Family Gifts for Christmas: Fun for the Whole Family

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Buying gifts for everyone in the family? That can be so expensive and stressful! Have you thought about family gifts for Christmas?

Believe it or not, you can cross entire families off your Christmas shopping list at once by putting together family gifts for Christmas this year! It’s convenient and (can be) cheaper for you, and still very pleasing to the recipients! It’s also a nice way to give them a gift they can use to bond together as a family, rather than this one sitting in the corner on his iPad, and that one in the basement watching TV.

Now when it comes to giving family gifts for Christmas, you’ll still want to be sure that everyone in the family will absolutely love the gift, right? Right. Here are a few family gift ideas:

Family Game Gift Ideas

Family board games: Board games can be pretty pricey so sometimes just one is enough! If you have the extra, spring for a few fun family games such as Scene It! Disney, Disney Headbandz, Clue, Sorry, Monopoly, Life, Cranium, Guesstures, or Pictionary.

Outdoor sports gear: Getting outdoors is one of the very best things for any family, so spring for something for the family to do outside together! A good example is a backyard volleyball net, along with a volley ball and a badminton set. Or maybe Kan Jam Game Set, which is always a lot of fun!

Outdoor games: I have fond memories of outdoor games at barbecues with my family. A mainstay was horseshoes, but you can also play cornhole, laser tag, or bocce ball.

Family Activity Gift Ideas

Tickets to local attractions: If there’s a zoo, museum, or an aquarium nearby, cease this opportunity to purchase their Christmas gift! If you work for a place who offers a discount program, you might get lucky and have a hefty 40% off discount waiting. Also, check online for discounts!

TV streaming services: Purchase a year membership to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, or the like. It’s the gift that keeps on giving (well, for a year, at least)!

Family movie night gift basket: Pick up a couple of new movies (or some classics!) and put them in a nice basket along with some of those theater-sized boxes of candy, popcorn kernels, a popcorn popper, and a couple of different popcorn seasonings.

Family Food Gift Ideas

Coffee and cocoa basket: Put together a gift basket containing mugs for each person in the family, a few samples of gourmet coffee, hot cocoa, and perhaps marshmallows for the cocoa!

Baking gift basket: Make a gift basket with a few baking essentials such as silicon muffin cups, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, a whisk, a wooden spoon, a rubber spatula, aprons, and a cook book!

Gourmet foods: We’ve all seen these gourmet gift baskets at those kiosks in the center of the mall aisles; have you ever thought about making your own? Gourmet meats and cheeses, or even some delicious chocolate or pastries from a local bakery!

BBQ setup: If the family does not have a grill, purchase one of those small patio grills and inside it include grilling tools, a couple of aprons, different meat seasonings and marinades. If there’s still room, maybe add a small bag of charcoal and a BBQ lighter to complete the kit!

Grow-a-garden Gift Bag: Purchase a large bucket or gardening bag and include all of the necessary gardening tools, enough pairs of gloves for the family, and seeds for various different fruits and veggies that can be grown easily in your region. Include a manual about gardening that explains the zones and the best times and places to plant certain types of food.

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