10 Stocking Stuffers for Dogs That’ll Get Their Tails Wagging

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Christmas time is always full of laughter, love, joy, celebration, and annual family parties. But it can also be stressful when figuring out the perfect present to give to your loved ones, including your four-legged pal(s). Or, if you know a friend or family member who absolutely LOVES dogs, you’d want to make sure the present you get them is something they’ll love to throw around and play with. 

If you need any ideas for dog stocking stuffers, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone knows that even the smallest of the family should have a good Christmas.

Spoil Your Pup with These Christmas Gifts for Dogs

To start with, good Christmas presents for dogs include their favorite treats, toys, grooming tools, and even a new collar or leash (dogs can be stylish too)! If you think about it, your dog is the first one to greet you when you walk in the door and is by your side, night and day. You know them better than anyone, so why not spoil them with a stocking, stuffed with things they love the most to show how much you love them?

Stick Chew Toy

The first perfect present is a Benebone Chew Stick. The makers of this delicacy knows not everyone has the same-sized dog, which is why it comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large

The chew stick comes in two scrumptious tastes as well: bacon and maple wood. The bacon chew stick is made with real bacon, leaving your pet drooling for it. While you’re relaxing and enjoying a cup of cocoa, your pet can chew on this all night long since it has a dog-friendly design. As a plus, the company’s culture is based on ensuring your dog is happy and safe while enjoying the treat. 

Benebone decided on a design to imitate a stick, which will allow your pet to make this their go-to toy!

Plush Duck

If you happen to come across furry creature “gifts” your dog finds in the yard, the Multipet Duckworth Plush Duck would be a great substitution (and less gross).

 This bright yellow toy is 13 inches long, which makes it easier to play with. Don’t let its size  fool you, though. It’s convenient for the biggest and even the smallest of pups, made with the owner in mind since it’s fun to toss and easy to catch. You’ll find yourself outside for hours playing with your dog. 

If your pup plays more on the rough side, it will take a while for them to tear it apart because this toy is made to conquer even the toughest game of tug-of-war. After a long day of playing, your pup can grab this toy when they’re ready for bed and sleep all night with it. 

This Plush Duck will surely be the first toy your dog grabs from its stocking on Christmas morning! 

Squeaker Tennis Ball

Do you want to take your pup to the dog park but unsure of what toy to bring? Outward Hound decided to combine a dog’s favorite things—a squeaky toy and a tennis ball! 

When you’re at the park and you happen to throw the ball a little too far, you can hear your dog wherever they are with the squeaker that is built into it. You have the option to choose between a two-pack and a four-pack, depending on if your dog loses them a lot or not. They come in multiple colors and sizes for even the smallest of dogs. You can choose from sizes extra small to large for your pooch to enjoy. 

If it’s raining outside but you still want your dog to have fun, don’t worry! The balls are made with a premium rubber material so you’ll be able to bounce it all around the house. It’s constructed with non-toxic materials to give you better peace of mind and to keep your best friend safe. These are breed-friendly toys and can be enjoyed by dogs of all ages!

Soup Bones Dog Treats

We all know Rachael Ray makes amazing food. But she also makes delicious dog food and treats so your pup can enjoy good food as well! Her Soup Bones Dog Treats are long-lasting so they’ll enjoy it for a while. 

Some pets can be allergic to corn and soy, and you may have a hard time finding treats that don’t contain these ingredients. The Soup Bone Treats are corn- and soy-free so you don’t have to worry about an allergic reaction. No artificial flavors, so they can chew on the freshest of ingredients. 

Soup Bones Dog Treats come in three flavors: Beef & Barley, Chicken & Veggies, and Turkey & Rice. If you can’t choose just one flavor, then buy all three! 

You can decide how quickly your dog will go through them with the  different quantity options you can buy 6, 11, 24, and 48. And if that’s not enough, they also come in regular sizes and mini sizes to make sure your dog has the right size.

Jerky Sticks

Your dog can also enjoy “fine dining” delicacies with Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats. These treats would make a great addition to your collection of dog stocking stuffers because they are premium treats made with a secret family ingredient that dogs love: beef. The high-quality beef is smoked for 10 hours to create a chewy and soft texture that will keep them wanting more. 

With no artificial flavoring or fillers (gluten, corn, soy, etc), your pup won’t be able to resist them. They make the perfect treat for trying to train your dogs to do the coolest of tricks or trying to get them housebroken. With a treat as mouth-watering as this, it will be a breeze training them! 

Normal treats will have your hands smelling and feeling a bit odd but these won’t. Since they are made with natural ingredients, your hands will smell like beef jerky afterward! 

Want more than one flavor? That’s not an issue. You can choose between beef, chicken or turkey to change it up a bit for you and your dog!

