Fun Christmas Family Feud Questions to Play During the Holidays!

Family Feud is one of the oldest game shows. It has become a popular household game to play at parties, family gatherings, and other events. The classic TV game show is the perfect game to introduce during the holiday season, as well! Whether you choose to play family vs. family (husband vs wife), kids vs. adults, or boys vs. girls, you can enjoy time together with a holiday-themed game.

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The Feud is on! Christmas Family Feud

Familial bond, teamwork, learning from one another’s mistakes, and listening are a few of the many characteristics a great family shares. Whether you want to strengthen this bond, rebuild a lost connection, or simply enjoy some time together with the kids and grandparents, Christmas party games are the perfect way to bring everyone together!

Families need to have close bonds and ties, which are representative of their beliefs. As kids get older and start building relationships outside of home, this becomes more difficult to do. During the holiday season–when family is most important–a game, like Family Feud, is the perfect way to bring everyone together, ground everyone in the same environment, and rekindle relationships.

If you’re looking for a fun way to bring everyone together this year, Christmas Family Feud is the way! You can come up with countless questions to incorporate into the game, make it friendly for kids and adults, and spark a friendly rivalry that would continue to grow as more members join the family (in-laws, pets, kids, grandkids, etc.) over the years. So this year, start a new tradition, which would only grow as time passes, with Christmas Family Game Nights.

How to Play Christmas Family Feud

Okay, if you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of Family Feud, here are the rules and supplies you’re going to need to play the game with your family this year.

The Setup

First off, you’ll need an impartial family member to host and oversee the game. The host would have a series of questions to be asked to the game participants. 

Next, there should be two teams to face-off against each other. There are several ways you can set up the teams for the holiday season; you could make it into boys vs. girls, kids vs. adults, spouse vs. spouse, or even parents vs. grandparents! You could think of a lot more creative ways to group everyone up, of course.

The Gameplay

Once you have all the teams set up, the host calls a player from each team up to the podium and asks the question. The player can buzz in mid-question or wait until the host finishes asking. Depending on which team buzzes in first, the host will then ask for their answer.

If the player gets the highest ranked response on the list, their team can choose whether to maintain control or pass the category to their rival. But, if the player who buzzes in first doesn’t get the highest-ranked answer, the competitor gets a chance to steal. The team that gets the higher ranking response on the list gets to choose whether they answer the remaining responses or pass to the other team.

The host will go down the row of family members and ask for their response. Each individual has five seconds to answer, and the team gets up to three incorrect answers. 

If the team that won control doesn’t get all the answers on the board, the other team has the right to steal the category. While waiting to steal, they can discuss answers with one another to come up with the best response.

Upon the third strike of the team in control, the host will then go to the other team, repeat the question, and the team leader gives the group’s collective answer.

The Questions

We all know the famous phrasing, “100 people were surveyed, the top 6 answers are on the board.” Each question has up to 8 possible answers. The number of answers depends on the question and the answers for the people surveyed.

The points are based on the percentage of people who gave that response when being surveyed.

The Points

Throughout the game, points are collected, and a team needs a total of 300 points to win. 

You can set your own rules in terms of points, time, scoring, etc. based on the family size and number of rounds you plan on playing. And, instead of playing for money (like in the TV show), you’ll play for bragging rights and fun toys or prizes for the kids.

What You’ll Need

To play the game, you’re going to need:

  • A mock podium (you can use anything, even a table or chair)
  • A buzzer or bell placed on top of the podium
  • Dry-erase board to write the top answers for each category
  • Marker or strips of paper to cover the answers 
  • A timer or stopwatch to keep track of response times

To make it more official and grand, you can also get microphones and other fun supplies, if you want to go all out. But, for the most part, you can just use household objects to play the game!

Family Feud Questions for Christmas

So, we’ve got the rules covered, you know who the teams are, and you have your game board, podium, and playing tables set up for both teams. But, what about the questions? 

It’s Christmas time, so we need some Christmas trivia questions to ask.

Here are a few sample Christmas questions for Family Feud:

Name a gift kids don’t want to open on Christmas morning.

Underwear31 Sweater/Scarf6
Hygeine Products12

Name one of Santa’s reindeer.


Name someone who was at the first Christmas.

Jesus35Wise Men6

Name a drink that might be served at a Christmas party.

Eggnog26Soft Drinks10
Hot Cocoa21Punch6
Apple Cider14
Adult Beverages13

Name a state someone might travel to for Christmas vacation.

New York23Illinois4

Name a Christmas Eve tradition for families.

