30 Fun Family Reunion Trivia Questions

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With all of the fun to be had at a family reunion, why not throw a trivia game into the mix?  You might be surprised at the type of family reunion trivia questions that will be asked.

The family reunion trivia questions will all depend on each individual family; in other words, no two family reunion trivia games will be alike!  Not only is family reunion trivia fun, but it’s a great way to break the ice!  It provides an opportunity for family changes, such as new marriage or a new baby, to be recognized and everyone can really learn a lot about family history.  This is a family reunion, after all!

How To Play

If you don’t know what trivia is, it is basically a quiz, and in this case, about your family.  The host of the game will write down 10-20 questions about the family, and these questions will be asked aloud to the family during the game.  Those who wish to answer can raise their hand to be called upon, whether you decide to have everyone play individually, or play in groups with a spokesperson.

Correct answers should get rewarded with something simple like bead necklaces, and anyone who is pointed out specifically in correct answers should be recognized with something appropriate for them, whether it be flowers for a grandma, or koozies for men.  You really don’t have to hand anything out, but it makes it more fun and you’ll probably break the ice a lot easier with some incentive!

If you need help figuring out the type of family reunion trivia questions to ask, read through the following list and you’re bound to find some that will work for your reunion trivia!

Sample Family Trivia Questions

  1. How many generations are in our family, alive and well today?
  2. Who is the longest living family member with us today? (If female, give her a rose, if male, give him a family reunion hat or koozie.)
  3. Who is the newest family member here today? (Could be a baby or a new marriage.)
  4. Who are the newlyweds?
  5. Who lives in Wyoming?
  6. Who just got engaged?  (Perfect opportunity for a lucky man to propose to his lucky girlfriend!)
  7. Who recently retired?
  8. How many military members are in the family? (Give them each a little flag to recognize.)
  9. How did Uncle Buckwheat get his name?
  10. Who came here all the way from Europe?
  11. In what year did our family make it over to the United States?
  12. Where did our family immigrate from in 1803?
  13. What is our family’s native language?
  14. What is Uncle Buckwheat’s real first name?
  15. How many cats does Grandma Joyce have?
  16. How many people are in our family total?
  17. Who’s the gossip queen in the family?
  18. How many people live in this city?
  19. How many grandchildren does Grandma Lois have?
  20. How many different states did family travel from to be here today?
  21. Who in the family plays the drums.?
  22. Who lost a tooth in a hockey incident?
  23. Who has traveled to 26 different countries?
  24. Who couldn’t be with us today because they are serving the country?
  25. Who is the baker in the family?
  26. How many cars does Uncle Bob own?
  27. Where was the first family reunion held?
  28. Who has the most contagious laugh?
  29. Who is the aspiring actor in the family?
  30. God is good. (All the time!)

Name Your Winner

Once all of the family reunion questions have asked, it’s up to you to decide if you want to determine a winner or make it just a game to get people socializing.  If you decide to recognize a winner, have them stand up, take a bow, and accept a modest prize, whatever it may be.

If there are any non-participants, haze them with something like silly string!  Proceed with caution with friendly hazing though because some people might not take well to it.  Only you know your family, their boundaries, and their sense of humor, so use your own common sense.

When the trivia game is over, your family will likely be talking more and having a better time than before you started.  Be sure to throw in a few silly questions to get the family laughing.  Everyone will love the trivia game and be happy that they played!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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