10 Family Reunion Games for Adults

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At a family reunion, you can expect there to be many games to keep the kids busy, but don’t adults need some entertainment too?  Yes!  And there are plenty of games that adults can enjoy, too!

Okay, you probably won’t be participating in manhunt or races, but what are some games that would be great for adults to play?  I have a few ideas that might interest you and fellow adults looking for some fun family reunion games for adults!

Fun for the Big Kids:

  • Paintball:  Get your protection on and lock n’ load because you’re in for a good time!  Compete in teams in an effort to eliminate the other team by way of hitting them with a paintball, which will leave a visible splat of evidence!
  • Flag football:  With all of the same rules of football, but without the brutality of tackling, each team tries to score touchdowns, but instead of tackling the one who has the ball, you must take their flag!
  • Horseshoes:  Everyone knows this game and what it entails, score if you make the horseshoe close enough to the stake, score even more if you get that oh-so-coveted ringer!
  • Volleyball:  You’ve likely played this at some point in your life, so bring a net and a ball and prepare to have some good team fun with family!
  • Beer pong:  If your family reunion will have a keg, or just a whole bunch of beer, set up a table with the plastic cups, grab a few ping pong balls, and try to score on the other team by sinking a ping pong ball into their cups, which they will have to drink.  Losing team must drink the remaining drinks on the table!
  • Food eating contests:  Pies, watermelon, hot dogs, hamburgers, or whatever your stomach desires, whoever can eat the most in a set period of time is the winner!
  • Charades:  Draw words from a hat and act out the word the best you can to get the other players to guess it.  You cannot make any noise, but you can use signals like your hand at your ear for “sounds like…”
  • Cornhole:  This is a bean bag toss kind of game where each team takes turns tossing bean bags at a wooden wedge with a hole cut out in the middle.  Landing a bean bag on the board counts as a point, sinking one in the hole counts as three, but opposing points will cancel out your points.  Whoever has the most points wins!
  • Minute To Win It:  If you’ve seen the show, you know it is composed of many different “mini games” where each contestant has just 60 seconds to complete each little game.  Have fun with this one and make them up!
  • Chess:  Different strokes for different folks; in other words, not everyone will want to be up on their feet playing games, so it’s not a bad idea to include some board games for the older folks, or the ones who are just plain tired and exhausted from other activities!

With all of these family reunion games for adults, there is something to entertain any personality type!  Make sure you have a good balance of games for adults and kids, so nobody is left twiddling their thumbs (unless, of course, that’s a part of the game)!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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