Family Reunion Locations, Venues, and Getaways

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Most of the other aspects of your family reunion planning – menu, cost, activities, theme, etc.- are heavily dependent on the location or venue of your family reunion event.

Usually, planners will start with the selection of the venue; once the family has agreed on where the family reunion will be held, planning for accommodations, meals, travel costs, and the type of activities to be enjoyed will then follow.

How to Choose Your Family Reunion Location

In narrowing down your search for the best family reunion venue, consider the following factors:

  • Distance and convenience – If your family members are spread out all over the country, you would want a venue that is convenient for most of the participants to get to.
  • Accessibility for all ages – Is the venue convenient for older members of the family, expectant or nursing mothers, or families with toddlers?
  • Cost – The reunion location should be within the financial capabilities or budget of the participants, in order to minimize instances where some families beg off because they cannot afford the venue. Aside from the lodging and travel expenses, also consider other usual expenses for parking, rentals, food, etc.
  • Amenities and activities – What activities can the guests get into once everyone is at the venue? Possible activities and amenities may not necessarily be within the location; the adjacent area may have plenty of attractions and other things to do.


Host it at home

If you have a smaller family or group, a home-hosted affair may be a viable option. It’s cost-effective, and participants will be more at-ease because it’s a familiar setting. Home-hosted reunion events are great for backyard barbecues or poolside parties. Utilizing the backyard or front lawn may be necessary if the indoor space is limited, but make provisions for weather limitations also, such as tents in case of rain.

Accommodations are the usual limitation for reunions held at a family’s home, but this can usually be mitigated by calling local area hotels and inquiring about group discounts and rates.

Enjoy a cruise

Luxury family cruises are becoming popular options for family reunion events. Planning and preparations are kept to a minimum, because most of the activities, entertainment, and meal choices will be in the all-inclusive package.

Group rates are also common for families travelling together. Even if you are on a cruise, the family members can still converge and spend time together onboard, such as planned meals or attending entertainment shows as a group.

Cruises can be pricey for some members of the family, and other participants may not be able to commit to an extended cruise trip (usually three days to a week). If a family reunion onboard a cruise ship is your plan, make sure to give the family members plenty of time to prepare financially (at least a year in advance), as well as make arrangements for time off from work.

For more about planning a family reunion cruise, check out: How to Plan a Family Reunion Cruise.

Take it outside

Families who are into camping, road trips, and outdoor adventures can look into holding their reunion at various national or state parks, campgrounds, lakeside picnic facilities, and other outdoor venues. This is also convenient for those with recreational vehicles (RV’s) and would like to bring them along. Possible activities include hiking, fishing, and swimming.

Outdoor family reunions are also generally affordable, and most venues would have varying accommodations such as cabins or hotel-type lodging so families can choose what they want and can afford.

*Tip: Make sure that your participants are willing to “rough it out” if you’re planning an outdoor reunion location.

Getting great group rates

Use the Internet to get discounts on your reservations, especially for reunion plans that are a bit pricier. Discounts can encourage family members to attend because they know the event will be within their reach financially.

For hotel bookings, Hotel Planner has a specific page for family reunions and groups. Group Hotels has a wide-ranging selection of hotels in many locations so you can get the best group rates for your entire family.

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