Girly Stocking Stuffers For Teen Girls That They’ll Actually Want!

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Christmastime is popularly known for its symbolic meaning: Love. It is the holiday season when family members come together to celebrate love and togetherness and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

While this time of year is meant for rest, reunions,  and fun, it is incomplete without the presence of bright red stockings hanging by the chimney. Of course, Christmastime is also synonymous to gift-giving—something everyone, especially your kids, look forward to during the holiday. It’s basically a tradition to have your stockings stuffed with several exciting gifts!

However, we all know how hard it is to buy gifts, especially ones that each of your recipients would love and appreciate. And choosing good stocking stuffers is part of that, too. It is especially hard if you have teenage girls to shop for. 

They have their likes and dislikes. They know what things are cool at school and what things are lame. If you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for girls, this can make it especially difficult!

Stocking Stuffers to Look For

As parents, communicating and connecting with your teenager can be hard enough, let alone shopping for things you think they’ll like. So to help you out, here are a few things you might want to be on the lookout for.

Grooming Kit For Your Little Lady

As your little girl is starting to bloom into a young woman, perhaps it’s time to gift her with things that would prepare her into becoming a well-groomed, classy lady. Basic grooming essentials like hairbrushes, scrunchies, small makeup kits, and the likes would surely be appreciated by your teenager as she’s finding her footing into adulthood. This way, you could also show her that you’re there to guide her through uncertainties regarding growing up.

Gadget Accessories Are Foolproof

We might not know exactly what teenage girls want but we do know what every teenager—regardless of gender—likes. With all the youngsters hooked on their technology now, we know for certain that their phones and tablets are valuable to them. So, why not stuff your teenager’s stockings with a bunch of gadget accessories? 

There are limited options you could choose from—from chargers to phone cases to trendy headphones. And, if you’re still not sure what kind of accessories your teenage daughter likes, you could always add in a gift card from your local gadget store so she could choose on her own.

Personal and Meaningful Gifts Never Fail

It could be daunting to shop for your teenage girl. But, remember that she’s still a kid who can appreciate meaningful gifts, regardless if they’re expensive or not. As long as they know you gifted them with something sentimental, it would never fail to give them a smile. 

Stocking Stuffers to Avoid

Nothing puts a sour expression on your teenage daughter’s face than a poorly thought out gift. As we said before, they’re in that awkward in-between stage of adolescence and adulthood, so gifting them with something that would make them feel even more awkward is a no-no.

Embarrassing Gifts to Open in Front of Others

Your daughter doesn’t need any more embarrassment in her teenage life. So if you’re thinking about stuffing her Christmas stockings with toiletries and undergarments, scratch that idea out of your head right now! No one in your family needs to know that your daughter needs a new training bra, and unless you are planning to buy her a celebrity body lotion or perfume, toiletries aren’t special as stocking stuffers.

Alternative Gifts

The best way to kill a teenager’s mood during Christmas is getting her hopes up. When she might be asking for an IPhone and you buy her an Android phone, or if she has specifically mentioned wanting a product from a certain brand and you gave something different, it might lead to a half-hearted smile. You may mean well but she’s still a child and there’s a possibility she won’t be able to understand your reason behind an alternative gift.

Gifts For Your Girly Teenager

Lip Balm

Winter is cold and chilly, and can often lead your lips to look dry and flaky. With this in mind, you can stuff your daughter’s Christmas stockings with a lip balm to help remind her that hydrating and taking care of her lips are important, too. 

The Sky Organic Tinted Lip Balm would be a good option to buy, with its high-grade emollients and 100% organic, soy-free and natural ingredients, ideal for delicately sensitive lips. It also comes in four unique shades–Luscious Shimmer, Champagne, Plum, and Raisin–for a wide range selection of light to deep, depending on the mood or occasion.

Pearl Earrings

Nothing says refined and classy like a pair of pearl earrings. But big pearls may just look too mature and unfitting for your teen. So instead, opt for these Pearl Cat Earrings on Amazon. They are just the perfect combination of sophisticated and quirky, befitting your little woman. 

These pearl earrings can be worn with just about anything, on any occasion—from casual to fancy. This is a gift is perfect for those who love cats or perhaps even as a reminder of a cat they once had. Either way, this set will be a beautiful reminder of your thoughtfulness this Christmas.

Pocket Mirror

As she enters middle and high school, it’s likely she’ll care more about how she looks. Why not gift her with a pocket mirror so she doesn’t have to constantly check her phone camera or go to the restroom every fifteen minutes to check if she still looks fresh and good? A good pocket mirror can be added to her growing makeup kit.

If you’re searching for a good pocket mirror, consider purchasing this double-sided pocket mirror from Jerrybox. It is elegant and durable enough for your teen for her everyday use. Aside from a regular mirror, it also has a magnified side for her to closely see her reflection. 