Opening one present35Putting cookies out for Santa6
Dinner at Grandma’s20Looking at Christmas lights4
Going to church11Watching Christmas movies3
Reading the Bible story7

Name a gift that’s difficult to wrap.

Basketball34A Bike6
Stuffed Animals14
A Pet7

Name something that’s on every mom’s Christmas wishlist.

Babysitting24Family Portrait6
Spa Day15Jewelry5
Gift Card8

Name a place that’s open on Christmas Day.

Walmart/Grocery store23Movie Theater 8
Gas Station20Airport5
Mcdonald’s/Fast Food19Hospital3
Waffle House/Denny’s12Hotel2

Name a dish people enjoy during Christmas dinner.

Turkey19Cranberry Sauce7
Yams/Sweet Potatoes14Green Bean Casserole5

Name an item you’d need to dress up as Santa Clause.

Santa Hat40Red Pants/Belt5
Big Belly9Black Boots2
Red Coat8

Name a classic kid’s Christmas movie.

“Home Alone”23“A Christmas Story”8
“Elf”22“Frosty the Snowman”6
“The Grinch”14“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”5
“Charlie Brown Christmas”9
“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”21“Joy to the World”8
“Jingle Bells”18“Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town”7
“Frosty the Snowman”15“Holly Jolly Christmas7
“Deck the Halls”10“Silent Night”5

Name something people might start doing on Decemeber 1st.

Listening to Christmas music29Sending Christmas cards7
Christmas shopping23Baking Christmas cookies4
Decorating the Christmas Tree16
Putting up Christmas lights12

Name a dessert people eat a lot of at Christmastime.

Pie12Candy/Candy Canes4

And, the list goes on (and on)! These are just a few great Christmas Family Feud questions to add to the mix for each team that’s ready to face off against one another.

Kid-Friendly Feud

Christmas Family Feud is the perfect game to introduce, even with young children in the family. It’s kid-friendly and gets the creative juices flowing. It’s also a game that focuses on thinking, as opposed to sitting in front of a TV set, playing video games.

Kid-Specific Categories

What’s so great about Family Feud is that it’s a game for . . . the family! 

Even if there are young kids in the household, you can keep it rated G or PG, if necessary. You can even throw in kid-specific categories, based on the age groups of contestants. Some fun categories (holiday-themed, of course) are:

  • Holiday songs & movies
  • Christmas activities
  • Wintertime activities
  • Gift ideas

The options are truly endless! And, you can incorporate categories for kids, adults, and older generations to ensure everyone is having fun when playing the Feud.

Let the Kids Choose the Themes

It’s also a good idea to allow the kids to choose the themes if you want to ensure they’re vested in the game. How much effort are they going to put into it if you’re doing 80’s music, Disco bands, or top ten actors from the 50’s? 

Let them get involved. Not only will it make the game more enjoyable for kids, but they’d also put more effort into playing, which would make it more entertaining for everyone!

Add Fun Prizes for the Winners

Another great way to ensure Family Feud is fun for the kids is to have prizes and awards. For example, Amazon gift cards, stocking stuffers, gold chocolate coins (or other holiday-themed candies), or allowing the kids to control the TV remote for a week are a few great ideas.

When you put game incentives for everyone, and make the kids feel as if their responses and excitement matter, they’re going to work harder, try harder, and get into the holiday spirit!

Who’s Ready to Play the Feud?

Are you ready for Christmas? It’s only a few weeks away! Christmas is the perfect time to bond together as a family. Not only are games a fun way to ramp up friendly Christmas competition and get the competitive juices going, but it’s also a perfect way to bring everyone–regardless of age–together during this time of year.

It’s difficult to bring the in-laws together every month for a family reunion. And, it’s even tougher to get the kids home from college, grandparents in from out of state, and relatives living on the other side of the country together for other occasions. However, Christmas is the best time to do just that! 

And, if you can incorporate a few competitive, holiday-themed games into the mix, a few prizes, and activities that bring everyone together, there’s not much more you can ask for as the year comes to a close!

Whether it’s the only time of year you get together as a family or it’s a holiday tradition to play Christmas-themed games together, Christmas Family Feud is the perfect addition to your arsenal of games to bring out this year. The kids will love it, grandparents will remember the classic game from the 70’s, parents will love seeing their kids get along, and it’s a fun way to strike up a friendly rival if there are in-laws in the family who are always claiming to be the better or more intelligent bunch in the group. 

Get your buzzers out, set up the platform, have your resident host ready, and let the feud begin!

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