Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts and Crafts

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If there’s one kind of gift Mom loves to receive, it’s homemade Mother’s Day gifts! Not only do homemade Mother’s Day gifts melt her heart, but they’re more thoughtful than buying something from the store as you take time out of your day to make something special for her!

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

With so many ideas out there, sometimes it can be hard to come up with something good! Personally, my favorite way to go about homemade gifts is to pull out my crafting supplies and odds n’ ends box and see what I can make with what I have on hand.

Here is a list of homemade Mother’s Day gifts that Mom is sure to love! You may end up needing to purchase some supplies to get started, so early planning is key!

  • Baked treats: Why not start with the tastiest gift idea? Bake Mom up one of her favorite sweets, like brownies or cupcakes and surprise her with them after dinner, if they last that long!
  • Sand art: Purchase various glass bottles with corks and different colors of sand. Using a funnel, the child can add sands of different colors, layering them as they please. Once full, use a chopstick or skinny wooden dowel to push the sand down in spots creating fun designs, apply a layer of hot glue on top of the sand to hold well in place and cork it up!
  • Sharpie marker mug: This is absolutely one of my favorite DIY gift ideas for Mom, especially when Mom is a coffee lover! Use Sharpie markers in any colors  you want (Tip: Use oil-based Sharpies for better results) and draw/write on a plain white mug, available at almost any dollar store. The final product is a super cute, custom mug Mom will love for years and years!
  • Stepping stone: Using a pie pan, fill with quick-drying cement. Next, the kids can add whatever they want to decorate, including their hand print! Glass stones, marbles, scrabble letters, and beads are all popular choices.
  • Macaroni necklace: Mom will always cherish jewelry made by her kids, you know, those really young ones you won’t want playing with Sharpies or cement! For this craft, paint some macaroni or stringable pasta different colors, dipping some in glitter if the kids want. let dry, then string them onto a necklace!
  • Handmade card: Like the paper crafts? Well get some colorful cardstock, stickers, glitter, and whatever else your heart desires to make Mom a beautiful handmade Mother’s Day card.
  • Clay art: Kids love to play with Play-Doh so why not pick up some air-dry clay and see what they can come up with for their mama! Don’t forget to use a toothpick to inscribe their initials and year in an inconspicuous spot on their crafts!
  • “Stained glass” candle holder: Mod Podge. If you don’t have any, pick some up along with clear, glass candle holders. Cut shapes out of different colors of tissue paper and affix it to the glass candle holders with the Mod Podge. This works great for anything glass, but moms love candles!
  • Painted vase: Acrylic paints are an easy way to paint anything, and if you are giving mom flowers, why not present them with a nice vase painted by the kids? After the paint dries, use an appropriate sealing spray to preserve the paint job.
  • “Why I Love Mom” hanging scroll: On long sheets of paper, such as legal-sized paper, have the kids color pretty pictures and write a message on their own about what they love about mom! Using two wooden dowels, one for the top, and one for the bottom, glue the paper around the dowels and tie a string to the top dowel for easy hanging.
  • Painted flower pot: Since Mother’s Day is in spring, this is very season and occasion-appropriate! Paint a flower pot, and don’t forget to buy a blooming flower plant form the nursery and plant it to give it to mom!
  • A really fun way to go about this with the kids is to show them pictures of these types of crafts and let them decide individually what they want to make for their mom. Who knows? They might already have something in mind, so try to foster their creative side!

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