25 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day Indoors

Hello, June! It’s that time of the year when we celebrate the special day for our daddies, papas, and pops! Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we definitely want nothing but the best celebration for the number one guy in the fam. Being the hardworking and ever-resourceful tough guy in the family, he deserves all the VIP treatment, pampering, and day-off on this special day.

From the usual stroll in the park, picnic dates, restaurant dinners, or weekend hiking getaways, we can surely spend some quality time this Father’s Day with these awesome and fantastic activities specially made for our dads. Who said we can’t celebrate Father’s Day, and have fun indoors? C’mon, gather everyone special to your dad’s heart, bring all the fun, and have some quality bonding while staying home!

Planning a Father’s Day Indoor Celebration

There’s a lot of ideas you can think of on how you’ll pull out the best Father’s Day celebration indoors. Here are some tips and tricks you can consider in planning your dad’s day at home:

Make it a Dad-Centric Day

Sure, we can think of endless possibilities on how we could surprise and celebrate our number one guy’s day, but let’s always consider putting ourselves in our dad’s shoes. Let us ask ourselves, how would Dad want to celebrate his own holiday?

With all the excitement to pull out all the stops for our dads, we can put these questions in mind so we could organize the perfect Dad-centric day for him:

  • Is dad tired of his usual routine, and wants to take the day off or spend the day full of adventure and excitement?
  • Maybe he’s a big fan of doing DIY crafts, and wants us to help him finish one?
  • Is dad a sucker for food, and wants us to have fun in the kitchen together?

These questions would really help us think of how we could prepare the perfect Father’s Day for him while still staying indoors. This is our way of giving back, and giving him all the pampering and special treatment full of tender love and care.

Prepare a “Spontaneous” Program

Once you’ve answered the important questions, you can now prepare and organize a program for your Father’s Day celebration indoors. If you want to surprise your dad first thing in the morning, you can wake up a little bit earlier than usual to decorate the dining area, and cook a sumptuous breakfast

Aside from that, you can prepare a short video compilation of your favorite moments and pictures, as well as say a few words of gratitude. You can also have a spoof of the iconic dad jokes and laugh-out-loud moments while having family lunch or dinner. Dads would definitely love your unique and personalized ideas for him this Father’s Day.

Craft a Heartwarming Gift

Complete your Father’s Day surprise by crafting a heartwarming gift. May it be a personalized Father’s Day card or DIY arts and crafts, Pops would surely love it because it is made with love. Our gifts need not be expensive for it to be appreciated. We can make the most of our materials, and prepare the best-est gift ever in the comfort of our own homes.

Father’s Day Activities Indoors

Fret no more! We have listed 25 activities you can do indoors—may it be in your family room, dining room, kitchen, or backyard. What matters most is that your dad will have an additional memory worth keeping with his favorite people in the world.

Beer Tasting

Spoil dad with a variety of handcrafted beer this Father’s Day. Even though you guys choose to stay at home, it doesn’t mean that dad couldn’t enjoy drinking his favorite beer at his favorite pub. A great way to do this is to order local beers in advance, and have it delivered to your home. Let’s give Pops the best beer in town!

Wine Tasting

Make it a wine-and-cheese night for the wine connoisseur dads out there! Prepare his favorite wine and some sides, like cheese, grapes, berries, etc. You may transform the dining room into an Instagrammable grazing table to partner it with the wine tasting. Isn’t that lovely? We think so!

Have a Dessert Taste Test

Satisfy your Pops’ sweet tooth cravings by pulling off a dessert taste test after a sumptuous lunch or dinner. Prepare different plates of his all-time favorite desserts, and put on a blindfold for an added twist. Let him guess what the dessert is, and a brief background of why he loves this certain dessert.

Fishing by the Pool

It would be really fun if we bring the lake or pond indoors! If your dad is fond of fishing by the lake or pond, you can improvise and be creative by filling up your bathtub or pool with water and toy fish. Don’t forget your fishing rods, too!

Bring the Beach Indoors!

Why not transform your backyard into a mini-beach resort? Be as tropical and summery as you can! This activity perfectly goes well with a picnic by the garden or some grill time for dinner.

Picnic by the Backyard or Balcony

Change your usual lunch or dinner setup, and pack a picnic to enjoy in your backyard or balcony! It is indeed a breath of fresh air, as well as a change of view for this special day. Prepare your dad’s favorite food, and grab some games, too!

Father’s Day Grill Time

Have a literal outdoor dinner by grilling your dinner in your backyard or garden. You can help dad grill burgers, kebabs, and steaks. Or if the family is into famous Korean grilled dishes, you can have a Korean dining experience by grilling various meats with delish side dishes, like potatoes, kimchi, and the likes.

Family Game Night

Unleash dad’s competitive side by hosting a family game night. Grab your all-time favorite board games, such as Monopoly, Jenga, Uno, and the likes. If dad and the whole fam are up for some trivia and educational games, you may organize a family trivia night, too, that’s all about dads!

