How to Host a Family Reunion Potluck

Potluck: A meal where each person in attendance brings a dish to be shared with every guest. Potlucks are a smart, inexpensive way of throwing a party for many people while ensuring there is plenty of food there to feed the whole group. Having a potluck at a family reunion is a terrific idea for both the reunion planners and family members who will be attending.

Getting Family Involved

You cannot have a successful potluck without willing participants, so it is important that you get people on board with the idea before actually following through with it. To get your family involved, just let them know the benefits of having a potluck and that you could really use the help, and that it is a great way to get involved in the family reunion planning. Also, if you know of a dish or two that you enjoy from specific family members, let them know! Fluff it up so that they will want to make that dish.

Whether you talk to your family on the phone, send out a mass email, or post it on a social networking site, make sure you talk about how fun it will be to share different family reunion potluck recipes and how helpful it will be!

Planning the Menu

When it comes to family reunion potluck recipes, you will definitely need a way to plan out the menu to avoid a smorgasbord of potato salads and apple pies! You will need:

  • Drinks
  • Appetizers
  • Side dishes
  • Entrees
  • Desserts

It may also be very helpful to include a section for supplies such as cups and plates, but this is optional if you already planned on supplying such items.

Talk to Each Other

When it comes to planning the actual menu for family reunion potluck recipes, communication is key. There’s a few different ways to keep everyone in the light about who is bringing what. Try some of these ideas to avoid duplicate family reunion potluck recipes:

  • Pinterest: Create a board on Pinterest that your family can use to add what they will be bringing.
  • Keep a list: Maintain your own list and give weekly updates to family members about any changes.
  • Facebook: Create an event on Facebook and in the description, have a list with categories: Drinks, hors d’oeuvres, side dishes, entrees, and desserts. When someone posts what they will be bringing, edit the description to place the food item under the proper category.
  • Mass email: Send a mass email to family with the aforementioned categories and instruct everyone to use the “reply to all” feature and type what they will bring under the proper category.

Planning for a large event is a tough task, so keeping in touch with everyone will surely help you in planning for the potluck. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions, especially if a family member isn’t sure what to bring.

If money is an issue to anyone, see if they would like to help you set up the potluck, instead of bringing an actual dish. No matter what someone’s situation is, there is always a way to get them involved. Nobody should feel left out, especially at a family reunion!

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