Mother’s Day Activities to Do With Mom

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What does mom love more than receiving gifts from her kids? Spending time with them! Be sure to make time for your mom to really get some quality time in with her this upcoming Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Activities

Mother’s Day is one of those days that should most certainly be spent with your mother, and if you are looking for some good Mother’s Day activities, I’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of Mother’s Day activities to get you and mom to spend some time together!

  • Picnic in the park: Pack up that gingham blanket and a basket full of food and head out for a nice day out at the park! Sunshine does wonders for peoples’ moods and Mother’s Day is definitely a good day to be out (weather-permitting, of course)!
  • Beach day: Take mom to the beach for the day and get some sand between those toes and sun in your hair! Look for some seashells to put in a vase so she can have a little souvenir to remember the day by!
  • Spa day: Either put the kids to work on hand and foot massages or take mom out to a spa for a massage and facial. Moms are under a lot of stress all. the. time. What better way to de-stress? It’s just one day out of the year, after all!
  • Take a hike: Getting out in nature and hitting some hiking trails at a state park is always a fun time with family! Pack a nice lunch for when you guys find a nice resting place and don’t forget the camera!
  • Mother’s Day freebies: Many places around the country offer free stuff for moms on Mother’s Day, so get online and do some research on what local places offer, map it out and make a day out of it! The most money you’ll spend is on gas!
  • Ice cream: Mother’s Day is in the warmer time of year, so take mom out for some ice cream to beat that heat, even if only just for a half hour! This is a good activity to do with mom in conjunction with other outdoor activities.
  • Bowling: Who doesn’t love a good game of bowling once in a while? A lot of bowling allies actually offer a free game to moms on Mother’s Day, so it can be fun and cheap!
  • Fancy night: Let Mom get all dolled up for once and take her out for a fancy dinner and a show. Just make sure you’re on your best behavior so she has a stress-free evening with her family!
  • Girl’s day out: Looking for some good mother-daughter time with your mom? Take her out to do girl things, like getting a makeover, a mani-pedi, or even out for a drink or two as long as you are of age.
  • Museum: Museums are all around, and chances are there’s some that mom hasn’t been to yet! Look for a really big one within an hour away and take a trip over to see it! Be sure to choose one that will be of interest to mom, whether it’s art, history, or science!
  • Memory lane: Moms love to relive good memories, so if you are nearby where you grew up, or even where mom grew up, take her around town and talk about good times! If you take her to her old town, be sure to let her guide you on where she wants to go and listen to all of the memories that spill out!
  • You know your mom and what she likes and dislikes, so use your best judgement when planning any activities for her. Try not to tell her about your plans, though, because moms love surprises from their kids!

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