Family Movie Night

Lay back and relax by having a movie marathon with the whole family. An easy way to decide on which movies to binge would be to check out dad’s must-watch list on Netflix, and stream it together this Father’s Day. You may also look for dad-themed movies or you could also opt for your dad’s favorite childhood movies. Don’t forget your popcorn and sodas!

Camp Living Room

If the fam missed the annual hike or outdoor camp this year, don’t worry ‘cause you can still prepare a mini-camp in your living room! Set-up an indoor fort or tent, and camp in the living room all night while sharing some good old stories, watching a movie, and playing some camp-themed games.

5-Star Dining

If you’re short on the budget to give your dad an authentic five-star restaurant dining experience, why not recreate the ambience at home instead? You can prepare an all-star breakfast for him or help mom prepare a sumptuous lunch or dinner for the king. Transform the dining room into a five-star restaurant with the menu for the day. The thought of preparing his meals is surely heartwarming.

Virtual Get-Together

If you have a family of your own, living quite far away from your dad, or simply unable to celebrate together with the family this Father’s Day, a wonderful way to bridge this gap is by hosting a virtual get-together. Thanks to technology, communication with our loved ones is way easier than ever. 

Invite your family members in a video call, and catch up as if you guys are physically together. For sure, dad will appreciate this spontaneous virtual get-together.

Hit the Arcade – Home Edition

If your dad is a video game geek, this is the perfect pamper and quality time for him this Father’s Day. It’s as if you guys brought the arcade to your home! Grab your game consoles, and let the king choose what game to play and enjoy.

Host a Family Theater Show

Prepare a mini-theater tribute to the pillar of the family. Have the kids prepare a skit, and design the living room into a makeshift theater stage. The show may be a skit of iconic dad jokes or a reenactment of unique moments you had with your dad. This activity is meant to let the fam laugh out loud, all throughout the day or night.

Play Sports

Spend some quality time with Pops by playing his favorite sport or trying out a new one. It can be done in your backyard or in front of your house. Indeed, you’re spending quality time with him while being active and fit.

Go Green with Gardening

This is a perfect Father’s Day celebration indoors if your Pops is a nature lover and green warrior. Help him out in restoring or beautifying your garden and home, filled with greens and succulents to make it look homier and more relaxing. 

It’s a breath of fresh air from his daily routine and, at the same time, helps Mother Earth recover and heal. 

Build and Fly a Kite

Another fun activity to do this Father’s Day is spending as much time under the sun by flying a kite with your dad! I’m sure it’s one of his childhood memories in his neighborhood back then. You may buy a ready-made kite or you can make it your own, and add some personal touches.

Play Mini-Golf

Transform your backyard or garden into a golf course where the family can play mini-golf for the day! Divide the fam into pairs, and make sure to shoot the golf balls in their respective targets.

Father’s Pamper Day Indoors

Give your dad the pamper day he deserves by booking a home service massage or, better yet, massage him yourself! Even though you’re not good at giving a massage, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Go Online Shopping

If you cannot bring dad to the mall, and buy him what he wants, why not spoil him instead by shopping online? There are a lot of online shopping platforms nowadays, and you can just scroll, and add what dad likes into your virtual cart, to be delivered right at your doorstep. Isn’t that convenient?

D-I-Y with D-A-D

Spend some quality time with your dad by crafting things together. It’s the perfect activity if your dad is into DIY works and tinkers. Also, helping him out gives you a chance to learn a new skill! It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Organize a Family Workout Sesh

If your Pops exercise often, why not join him and prepare a family workout session? It’s more fun and meaningful to sweat and get pumped together while keeping yourselves healthy and fit. One way to engage everyone is to download a fitness app or search for exercise videos everyone can follow.

Watch Dad’s Favorite Sports Game

If you guys can’t go and watch your dad’s favorite sports game live, you can watch and stream it at home! To truly immerse into the game experience, prepare some prop banners, wear jerseys or caps, make some munchy snacks, and ready your voices, as you cheer your hearts out as if you’re watching it onsite!

Travel Back in Time

Have a storytelling session with the fam, and reminisce good old memories that are very special to your dad. It may be a fond childhood memory, how your dad looks up to your granddad, how his youth looked like, and many more. 

You can also host a family quiz night with the theme “Who Knows Dad More,” and let your dad be the judge or spectator of this program.

Give Dad His Most-Deserved ‘Me’ Time

Never forget to include in your list your dad’s most-deserved alone time. Yeah, he wants to celebrate the whole day with everyone, but let’s give him a few hours of personal space for him to relax and unwind. Maybe he has his own checklist on how he wanted to spend his annual special day as a dad, right? 

Let’s Celebrate DAD!

As we celebrate how grateful and proud we are to have our dads in our lives, let’s always remember to show our love, affection, and care for him every single day. It’s always great to try our best to reciprocate his selfless and unconditional love. 

With this, always remember to D.A.D—Do Anything for Dad. 

Whether you’re celebrating indoors or away from home, we wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, pops, papas, granddads, and even to our single moms who also serve as dads out there!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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