Family Reunion Favors

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Your family reunion event deserves to be immortalized forever and relived again and again in your family members’ memories, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through family reunion favors. Reunion favors or gifts make your event more personal and memorable to all the participants and can also be a way to bring your family closer together.

Different ideas for family reunion favors can be gleaned from various resources on the Web, especially from retailers offering personalized clothing, accessories, and other items that can be customized for your particular reunion event.

Family Reunion Favor Ideas

Here are some popular suggestions for family reunion favors:

Family Cookbook

While this idea requires a bit of extra planning and effort, it’s certainly one of the more fun ideas. A family cookbook is a great way to share memories and ties to the family’s past. To prepare, send out requests for recipes to all of the families you plan to invite.

While it can be an excellent centerpiece for the kitchen, this idea also allows for great conversations about cooking and family. Children can learn a lot from this book as it contains tips and tricks from the past and different recipes that have been passed down. What I love most about this idea is that it prevents losing family recipes as the years pass. Preserving family recipes and sharing them with your family is one of the best gifts of all!


Family Reunion T-Shirt Favors

Family reunion t-shirts are among the most cost-effective and easily customizable gift ideas.

If you are traveling as a group to a particular destination, you can use reunion t-shirts as a form of solidarity and a way to spot your family members in the venue easily. Customizing the shirts for various family units and links within the larger group is also a good idea. Remember to ask the whole family for their shirt sizes when you send out invitations and ask for RSVPs!

Other Clothing and Apparel:

If t-shirts seem too bland or you’ve done that before, other apparel items and accessories can also be given away as family reunion favors. Hats, baseball caps, or sun visors are also quite affordable and are perfect if your reunion is being held outdoors or in sun-intensive destinations.

Hoodies, sweaters, and jackets are great gift ideas if your reunion would be held around fall or winter. Camping out during the reunion? Sleepwear, pajama sets for the young, and customized pillows go well with the theme.

Mugs, Glasses, and Other Beverage Containers:

Coffee mugs are pretty easy to make on your own. If you have artistic or creative family members, plenty of time to prepare, and not too overwhelming of a guest list, you can buy different colors and styles of coffee mugs and design personalized mugs to give away.

Otherwise, mugs, glasses, tumblers, water bottlers, and other beverage containers are also good ideas for reunion favors; they are budget-friendly and something that everyone would find helpful.

Personalized Totes and Travel Bags:

Bags and travel accessories are handy and can be stylish and decorative. Because these items are used daily, they will also be a constant reminder of your family reunion events in the future, especially if you intend to do this every year or regularly.

Photo Albums, Collages, and Wall Portraits:

Family and group portraits can be customized into your other reunion favors (for instance, printed on t-shirts).

But stand-alone display photos or picture collections are also excellent gift ideas. Aside from printed-out photos, you can opt to collate photos in professionally-designed CDs (most people prefer digital photos these days, anyway). Then your family members can choose which photos they want to print out.

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