Halloween Family Feud-Style Questions: A Spooktacular Party Game!

This year, before the trick-or-treating begins and the ghost stories unfold, why not gather the clan for a game of Halloween Family Feud? With questions that tickle the funny bone rather than send chills down the spine, it’s a wonderful way to engage all ages and spark some lighthearted competition.

If you’re plan on hosting a Halloween party for your classroom, office, or just family and friends, then you’re going to need some great Halloween party games! And there’s no other party game quite like Family Feud!

New Printable Halloween Friendly Feud Game

Fresh from the crypt of the Gathered Again Etsy shop comes Halloween Friendly Feud! It’s packed with 30 quirky, silly, and uniquely Halloween-inspired questions that promise hours of entertainment and chuckles. Be it a Halloween party, a pre-trick-or-treat warm-up, or simply a spirited family game night in October, this game is the perfect addition.

Using the Halloween Family Feud couldn’t be simpler. One download and a quick print later, and you’re set for an evening of family-friendly entertainment! Grab your printable game, gather the monsters—err, family—and get ready for a frighteningly fun time!

How to Play Halloween Friendly Feud

If you’re a newcomer to the Friendly Feud series, buckle up for an enchanting journey. The gameplay mimics the much-loved game show, but with questions that are delightfully Halloween-centric.

Begin by splitting into two teams, which one person acting as the host of your game. Your hose will read out a question, like “If a witch lost her broom, what might she use to get around?” Players race to chime in with their guess. If your answer is on the board, you earn points and decide whether to play or pass.

As you navigate through topics from costumes to candy, the game is sure to bring out the playful spirit in everyone. Whichever team collects the most points by the end becomes the supreme Halloween champions!

What You’ll Need to Get Started

To set the stage for this otherworldly game night, ensure you have:

  • The Right Ambiance: Think dim lights, candle-lit pumpkins, and eerie background music.
  • Printable Question Cards: Your ticket to the game. Simply print these from our Etsy shop and you’re ready.
  • Buzzers: For that dramatic game-show effect.
  • Timer: To keep the adrenaline pumping.
  • Scorecard or Whiteboard: Essential for keeping track of which team is inching closer to being the Halloween maestros.

The Face-Off

Kick things off with a face-off round. The first player from each team goes head-to-head, trying to guess the top answers. If they get it right, their team can choose to tackle the remaining answers or hand the challenge to the other team. But be warned: three wrong guesses, and the opposing team can swoop in to steal the points!

The Points

Each round features one question with up to eight answers, each worth a certain amount of points. While your team is correctly guessing the survey answers, they’re collecting points. But as we stated before, these points can be stolen by the other team if you get three wrong guesses. These total points are only awarded to the winning team at the end.

Each game of Halloween Friendly Feud typically is comprised of four rounds, but you can choose to include more rounds if desired. The team with the most points collected at the end of the final round is declared the winner!

The Bonus Round

The winning team now has the opportunity to compete in the bonus round! This is their chance to win an extra special prize. In the game-show, it’s usually a large cash prize, but who could resist a basket full of spooky treats?

Only two players from the winning team may compete in the bonus round. They will take turns playing, while the other is whisked away to a different area, where they cannot hear their teammate’s answers. The first player is given twenty seconds to answer five questions. Their answers and the points awarded are revealed at the end of the twenty seconds.

Then it’s time for the second player’s turn. They are given twenty-five seconds to answer the same five questions. However, they must give five new answers to the questions. If the combined number of points earned by the players is over 200 points, the team wins the special prize.

Halloween Friendly Feud Questions & Answers

Here are a sample of ten Halloween Friendly Feud Questions along with the survey answers.

Name a career children dress up as for Halloween.

Police Officer31Pilot4
Construction Worker8Farmer2

Name something pumpkin-flavored you can enjoy on Halloween.

Coffee/Lattes31Ice Cream4

Name a creepy-crawly many people are afraid of.


Name a decoration you might put in your lawn for Halloween.


Give me a word that rhymes with “Boo!”


Name a place in the house kids might think monsters are hiding.

Under the Bed34In the Garage4
In the Closet32Behind the Shower Curtain1
In the Basement16In the Mirror1
In the Attic13

Name a place you might hear a person scream.

Haunted House36Dentist7
Amusement Park25Hospital6
Movie Theater11Concert2
Sporting Event8

Name a piece of sporting equipment you could use to defend yourself during a zombie apocalypse.

Baseball Bat38
Golf Club27
Hockey Stick22
Tennis Racket12
Spider-Man30Captain America8
Batman23Wonder Woman4
Iron Man15Thor3
Superman12The Hulk3

Besides Harry Potter, name a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Ron Weasley31Neville Longbottom5
Hermione Granger27Luna Lovegood2
Draco Malfoy23Cedric Diggory2
Ginny Weasley8

A Hauntingly Good Time

In the end, the real magic of Halloween Friendly Feud is its ability to bring people together, weaving laughter into tales of the mysterious and macabre. While one team might emerge as the victor, everyone will leave with cherished memories and a rekindled Halloween spirit.

So, this Halloween season, as the nights grow darker and tales of phantoms fill the air, let the Halloween Family Feud light up your evenings. In the playful dance of goblins and ghouls, witches and wizards, remember: everyone’s a winner when laughter’s the prize!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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