10 Good Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

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Mother’s Day is coming up and although mother’s never really expect material things from their kids or loved ones, this day is one exception to the rule! Every mom should feel appreciated on a day that celebrates her, and she never asks for a lot.

Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts

If you are in search of some good and cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas, then you found the right place! Your mom isn’t going to care how much you spent on her gift, but just the simple fact that you thought of her will bring a smile to her face. Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas under $25 for those of you on a tight budget!

  • SuperMom Mug: Mom will certainly get a kick out of this fun and colorful mug which reads “I’m a mom. What’s your superpower?” Not only will she love the cheerful design, but you know it will get used because how does a mom do her job without coffee?
  • Copper Bird Feeder: May is such a beautiful time to get outdoors, so give her something to watch while she is relaxing, such as this beautiful bird feeder!
  • Leopard Floral Oven Mitt and Pot Holder: Is Mom the Queen of the Kitchen? The Sultana of Spatulas? The Duchess of Deliciousness? Then bestow upon her, this royally adorable oven mitt and pot holder set!
  • Butterfly Mother Suncatcher: This is a very unique and sweet suncatcher gift for mom! It features a butterfly with flowers pressed between its wings and a dangly charm that simply says “mom.”
  • Infusion Water Bottle: If your mom is a health nut, she will certainly appreciate a gift like this! Infused water is healthy and delicious!
  • Willow Tree “Quietly” Figurine: Growing in popularity, you cannot go wrong with Willow Tree! This one is perfect for Mother’s Day, and shows a mother embracing her two children.
  • “48 Reasons I Love You” Ferrero Rocher: Because she is a mom, she loves chocolate; it’s a proven fact! Surprise her with this gift box of 48 Ferrero Rocher, and as an added cute factor, write a note and attach it each one, giving a reason why you love her. These chocolates might not last long, but the loving thoughts will!
  • Estee Lauder Cosmetic Bag: If you’re mom is a girly girl, then there are two things she definitely loves; cosmetics, and cute bags to put them in! This super cute Lilly Pulitzer designer cosmetic bag is the perfect place for Mom to stash her essentials. Make it even more special by filling it with her favorites for her!
  • Gourmet Flower Kit: Edible flowers? Who knew?! Now you can have your flowers and eat them too! Mom might just enjoy the colors that this will bring into her life. Finish the gift off with a cute, hand-painted clay pot by her favorite artist; You!
  • Music Jewelry Box: This precious jewelry box is made of wood and has a special message on top “Mom your love means the world to me.” If that isn’t sweet enough, it plays the tear-jerking song “Wind Beneath My Wings.”
  • You don’t have to spend a ton of money, especially if you really don’t have it, and you would never be expected to. Your mother will love you unconditionally. One thing’s for sure though, if nothing else, be sure to get her a very thoughtful card on her special day, and even cook her some breakfast!

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