Our Favorite Christian Valentine’s Day Books for 2022

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, you might be looking for some books to put into a children’s Valentine’s Day basket, to use as part of a 5 Senses Gift for your spouse, or perhaps for your own personal enjoyment. So many wonderful books incorporate the Christian faith with modern Valentine’s Day traditions.

In this article, you’ll find books that are perfect for the kids, some romance book suggestions for Christians, as well as some book suggestions to help you strengthen your relationships.

Christian Children’s Books for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance! It’s also the perfect time to share your faith with those you care about most. Here are some great books with messages of hope and love for children.

Love Letters from God: Bible Stories

Love Letters from God is a beautiful picture book that invites children to open up their mail and find a message from God. Each page contains a different Bible story, and inside there is a special letter from God. Children will enjoy opening these envelopes and reading the messages. This is a really fun take on those classic flap books.

The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Blessings

Brother Bear has a secret admirer! In The Berenstain bears’ Valentine Blessings, young readers and Sister Bear find out about Brother Bear’s secret admirer. Sweetie Bear sends him a valentine, complete with pink hearts, flowers, and candy. What will tough, ice-skating brother do about this? But Papa Bear steps into the picture, reminding the cubs that all loves come from God, who is Love.

Papa Bear tells the cubs a sweet story of two little cubs and a secret admirer: Mama and Papa Bear!

God Gave Us Love

While on a fishing trip, Little Cub and Grampa Bear are interrupted by rude otters. Little Cub asks Grampa Bear why we must love people, even the seemingly unlovable.

Grampa Bear then explains the different kinds of love and how all love comes from God. So anytime we share love, even with the unlovable, we are sharing a bit of God’s love.

This warm story will teach your little ones how there are different kinds of love and how they can share “God-sized love.” This really is a wonderful book for children.

God’s Great Love For You By Rick Warren

In this book, kids are taken on a whimsical journey that informs them that God’s love is with them wherever they go!

Written by the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and pastor Rick Warren and illustrated by Chris Saunders, the simple text comes to life as a child journey’s to places near and far. We discover that God’s great love is perfect, everywhere, and will never end.

Christian Valentine’s Books For Couples

The best books for couples will inspire them to love each other better. So here are some great books to read together!

The Love Dare by Alex Kendrick

Unconditional love is a promise made by people who want to marry each other. However, this type of love is hard to practice because it requires trust and faithfulness.

The Love Dare is a book about how to make a relationship work. It teaches couples how to communicate better, be more open, and show each other how much they care. This book helps couples develop a stronger bond and learn how to overcome problems in their relationships.

This book acts kind of like a daily devotional. It’s a 40-day challenge to help husbands and wives practice unconditional love. For example, the first day’s challenge is to say nothing negative to your spouse for the whole day. Day 2 builds upon day 1 by continuing the “say nothing negative” challenge, but then adds the challenge of doing a kind, unexpected gesture to them. 

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman

Falling in love is easy. But staying in love takes work. You need to be aware of what makes your partner tick. It would help if you tried to understand why he or she does certain things.

Dr. Gary Chapman shows us how to show and receive love in the #1 New York Time’s international bestseller The 5 Love Languages. He also explains what love languages are and how we should express them.

The 5 Love Languages is such an insightful book. This updated edition includes insights that apply to modern relationships. It helps readers understand how to communicate effectively with loved ones.

The 5 Love Languages of Children: The Secret To Loving Children Effectively by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell

Gary and Scott teach us how to communicate with our children in a loving way. We learn how to make them feel loved, heard, and nurtured. As a result, we give them a solid foundation to face life head-on.

All the greatest techniques in the world won’t help if you don’t know how to speak someone else’s love language. But, it also touches upon an idea that I had never considered: disciplining in a certain love language can not only damage but deeply harm your relationship with your child.

This is a great book if you want deeper insights into how to communicate with your kids and why some conversations or interactions don’t go exactly as planned!

Christian Romance Reads for Valentine’s Day

I love reading romance novels, and no, they’re not just for single people! So here are some great books to read this Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for something special to share with your sweetheart.

Canadian West Collection by Janette Oke

If you’re familiar with the hit show “When Calls The Heart” from Hallmark, then you’re already in love with this amazing book collection. This is a 6-book series that follows Elizabeth through an unexpected journey to the west of Canada for a teaching job.

She was raised in an upper-class environment, but she didn’t know how to deal with the harsh conditions of the Canadian wilderness. Despite this, she loves the children in her care and tries to make them happy. Things start to develop when she meets a certain mounted police officer.

Seeds of Love: An Amish Garden Novella By Tricia Goyer

In this story, led by the main character Sadie Chupp, we learn about Sadie’s story and how she ended up in Montana after leaving Indiana.

Sadie brought her mom’s special heirloom tomato plants with her to Montana, which had been passed down in her family for generations.

Eli Plank is a new bachelor in the area. He comes from a gardening family business. After a misunderstanding, he befriended Sadie to help her out with her tomato garden since Montana’s climate was different from Indiana’s.

Sadie is in a lot of pain after losing her parents and finds herself frequently overwhelmed. Her garden is a place she feels connected with her mom. Can she let go and learn to trust God with the outcome?

The Stone Wall by Beverly Lewis

Anna wants to start a new chapter in her career as a tour guide in the beautiful region where her Plain grandmother once lived.

Anna would love to speak with her grandmother about when she was younger, but she has Alzheimer’s disease, and beyond a vague reference to an old stone wall, most of what happened back then is a mystery.

Martin Nolt is a handsome Mennonite man who takes care of the young Beachy Amish woman. He helps her learn about the local highlights, including Peaceful Meadows Horse Retreat. The retreat’s mission so inspires Annie that she returns to volunteer. She quickly strikes up a friendship with the young Amish widowed man who manages it.

As Anna gets closer to both Martin and Gabriel, she finds herself facing a difficult decision, of which one of the options will conflict with her parents’ expectations. Will Anna find true happiness and the truth about her family’s past in Lancaster County, or will she find only heartache?

Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers’s books always make me think about the power of Christ and how He loves us. She doesn’t shy away from tough subjects or glosses over human pain, but she also doesn’t shrink from them. Her books are a testament to the glory and presence of Christ.

In book #1, A Voice In The Wind, a beautiful young slave girl is torn by her love for an aristocrat. She clings to her faith for deliverance from the Roman Empire.

In book #2, An Echo In The Darkness, Marcus is led by a whispery voice from the past into an adventure that could set him free.

In book #3, As Sure As The Dawn, Atretes has won his freedom, but now faces the prospect of taking his infant son home from the Christian window who has been caring for the baby since birth.

The Christmas Valentine’s Book Wrap-Up

I hope you found this list useful. Do you have any suggestions that I might have missed? What are your go-to books on Valentine’s Day? Let us know!

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