Best Family Christmas Party Games

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We all know that family Christmas parties are always a good time, but do you know how to make them even better? Christmas games! That’s right! Good, planned, organized fun!

Often times, Christmas parties become hectic and loud, as everyone becomes entangled in their own personal conversations in their little cliques. Sometimes it’s best to have a few Christmas games planned to get everyone socializing with one another, and to just make it a really memorable time.

In need of a few ideas for Christmas games? I happen to have written this list of 8 of the very best Christmas games around!

Family Christmas Party Games

Pin the Nose on Rudolph: Like pin the tail on a donkey, this Christmas party game involves a blindfold. Players must try to pin Rudolphs nose on his face where it should be, and whoever is the closest is the winner! If you can find a poster of Rudolph, you can use that as the board; otherwise, make one yourself out of felt or poster board.

(Alternate version: Pin the carrot nose on the snowman. Similar DIY concept, but with carrots and a snowman instead!)

Candy Cane Hunt: On Easter, I hide Easter eggs. On Christmas, I hide candy canes! Same concept, different hidden treasure. Hide a couple of “jackpot” candy canes, too! (those large tubes filled with M&Ms or Kisses.)

Candy Cane Chain: Holding a candy cane in your mouth, you must see how many candy canes you can pick up using only the one in your mouth, no hands allowed! Each person gets 60 seconds. Who can gather the most?

Snowman Snowball Pitch: Using a backboard (a cardboard tri-fold one), paint a winter scene with a large snowman in the middle. Cut a hole in the stomach and a smaller one in the mouth of the snowman; these are your targets. Using paper balls, each player must try to score the highest they can with 10 pitches. The mouth is worth 10 points, and the stomach is worth five points.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest: What wasn’t previously a competition can become one if you set out a craft table with Christmas odds and ends, basic supplies, and some cheap, blank sweaters.

Jingle Your Bells: This is similar to that Minute to Win It game “Junk in the Trunk” where you strap on a tissue box to your hiney and shake your booty. The only difference is instead of shaking out a bunch of ping pong balls, you will compete against one person to shake out 10 (or however many) bells out of the box. Set a time limit and whoever gets more out or finishes first wins!

Sketchy Santa: In this game, each person will hold a paper plate on top of their head as they attempt to sketch the very best Santa they can. Everyone is up against the clock and each other, so the best picture drawn before time is called is the winning drawing!

Christmas “Who Am I?” Game: In this game, a Christmas-related thing is assigned to each person and the word is stuck to their back for others to identify. Everyone gets to ask 10 questions to try to figure out who they are, and can only ask one question of each person they decide to ask. The first person to figure out who they are is the winner! (Example words: Santa Claus, Christmas tree, snowman, candy cane, elf, holly, snow, gingerbread man, a stocking, etc.)

Of course, don’t forget the other family favorites such as Christmas-opoly or planning a Dirty Santa gift exchange! See, Christmas games really make family Christmas parties a good time!

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