Fun Family Feud Questions for Kids (and Parents!)

Calling all fun-loving families! Are you ready to inject some laughter and learning into your next gathering? Look no further! In this article, we are going to dive headfirst into the whimsical world of Family Feud – the kid’s edition!

Perfectly tailored for family game nights, birthday blowouts, classroom capers, or campfire kumbayas, our Family Feud questions for kids are guaranteed to turn any event into a rollicking good time. We’ve got a heap of free questions right here for you to use and watch as your children’s faces light up in the thrill of competition, their minds buzzing with answers.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! We also have a super cool, printable Kid-Edition Feud Game, available at our Etsy shop. Just print, play, and let the good times roll. Ready to bring the joy of friendly rivalry into your household? Keep reading and let’s turn up the fun!

How to Play Family Feud at Home

Playing Family Feud at home is an exciting way to stir up friendly competition and laughter among family members or friends.

Setting up the game:

Before you can get started, there are a few things you’ll need:

  1. A host: Someone to ask the questions and manage the game.
  2. Two teams: These can be made up of family members, friends, or a combination of both. The more the merrier!
  3. Questions and answers: You can create these yourself or save yourself the time and pick up a copy of our Kid-Edition Feud Game with 30 questions and answers!
  4. Paper and pen: To keep score.
  5. Buzzers: For the face-offs. If you don’t have physical buzzers, don’t worry about it! There are several apps you can download on your phone that work great for this!

Playing the game:

Now, let’s dive into the gameplay:

Step 1: One player from each team stand facing each other with a buzzer at the ready. The host reads the first question to the players. The player who responds first with the top answer (or the higher ranked answer if the top isn’t given) gets control of the game, and their team gets the chance to reveal the remaining answers on the board.

Step 2: The controlling team’s members take turns guessing the remaining answers. If they guess correctly, they score points corresponding to the popularity of the answer. But beware! Three incorrect guesses (strikes) pass control to the other team.

Step 3: The other team then has one chance to guess any remaining answer. If they’re correct, they steal all the points for this question. If they’re incorrect, the first team gets the points.

Step 4: The host then reveals any remaining answers on the board. The game then moves to the next question, starting with another face-off.

Step 5: The game continues until one team reaches a predetermined point total (usually 300), or until a set number of rounds have been played.

The Bonus Round:

The Bonus Round, also known as Fast Money, is an exhilarating part of Family Feud and plays out as follows: Two players are chosen from the winning team. The first player is asked five questions in a row and has a set time limit (usually 20 seconds) to answer them. Their answers are then recorded and scored based on how many survey respondents gave the same answers.

The second player is then brought in, asked the same questions, and given a slightly longer time limit (usually 25 seconds). They must give different answers from the first player. If the combined score of both players reaches 200 points, the team wins the Bonus Round and usually a bigger prize!

Kids Family Feud Questions & Answers

Survey says, the kiddos are going to have a blast with these Family Feud questions for kids! We’ve included a list of free questions for immediate play, so you can jump straight into action! And for those of you wanting a ready-to-go package, don’t miss our printable Kid-Edition Family Feud Game available on our Etsy shop.

Let’s get ready to rumble in the great world of friendly family feuding – where laughter is guaranteed, learning is fun, and every question is an adventure!

Name a toy from “Toy Story”

Woody34Mr. Potato Head5
Buzz Lightyear30Rex4
Jessie10Bo Peep4
Slinky Dog7Hamm3

Name a type of bear.


Name a state that starts with the letter “M”.


Name something you wear at the beach.


Name an insect with wings.


Name a 3-letter word that rhymes with “bug”.


Name a character on Sesame Street.

Big Bird30Oscar the Grouch5
Cookie Monster17The Count2
Bert & Ernie14

Name something you put on top of an ice cream sundae.

Whipped Cream22Chopped Nuts5
Hot Fudge17

Name a place you have to be quiet.

Movie Theater10

NEW! Printable Kid-Edition Feud Game

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