10 Fun and Easy Toddler Christmas Crafts

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Christmas is a time of cheer, joy, and let’s not forget about the fun crafts that come along with it all! Toddler Christmas crafts are a great way to get them into the holiday spirit while getting them involved in the fun of decorating for the holiday.

Christmas craft ideas are everywhere you look, but in order to find toddler Christmas crafts, you must look a little deeper. While it might be a fun tradition for the family to make popcorn garland, toddlers should not be attempting to use needle and thread just yet.

Here’s a list of 10 appropriate toddler Christmas crafts to keep them busy and smiling:

Construction paper chain: Cut 2” strips from red and green construction paper. Alternating the colors, make a loop by gluing the ends together, then another loop through the first one like a chain link. Continue until all loops have been made. When December is here, you will tear off one loop each day until Christmas!

Pine cone Christmas trees: Find a few large pine cones outside or buy some from a craft store. You will also need glue and colored pompoms. If your toddler is not yet good at using glue, which is often the case, place dots of glue on the pine cone for the toddler and direct them to place the pompoms on the glue dots to make cute, little Christmas trees!

Felt Christmas tree: Make a three foot high Christmas tree cut out of green felt and hang it on the wall. Using other felt colors, cut out other “ornaments,” presents, and a star or angel topper. You can hang the tree with 3m tape and the felt should stick just fine on other felt. Great way to keep a toddler from taking ornaments off the real tree!

Reindeer prints: Using dark brown, stamp your toddlers foot prints on a piece of paper. With a light brown color, have them stamp their handprints on both sides of the toes to make the antlers. Once dry, supply your toddler with googly eyes and a red pompom nose to put on their reindeer.

Garland: All you need is some yarn and some fruit loops or cheerios and you have everything your toddler needs to make some garland for the tree!

Edible wreath ornaments: Using a pipe cleaner, string cheerios or fruit loops on, leaving enough room to connect the pipe cleaner in a loop. Tie a ribbon onto it and hang it on your Christmas tree!

Salt dough ornaments: Mix 4 cups of flour with 1 cup of salt, then add 1.5 cups of WARM water. Mix well and knead the dough until it’s soft and pliable. Roll it out and use Christmas shaped cookie cutters to cut out shapes, poking a hole in the top to string it later. Bake on 325 degrees until hard, about an hour. Paint them as you please!

Cotton ball snowman: On construction paper, draw the three circles of a snowman. Give your toddler a container of paste and cotton balls and explain that they simply apply some paste inside the circles and place cotton balls on top! Once that’s done, you will cut buttons and a carrot out of construction paper for your tot to stick down as well.

Beaded candy cane ornaments: Have your tot string a pattern of red and white beads onto a pipe cleaner and fold the ends in such a way that the beads stay on. Simply bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of a candy cane and hang on the tree!

Cookie cutter stamps: Using Christmas cookie cutters, set out different colors of paint and some paper, and watch your tot dip the cookie cutter into the paints and stamp it on paper; they’ll have fun for hours!

Make the days leading up to Christmas fun by proving your toddler with a different Christmas craft to work on each day!

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