bench seat to hold your most refreshing drinks!

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HIWENA Inflatable Family Swim Play Center Pool

For the adults that would like to cool off at home, with or without their kids, this inflatable pool from HIWENA is the pool to take into consideration. With its measurements of 83 inches long and 57 inches wide, it’s small enough to fit in your backyard, but big enough to comfortably accommodate your family! Your children even have room to splash and play in it because the pool is 26 inches deep. 

It’s accompanied by a fast valve to make blowing it up or deflating it an easy task that would take less than 15 minutes. It also has a built-in drain, making it an absolute breeze to put away. What’s more, the bottom of the pool is inflatable and soft, making playtime (or relaxation time) that much more comfortable! Check it out!

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Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable Pool

We all love a good bargain—one we’re proud to show off to anyone who cares to hear our story. With the price it’s being sold, the Family Lounge Inflatable Pool is a steal, going by the features it packs. With a staggering width of 90 inches, this pool is highly recommended for weekend afternoon hangouts for a family with kids or teenagers. Plus, this could also be used by your kids and their friends.  

There are four inflatable seats and headrests on each pool corner to cater almost everyone’s relaxation needs. The blue and white color body of the pool provides the right ambiance for a satisfying family time. With its depth at 22 inches, it’s clearly more for relaxation and a refreshing soak than for playing in the water, unless you have a toddler or young child who aspires to be a fishy!

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An Even Bigger Inflatable Pool

Sometimes our needs for a larger pool trump all other wants, whether it be for a large family or a birthday party. Let’s take a look at our bigger option, shall we?

Intex Easy Set Pool

The days of taking long drives down to the public pool are almost over, all thanks to Intex Easy Set Pool. It is a huge, bowl-shaped inflatable pool that can comfortably fit up a family of 10. 

It’s has an instructional DVD and owner’s manual on how to set it up and keep it continuously working. Plus, this pool is very easy to set up and use even without the guide. Its sidewalls are coated with laminated PVC and are puncture-proof to sustain its long-term purpose. 

The sweetest part of setting up and disassembling this is in getting water out of it. Its drain plug is built to attach to your garden hose for a quick and thorough water expulsion into any area of your choice. 

It sports two suction outlet fillings to enable the constant passage of air in and out of the water to keep it clean, by way of a pool pump and filter. With the pool measuring 12 feet in diameter and 30 inches deep, everyone can enjoy playing and relaxing!

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So, What Are You Waiting For?

There are many reasons behind the necessity of an inflatable pool other than just escaping the summer heat. Perhaps the strongest reason to buy one is so you could have an enjoyable activity to do with your children. It could also be to relax and reconnect with your body and mind while chilling underwater.

As for your kids, they want to get soaked, drenched, and be carefree, without giving a hoot about anything else in the world! The best is yet to be said about this innovation. Give one of the pools a try and let the kids tell you all about it!

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