How To Create a Family Reunion Registration Form

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Family reunion registration forms have traditionally been mailed out along with the reunion invitations, giving family members the responsibility of filling out the information needed and mailing them back to the event planners. But what usually happens is the forms get buried under a pile of bills, mailed catalogs, and other papers, and the response is delayed.

Now, you have the option of electronic registration done online, and this is also a much easier endeavor if you have opted to set up a family reunion website as well. Most people spend a lot of time on the Internet, and an online registration and information portal would be a convenient and easily accessible way to indicate interest and sign up for the reunion affair.

Get Help With Your Registration Form

If you are in charge of the reunion website or the registration forms, it is a good idea to have at least one other person working with you (perhaps more assistants depending on the size of the guest list).

This is to make sure that the information is collected properly and encoded or categorized appropriately; also, any concerns or questions can be handled and managed much quicker.

Assistance can also be obtained through various online services that make the family reunion website building and registration easier.

If you do not have a lot of website building knowledge or experience, don’t be intimidated – user-friendly platforms and services such as WordPress and Weebly can offer you easy-to-use tools and templates for putting together your reunion website and getting it published online.

Information Needed For Registration Forms

The details you will need to collect from online registration don’t really differ much from what you will usually collate from mailed-in family reunion registration forms. You will need to ask for:

  • Name/s of family members
  • Ages of participants
  • Mailing address
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail address

Meanwhile, here are pieces of information that you will need to provide on the online family reunion registration form:

  • Cost per person (may vary by age bracket)
  • Options for lodging
  • Options for meals
  • Options for activities
  • Travel details
  • Contact person/s and their details
  • Payment methods and deadlines

Online Registration Payments

To make registration even more convenient for your family reunion, you can make use of different online payment or e-commerce solutions for electronic payment transfers. For instance, is a reunion website provider that allows you to collect registration forms, fees, and get real-time tracking as participants sign up and pay electronically. Similarly, you can check out Eventbrite which works much like an online ticketing system; your reunion guests can get event details online, and then make their payments online using a valid credit card.

Other online payment options you can conveniently integrate into your family reunion website or portal include PayPal and Google Checkout. Unlike Eventbrite, however, these two options do not have automatic options for tracking invited guests who have already paid (manual checking is required).

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