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Family reunion memories are forever immortalized in photos. Pictures allow every family member to bring home some of the most cherished activities, games, and conversations with them, and share snapshots of the reunion event with their friends.

Years from now, you will all look back at the photos taken and see where everyone was, how things have changed, how the children have grown up over time.

Family portraits don’t have to be boring

If you look at older photos of families from decades back, posing styles were usually very stiff and formal.

These days, however, it’s OK to be wacky, silly, informal, or even dramatic with your portrait poses with the family.

A professional photographer can walk around during the reunion, taking candid snapshots of everyone and what they are doing.

But family portraits are also important because they get everyone in one spot at the same time, and a family portrait would likely be picked for souvenir items, t-shirts, and other memorabilia.

Does it have to match the theme?

Your family portrait may or may not be related to the theme. It all depends on what your family’s preferences are.

Just remember that the family portrait is not the only chance you will have of taking pictures during the family reunion; as everyone sits down to eat, plays games, and hangs out with each other, photo opportunities abound. But the family portrait can veer away from your reunion theme if participants want something different for this particular photo.

Portrait styles you can try

  • The close-up shot – This is pretty common; all the family members are squeezed in together in one tight close-up photo.
  • Lying down – In this style, the family members all lie down in the grass and have their photo taken as a group. It might be a bit challenging for more formal outfits.
  • Silly or wacky – Another popular one, this incorporates humor, silly faces, or oddballs in the group. Great for families with natural-born comedians and performers.
  • The jumpshot – Family members all jump at the same time (sometimes one jump, sometimes they keep jumping for a few seconds) while the photographer captures everything and tries to take a photo of everyone in mid-air. The perfect jumpshot portrait is usually quite amazing to look at because everyone looks like they are floating in the air.
  • Touchy-feely – Family portraits where members are hugging, holding hands, leaning on each other, and showing all other forms of family affection. If you’re thinking about submitting your family portrait for possible Hallmark greeting card use, spread the love in your family portrait.
  • Themed – Again, you don’t have to do themed, but maybe the family reunion theme is just the thing you need to set this picture apart from all the others.

Hiring a professional photographer

A professional photographer allows you to enjoy the reunion without worrying about going around and capturing as many pictures as you can for remembrance, or putting together that professional-looking family portrait.

Include the cost of the photographer in the budget so everyone can share the cost; if possible, opt for all-digital so participants can just go to the website and print the pictures themselves.

What about the Photo Booth?

Photo booths which were very popular in weddings in recent years are now also becoming a fixture in family reunions. Simple photo booths produce postcard-type pictures with customizable designs, while other photo booth options even allow you to choose stickers, stamps, and other styles and designs.

Photo booths are great for informal, often wacky picture-taking, but a large family group would not fit in a photo booth, so you will likely still need a professional photographer. Most photography services do provide or can refer photo booth services, so ask for package discounts. Make sure fun props are included, or supply your own. You will be surprised at how creative people can be with just a few props mixed in.

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