How to Create a Family Reunion Website

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Most of the businesses, service providers, and retailers we frequent have an online presence and varying levels of Web functionality. As you plan your family reunion, you should also look into creating a simple yet effective family reunion website. Something as simple as having a registration form online can make a difference in your turnout on the big day.

Below are tips to help you get a family reunion website up and running in no time and for minimal cost!

Why Should My Family Reunion Have a Website?

Family reunion invitations inform all the invited participants of the basic information regarding the upcoming event, such as:

Details Change: Your Family Reunion Website Makes Updating People Easy!

But there may be changes to the venue, catering service, dates, and other details that family members need to be aware of immediately, especially if it affects their travel plans and lodging reservations.

Calling everyone individually can be burdensome; an update on the homepage of your family reunion website saves time and disseminates the information immediately.

What should I include on my family reunion website?

Your family reunion website can include tons of valuable information, resources, and links related to your reunion event. You can also allow your guests to submit ideas by including a contact form and titling it “Ideas for my family reunion?

You can post links to airline websites and airfare discount providers for guests who will fly in. You can add a list of hotels close to the reunion venue to the website so guests can make prior reservations. Activities and points of interest around the area can also be provided so the attendees can plan ahead of time.

One source for all things reunion

Family reunion photos and videos

Soon after the family reunion, photos and videos of the event can be uploaded to the website. This is an easy way to distribute the images and videos, so everyone can share in the memories or print out keepsakes.

You can save on postage or printing costs by providing all the pictures in digital format; if anyone wants to print them out, they can then download the photos they want and shoulder the cost.

Family reunion websites can help guests plan

You can also have a digital checklist on the family reunion website for planning potluck meals, for instance. Instead of an actual paper checklist, you can post the list online where participants can check off and leave their names beside the items they are committing to bring; meanwhile, the rest of the family will see what is still needed and go from there.

Include protected contact information

Phone numbers, email addresses, and other details for contact persons can also be provided on the website, so your participants know who to ask about lodging, parking fees, special meal considerations, and other queries. In fact, it may also be a good idea to keep a directory of the family on this website so everyone can easily keep track of each other (make sure this page is secured).

Your family reunion registration form

RSVP-ing just got a whole lot easier! Your family reunion registration form will help you track who is attending the reunion.

A registration form is also a great way to accept reunion dues to help cover the cost of the reunion. No more calling around, asking for money! Just add a cost to register for the reunion, and you’re set!

Are there free services I can use for the family reunion website?

Yes! You can create a user-friendly but professional-looking family reunion website with WordPress. With various customizable themes and options and add-ons and widgets that can make the website more fun and functional, WordPress is your best bet for creating a family reunion website that does not require much technical know-how or prior experience.

Because most people these days use social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, you can also share your WordPress-powered family reunion site easily on these networks. Your family members can get the updates from the website and share them to their own networks, ensuring that every participant gets the word on any latest updates.

Free Website Providers:

Buying a Domain Name

For easier name recall and branding, you can go a step further from the default WordPress or Blogger domain and register your own family reunion domain name (for example, “”). On WordPress, this feature costs about 2-3 times more yearly than many other providers. On Blogger, it costs around $12 yearly.

The price is very affordable compared to the convenience of an easily-remembered domain name; plus, if you plan to use this family reunion website for years to come, maintaining the site and having a personalized domain name is a good investment.

Video: How to Setup a Free WordPress Website

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