Sweet Potato Chews

While you’re sitting at the table with your family, enjoying sweet potatoes or sweet potato pie, you can give your dog a taste of the Christmas season as well with Wholesome Pride’s Sweet Potato Chews. These treats come in 8 ounces, 16 ounces and 32 ounces. To add a dash of holiday spirit, they even offer an 8oz holiday edition bag! 

These treats are made with one ingredient and one ingredient only: dehydrated sweet potatoes. The sweet potato chews are completely healthy with no artificial flavors added, to keep your mind at peace. They’re 100% vegan which means they’re healthy for those of you who have pets with sensitive stomachs and allergies. 

Sweet potatoes, sourced with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, give your dog a healthy and shiny coat and promote muscle health. These are perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages. Your mind will always be at peace when giving your dog these natural treats.

Pet Grooming Gloves

If you, a family member or friend have a pet that sheds enough hair to create a coat, then these Pet Grooming Gloves can help solve the problem. 

The gloves are designed with rubber tips to easily remove hair from even the most stubborn of places such as their tail, face, and legs. The gloves provide a massage-like feeling so they’ll feel like they’re being petted rather than having a wire brush pull and yank their fur. 

The fur is also easily caught within the rubber teeth to prevent fallout. Since you get two gloves, you’ll be done “brushing” them in half the time. 

The rubber material also allows for you to be able to groom your pet, wet or dry. If they’ve been rolling in mud and have tangled hair, the gloves will give you the ability to remove the clumps with no pain coming to your pet. The gloves can also be used on cats and horses so all of your pets could have clean and shiny fur. Get them while they last!

Nose and Paw Balm

Sometimes our pets can be exposed to air too long or are prone to get dry skin. To help with this, Pawstruck Ruff Relief developed a wax balm to protect and prevent your pet’s skin from irritation. You can use it on their wrinkles, elbows, nose and paws to give them super smooth skin. It’s naturally made to help relieve your dog’s hot spots, as well! No more chewing on sensitive spots and taking vet trips for treatments. 

The American-made balm is certified by the USDA. It’s made with organic ingredients including extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, jojoba wax, and vitamin E.

Its hypoallergenic and non-toxic elements make the balm safe for pups of all ages. If your four-legged friend always licks their paws, there’s no need to worry about them getting sick or ingesting something they shouldn’t. If your dog experiences rashes, hyperkeratosis or dermatitis, this balm will help heal that. 

Make sure that after applying it, you distract or play with them so the balm is able to soak in. It also gives your pet protection through the hottest of days and coldest of nights!

Personalized Pet Collars

Tired of the same boring collars sold in stores? GoTags has created dog collars you can personalize, so your pet can have a one-of-a-kind collar. Your pet’s name is stitched into the collar along with your phone number, in case they get lost. 

The material it’s made with (nylon webbing and stainless steel) make these collars long-lasting and hard to destroy. They come in 5 different colors: red, orange, blue, pink, and black. You can also choose between 15 colors of threading (white, black, navy blue, neon pink, baby pink, sky blue, purple, neon yellow, neon green, neon orange, red, gold, turquoise, cotton candy or jolly rancher) for the embroidery. The product also comes in Extra Small to Large sizes to fit all of your pets. Let your dog be unique with these different assortments of collars!

Pet GPS Tracker

If the collar wasn’t enough to be able to find your dog, you can get a GPS dog tracker. One in three dogs get lost, and with this, getting a lost pet back would be much easier. This device connects with GPS satellite, but if it would be unable to connect, it will use Bluetooth, wifi, and cell phone signals to locate your pet. . 

The GPS tracker locates your dog in real-time and gives you the ability to update its location anywhere, any time. The battery lasts for two to four days and is completely rechargeable. You can download the app on your smartphone and put all of your pets on it. Following your first month’s use, you can choose different subscription options that will cater to your needs. Purchase this device for yourself or someone else with a dog who likes to wander around because you’ll be able to easily find them.

Calming Chews

For the final recommendation for doggy Christmas presents, we have Advanced Calming Chews. Sometimes our dogs get separation anxiety when we leave the house, and would begin to chew on walls, shoes or furniture. These chews will help ease the stress your dog is under when you leave. 

The chews are duck-flavored, soft and full of natural ingredients. Hemp oil, chamomile, ginger root, and hemp protein are just some of the ingredients used to help calm your dog. The ingredients coincide to reduce anxiety symptoms, such as scratching, licking, and excessive barking. 

They’re perfect for car trips, fireworks, thunderstorms, and a trip to the groomers (for the most stubborn of dogs). Stress can lead to long-term effects for your dog so these chews will help you stop those future symptoms before they start.

Remembering Your Loyal Pets

With all of these great options, now you don’t have to panic over finding the perfect stocking stuffer for dogs! Choose one, two, or all of them to make someone the happiest pup during the holiday season. 

If you have any cats in the family, make sure to remember them as well! Check out these great stocking stuffers for cats. After all, ’tis the season to spoil your pets!

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