25+ Things For Your Family Reunion Gift Bags

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Every party needs party favors, and a family reunion is not just any party! When it comes to partying, nobody does it better than family. So, such a great time should be met with family reunion gift bags containing something that will spark unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

Here is a list of 25+ perfect family reunion gift bag ideas!

Gift for Mom & Dad

Your family will remember your reunion for years to come, but why not help things along with a beautiful gift bag? What should you put in the gift bags for mom and dad, though? Here are a few unique ideas that will bring a smile to their faces.


A keepsake gift is something that reminds someone of a special occasion. It could be a photo album, a personalized journal, a piece of jewelry, or anything else that has sentimental value. Here are a few keepsake ideas for your family reunion gift bags:

Family reunion poem scroll

Write an original poem about your family, print it on luxurious paper, and roll them up into little scrolls, tying them off with a lovely ribbon.

Mini photo albums

There will be so many pictures taken and not enough places to put them; mini photo albums are cheap and easy to personalize!

Photo frames

Photo frames in family reunion gift bags will be used for that perfect picture snapped at the reunion!

Everyone eats, so these gifts apply to everyone. But you don’t want to give everyone a summer sausage. So here are some fun ideas that tie food and family together in neat little gift ideas.

Canned family recipe

Have a family-famous recipe? Can that recipe in jards and stick some labels on it because it’s going in the family reunion gift bags! What a fun way to share a living piece of your family’s history.

Coffee mugs

These are an easy favor to have personalized, also. Don’t forget to include little samples of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa!

Family reunion cookbook

Will your reunion have a potluck? That’s even more perfect! Collect all recipes, make copies on lovely paper, bind them, and have a family cookbook!

Odds and Ends

While these gifts aren’t the most substantial, they are fun to include in gift bags. In addition, they are helpful and provide a little variety to each bag.


These are easy to personalize and don’t cost too much. Pair that up with the lovely scents available, and candles are a very nice, general gift that anyone can use. Consider choosing a candle that fits your reunion theme or a family joke.


If it’s going to be a hot day, make some fans out of large popsicle sticks and heavy card stock. Print fun messages on them!

Luggage tags

Many of your family traveled to the reunion, so they need some luggage tags, right? Luggage tags are a great way to send the family off. Make sure they’re obvious enough that they’ll help your family members easily identify their luggage when it’s going around the baggage carousel.

Scratch-offs or lotto

Okay, not strictly personal, but if you have quite a lucky family (because they’re related to you and everything), add one of these in their bags! Make sure you get the most time-consuming ones that way, you get the most for the dollar. Who knows, maybe someone will win and have a very fond memory!

Gift for the Kids

Giving kids gifts is a great way to get them excited about any event. Have you seen a birthday party? Below are some kid-friendly gift ideas that will bring joy to the younger ones without breaking the bank.

Outdoor Fun

Everyone agrees kids need to get outside more. So, why not give them a few great reasons to be outside and have fun?


You can buy any bubbles and print labels that say whatever you wish! In addition, you can find smaller-sized “party favor” bubbles in the party aisles of the most prominent retailers.


Everyone can appreciate a frisbee, even the family dog! Whether the kids are playing classic frisbee or the little ones are using them like shovels, you’ll be amazed at how much fun kids can have with a plastic disc.


Are you forecasted to have a breezy day? Who doesn’t enjoy flying kites, seriously? Kite-flying could even be a kid family reunion activity idea for your reunion!

Tubs of chalk

Tubs of chalk are a childhood classic. If you can’t find reasonably priced tubs of chalk, then purchase sidewalk chalk in boxes and put them in a cellophane bag with a cute bow tying it closed.

S’mores kits

If the family reunion will be going into the evening hours, or if it’s a camping family reunion, make individual kits with chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, so everyone is prepared.

Indoor Activities

As good as it is for kids to be outside, there are times that they need to be inside (looking at you, rainy days)! Here are some great gift ideas for your family reunion grab bags for kids who are stuck inside.

Coloring kit

A.K.A. crayons and a coloring book! It will give the kids something to do to keep them busy! Adult coloring books are relaxing, too; maybe give one a try!

Inexpensive Games

Technology has changed, but that doesn’t mean that kids still don’t appreciate the traditional games we grew up with. You can find inexpensive card games in the toy aisle or even at the dollar store. Games like Old Maid are great because the kids don’t know them, so they are eager to learn the rules and beat their siblings and peers. You can also get “travel” versions of classic games, like travel chess and travel checkers.


Some things are just timeless. My kids adore stickers. Sure, they don’t last long, but they love covering themselves in them. Give a group of kids some stickers, and they’ll start decorating each other in no time.

Odds and Ends

Finally, the odds n’ ends gift ideas are perfect for adding to gift bags for variety and interest.

Amazing Books

This might sound boring at first, but give me a chance here. When I was a child, my favorite book was a book of amazing facts. I’m not saying you should get the kids pocket encyclopedias, but kids love knowing stuff their parents don’t know. For example, scientists no longer consider Pluto a “planet?” So get little “amazing facts” books, and the kids will be glued!


When my husband was a child, he collected dinosaur figurines. Now, my children love inexpensive dinosaur figurines. But, of course, you don’t have to force dinosaurs onto all the kids. Instead, you can find figures for just about anything, such as farm animals, horses, and other wildlife.


Everyone should know you’re a big, happy family and proud to show it! If you give a kid a noisemaker, participation isn’t a question. The kids will lead the way.

Gifts for Everyone

Most of the gifts you need aren’t for the parents or the kids; they’re for all your other guests. Your aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone in-between! Here are gift ideas that will appeal to everyone.


If you have t-shirts made, a cute idea is to make ones that say “Survivor of 20xx family reunion!” There are so many things you can do with family reunion t-shirts that it is one of my favorites. Check out these family reunion t-shirt ideas on Zazzle for more inspiration.


If you have the event outdoors, these will certainly come in handy! Who doesn’t love a practical keepsake? Additionally, if you give them out early and you have a huge family reunion, this will help identify participants of the reunion from strangers who have wandered in.


They’re great for keeping drinks colder longer, and what’s better on a hot day? These are very inexpensive, and they are also an available, easily customized item as many businesses customize these for promotional purposes.

Photo Key Chains

Everyone will always be delighted to have a piece of the reunion with them. I have this hilarious photo key chain from a theme park where my family members are all doing funny things. It’s nice to have it with me.

Reusable shopping bags

These will likely end up being the gift bag itself, rather than a favor inside a gift bag, but it is practical and will give everyone a great, green favor! I’ve started doing this for gifts on holidays too. So not only can you get these cheaper than paper gift bags from the store (how crazy is that?), but your family members will have a use for them!


Brownies, cookies, rice crispy treats, and candy are family reunion favorites. Share the recipe with the already-prepared treat, or provide directions on a dressed-up mason jar with the ingredients layered neatly inside.

Water bottles

You can have plastic water bottles customized for a reasonable price or do it yourself with decals (although decals won’t handle dishwashers very well, so keep that in mind.

Water bottle tags

Nobody will be losing their water at this family reunion! The days of wondering, “is that water bottle mine?” will be a thing of the past!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the success of your family reunion. Family reunions are important to everyone involved, and they are a fun and memorable time.

Your gift bags serve as a “thank you” and memory for people to keep with them for years.

So while you think of ideas, keep your family in mind, their ages and personalities, and you will find the perfect favors! Then, have a wonderful family reunion!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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