5 Happy Father’s Day Poems

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Father’s Day is important, and like any other holiday, is always right around the corner! Now, you may think that poems are better for moms than they are for dads, but dads really appreciate the sentiments and feelings that come along with poems as well! Instead of simply signing a card, you should think about including Happy Father’s Day poems as well.

Happy Father’s Day Poems

When it comes to including a poem on a special occasion, your best bet is to write your own because it shows that you really took the time to spend on the special person, and it speaks as to the amount of inspiration they have given you!

Okay, we’re not all great poets, but we don’t have to be! If you’re looking for some ideas, here’s a few Happy Father’s Day poems that will touch Dad’s heart as well as any you write yourself.

Such a Man

You held me on your arms
and carried me on your shoulders.
Everyday in your heart
as I kept growing older.

Now that I’m grown and away,
I’ve used the tricks you taught me.
Spreading my wings, flying so high
being thankful for all the times you’ve caught me.

Dad, you are such a man
for staying in my life,
showing me the strings to everything
and teaching me to do what’s right.

Now that I’m a man myself
with children of my own,
I look back and remember my Dad
and all that I was shown.


F is for the fearlessness that you’ve always shown.
A is for how awesome you are in everything you know!
T is for time we spent, quality indeed.
H is for the happiness I always felt in me!
E if for everything that you ever did for me.
R is for remembering good times spent with family!

A Father’s Day Wish

Over the moon, I’ve always been with you
for being such a wonderful dad.
A provider, a protector, a wizard of all
something that many wish they had!

Today is a day, dedicated to you
For everything you have done
to raise your kids and overcome
all the obstacles, many-a-ton!

Cheers to you, my dad
in the most special way.
I wish you the very best
on your Father’s Day!

Memories Shared

Simple songs and sing-alongs,
parodies on the guitar.
Laughter filling the air
as we count our lucky stars.

Although you were away a lot working hard
to provide for us the best you can,
it’s the good times that I recall
all the special memories we share.

Making music in the living room,
family on the set,
is my favorite memory to recall,
definitely one of the best ones yet!

You’ve given me so much more
than many fathers do.
So this is my big thanks,
and Happy Father’s Day to you!

Thanks Dad

Tools, repairs, and home affairs.
Teaching me how to be a man.
Building, fixing everything
and giving me a hand.

Fast food dates and staying up late,
not wanting time to pass us by.
Though it seems no time has passed at all,
it’s taken us all by surprise.

Thanks to you and all you did
to keep us happy and afloat.
I’ve always said if you ran for president,
you’d surely have my vote!

Happy Father’s Day!

If you are planning any kind of party of barbeque for Father’s Day, use it as the perfect opportunity to read it aloud for all of the dads present, but with a special dedication to your own. He’ll certainly feel good being in the spotlight, and you’ll feel good putting him there because he deserves all the spotlight he can get!

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