10+ Unique, Affordable Father’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank!

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Spending time with dad on Father’s Day is a day full of memories, but sometimes we feel the need to go a step farther and buy him a special gift.

There’s nothing wrong with showering dad with gifts on his big day, so feel free to shop!

Cheap Father’s Day Gifts

Some fathers’ day gifts can be cheap because people don’t have a lot of money available. There are still plenty of things that you can give to your dad that will show him that you love him.

When it comes to gifting something to dad, cheap Father’s Day gifts don’t have to feel cheap! More importantly, though, is the quality time you spend with him will be what he remembers the most, not some gift you got him, so keep this in mind!

Gifts are a nice way to put a smile on someone’s face, so here are a few cheap Father’s Day gift ideas to consider:

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is a great time to show how much you care for your dad by giving him a gift. Below are some cheap Father’s Day gift ideas that are sure to make him smile. First, let’s start out with funny gifts because dad deserves a laugh once in a while.

Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad has always been there for you and loves you unconditionally, so why not surprise him with a Funny Father’s Day Gift.

If you’re looking for a good father’s day gift, funny gifts are the perfect option. They are something that will make your dad laugh, plus they are so much more personal when you know your dad has a great sense of humor. Dad jokes exist for a reason.

  1. Worlds Greatest Farter… I mean, Father t-shirt: You all know it’s true, so why not let the world know, too? Happy Farter’s Day, dad! I mean, “Father’s Day!”
  2. Favorite Child novelty mug: This mug will say it all and more: “I love how we don’t even need to say it out loud that I’m your favorite child.” Hilarious message serves as a good conversation (or argument) starter!
  3. Papasaur T-shirt: Help your dad establish his awesomeness with this Papasaur t-shirt featuring a t-rex holding a wrench and electric drill. He’ll rip and roar through projects while wearing this visual viciousness.

Cute and Sentimental Father’s Day Gifts

Some father’s day gifts are not about buying something expensive for your dad, but about showing him that you care. One way to do this is with a sentimental gift. If your dad is on the softer side, then sentimental gifts are probably more appropriate than gifts that are full of jokes and gags.

  1. Engraved folding pocket knife: Every dad needs a pocket knife as they come in very handy when you need something sharp on demand! This pocket knife features an engraved wooden inset in the handle with a message choice: “Best Dad Ever,” “Best Buckin’ Dad,” “Best Papa Ever.” There’s even options for grandpa!
  2. CredDeal Stainless Steel Case Pocket Watch: There’s something so classy about a man with a pocket watch! Gift Dad this pocket watch on Father’s Day. It features a message that he is sure to appreciate: “The greatest Dad.”
  3. “I Love You Dad” Lighted Acrylic Cube: Dads aren’t often the receivers of keepsake-type gifts, but this one is perfect for the work office or home office! He’ll love the cycling light show, but love the message even more!

Manly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Many dads love adventure, sports, making things with their hands, and being outdoors. For the manly men in our lives, here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas.

  1. Gerber Suspension Multitool: Over 15 tools in one including a saw, a knife, pliers, bottle opener, screwdriver, scissors and more! Not to mention that it comes with a sheath and is just a really cool looking tool. Your dad will be proud to use this.
  2. Estilo 18-Piece Barbecue Set: Grill master dad might just be in need of a new tool set, and what better day than Father’s Day to get him one?? In the height of barbecue season, this set has everything he will need in a convenient metal carrying case!
  3. Shaving Gift Set with Badger Brush: Does your dad keep himself clean-shaven on a daily basis? Then this is the gift for him! Elegant and stylish, this will look great on his bathroom counter, and it has the following: Stand, badger brush, soap bowl, pre-shave oil, after-shave, mirror, and a double edged safety razor.
  4. SOG Specialty Knives 9 Tool Credit Card Companion: If the idea of gifting a pocket too is appealing to you, then consider this little tool set that is so compact that it fits in a credit card pocket in the wallet! Don’t be fooled by the small size, because it packs a total of nine useful tools: Blade, tweezers, toothpick, letter opener, can/bottle opener, compass, magnifying glass, awl, and a ruler.
  5. Ohuhu Personalized Watch Box: If your father or husband is a man of many watches, then he just might need one of these! Made by Ohuhu, this watch box holds up to 12 watches, all visible through a clear, glass top!

Start his day off right by making him a nice Father’s Day breakfast, then move on with the rest of your plans for Father’s Day. No matter what you get for Dad, it’s the thought that counts. Gifts are temporary, but good memories will last a lifetime. Give him a gift while making those good memories!

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