Hair Scrunchies

Scrunchies are considered essential in every growing girl’s grooming kit. It’s not just a need, but also a trendy fashion statement. Not only does it embellish the hair, but it also amps up your little girl’s style and makes her entire appearance look neat and beautiful. 

For a more fashionable look, you may want to check out Karoque’s Scarf Scrunchies. Each pack has six pieces of satin silk bowknot scrunchies with vintage-looking designs and different color variations. We’re pretty sure that this would be much appreciated by your fashion-loving, style enthusiast teenage daughter.   

Bamboo Hairbrush

A hairbrush may be a simple gift, and it may look like there’s no thought into gifting it to your teen. However, don’t underestimate the importance of a quality hairbrush as a gift. A hairbrush is a necessity, especially for girls with long hair. And whether your daughter has beautiful or damaged hair, it’s important to let her know that a good hairbrush is a good investment for healthy hair.

One good quality hairbrush is this Bamboo Detangling Hair Brush by Black Egg. This is best for removing knots and tangles, and for all hair types. Eco-friendly and made with bamboo, this brush is strong enough to withstand the toughest hair without breaking off. This hairbrush has gentle bristles that stimulate healthy hair growth by spreading sebum during brushing. It is also water- and heat-proof so it’s flexible to use in the shower or while hair-drying.

Practical Gifts For your Practical Teen

If you think that your teen is not much of a girly-girl, and enjoys more practical, useful things, perhaps she would appreciate some of these small items she could utilize every day. 

Coin Purse

Now that your teenage girl is old enough to handle her money, one good gift to give her is a coin purse. This way, you know that this is something she could use every day to keep her school allowance or lunch money in. 

And just because a coin purse is a practical item, no way does it have to be out of style. You may want to consider purchasing this coin purse from AnnabelZ. They’re minimalistic yet stylish enough for your teenage daughter to want it and show off to her friends. It has a catchy bee patch design and a tassel pendant. The interior is spacious enough for her cards, cash, and coins. 

Tassel Keychain

Even mundane items such as a keychain can reflect your little girl’s unique personality. It has many uses—from holding together her set of keys to styling her purse or bag with it. A tassel keychain is charming enough to let your teenage girl’s quirky side shine. 

If this is something you think would interest her, the I-BOSOM Boho Tassel Charm Key Chain is worth it to consider. It is a keychain that’s solidly crafted to hold many keys at once without coming apart. It’s also suited to design her handbag, school bag, or even make it a fashionable accessory for her jeans. Offering a variety of bright colors, this keychain would surely reflect your teenage girl’s quirks.

Boot Socks

What’s more practical and stylish for your growing teen than a pair of lace-trimmed boot socks? It has the youthful design perfect for your daughter’s age and serves a practical use, as well. 

Modern Boho’s Original Boots Socks is one product worth the purchase if you want the trendy styles and comfort the brand offers. Available in 12 different colors to choose from, these socks go well with shorts and dresses. It is also made of 95% soft cotton fabric and knitted a bit loosely for additional comfort for your teen.


Another practical gift your young teen would love is a notepad. But don’t just gift her with any ordinary notepad, something with beautiful designs you know she’ll love would definitely bring a smile to her face. 

By giving her this, you could also teach her the importance of organization, time management, and planning by listing out her chores to do, prioritizing school works to finish, or small reminders she should remember. Writing encouragement notes to your daughter on random pages of the notepad can also make this gift more personal and valuable. 

If you’re considering gifting her with a notepad, this one from Juvale is a good pick. One package already contains six floral-designed notepads. They also have magnetic strips, allowing them to stick to your fridge or your child’s magnetic board or wall. 

Stocking Stuffers For Your Sweet-Toothed Teen


WARNING: Addictive content.

This Christmas, why not splurge with the good stuff by gifting her with the Godiva Assorted Milk Chocolate Truffles? This 19-piece bag of warm chocolates are made as single balls of goodies folded in separate wrappers to make eating them gradual and memorable.

No matter how old your teenage daughter gets, stuffing her stocking with chocolates is always a great treat! A few packs of these mouthwatering treats would surely bring a smile to her face. 

Gummy Candy

There’s something irresistible about a bag of gummy bears or Sour Patch Kids to make you feel like a kid again! Remind her of the simple joys of being a kid with some yummy gummies! 

My personal favorites are Lifesaver Gummies! You can find these tasty treats packaged in festive Christmas gift boxes designed for stockings. They also have lots of unique flavors in their Neons and Exotics blends. As a girl with a sweet tooth (a whole mouth full of them actually!), I highly recommend both! 


Christmas is a once-in-a-year season, which demands that we give the utmost love to our family, regardless of their unique personalities. Though the teen girl is a complex personality to understand at a go, it’s all fun to be able to sweat and guess what she might like to have as stocking stuffers.  

More so, once you get gifts she appreciates and desires, it also puts a smile on your face and warms your heart.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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