10 Sweet Easter Bible Stories for Kids

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Easter Sunday is one of the most important days for Christians. It is a day full of festivities and joy. The day signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and the defeat of all evil. During Easter Sunday, we can see the churches filled with flowers to symbolize new life. The priests wear their brightest robes, and the church is filled with lights and candles. 

This day is celebrated in different ways. For kids, they are given baskets filled with candies. People wear new clothes, and go to church. Parents paint Easter eggs, and hide them to be found by kids. Greeting cards are also exchanged as part of the celebration. 

Easter Sunday often symbolizes rebirth and a new life, and the end of fasting for the Christians. Jesus’ death and resurrection symbolizes His love for His people. By sacrificing His life, He is paying the full penalty of our sins. With His resurrection, He defeated the power of sin and death, and gave eternal life to those who believe in Him.  

The suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ can be difficult to explain to little children. How do you tell them that Jesus loved His people so much, He was willing to sacrifice His life so others don’t have to suffer at all? Here’s where reading Easter Bible stories for kids comes in. Read to them Easter Bible stories, so that your kids can understand better the story of Easter.

What to Look For When Buying

Choosing an Easter Bible story for kids will help them understand the celebration and meaning of the holiday. The stories would be age-appropriate for them, and would help you leave out the sensitive details. Before buying an Easter book for children, this buying guide shall help you choose an Easter book. 

When choosing a good Easter Bible story book for your kids, we have listed below key points you should consider. 


The content of the story helps the children imagine and understand the meaning of Easter. Since our brain isn’t wired to store direct information, we learn best when we experience it. 

Stories are a way for us to almost experience the scene. Hence, when a story has a clear, concise, and factual content, children can imagine and experience the story. They would be able to get the deeper meaning of the celebration of Easter, and learn from it. 

Design and Graphics

Children love colorful books with pictures! At this age, it is easier for them to comprehend the story when there are pictures involved. Since children have short attention spans, colorful graphics would help them follow the story and be attentive. You can also come up with other details by simply pointing at the photos. 

Picture books stimulate their minds, and encourage them to create their own stories. They react well with things they can easily recognize. This would also allow them to create their storyline, and come up with new ideas. 

Age Suitability

Finding an Easter Bible story book suitable for your kid’s age is a must because they have different interests during different stages of development. Finding an age-appropriate book for them is like matchmaking because you have to find a good match for their age, interests, and skills. 

What to Avoid

While there are some stories you should consider, there are others you should avoid. Below are key points you should avoid when buying a children’s book. 

Stories that May Cause Confusion

There are books that may cause confusion on a child, such as inaccurate Bible stories. These stories aren’t factual, and may cause misinformation to your child. Also, stories with both fictional and non-fictional characters will add confusion to the conciseness of the story. Hence, it is better to buy a book that is clear and concise than full of errors. 

Books Focusing on Death

Death and bereavement are difficult topics to discuss with children. It is a challenge for parents to discuss picture books with death in it. There is often a revulsion or question of “aren’t they too young for that?” when books about death are read to children. It will also be too heavy for a child to take, and often they may feel scared. 

Books Showing Violence

When choosing books for children, it is best not to choose books that depict violence. They may imitate the action or it may give them an idea to do the same. Despite the Easter story being of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection, there are stories that do not openly show His suffering, but are explained in a friendly- and age-appropriate manner.

Easter Bible Stories Kids Will Love

If you’re still stuck on what to pick for your child, we made the job easier for you. Below is a list of good Easter Bible stories you can buy for your kids.

The Story of Easter

Easter is one of the most important holidays celebrated by Christians. With this Easter book, children can learn the true meaning of the holiday. This book by Jean Miller tells the Biblical account of Jesus’ final days on earth, his death, and resurrection. The book is filled with vivid and colorful illustrations of Jesus’ Last Supper, the cross, and the angel in the empty tomb. This book is truly perfect for children from two to five years old. 

The story about Jesus’ crucifixion was told in a simple way, that won’t be scary for children. There are also explanations on the various Easter traditions at the end of the book. Furthermore, it talks about unique ways in which Easter is celebrated in various countries.

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Why Easter

This book is based on the bestselling video series “What’s in the Bible?”. The book Why Easter is a fun and quirky story book, depicting two brothers discussing their favorite things during Easter. They come to realize that Easter is more than just fun and games, but it’s a day to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus and the conquest from evil. 

The book is suitable for children up to three years old, and with only 24 pages for children to easily understand.

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The Very First Easter

The Very First Easter is a complete storybook for children, depicting the last days of Jesus and His resurrection. If you want a complete, informative, and colorful storybook for your kids, this is the perfect book for you. 

The book has more details than The Beginner’s Bible book since it focuses more on Easter. The stories are good for children of three to four years old. 

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The Easter Storybook: 40 Bible Stories Showing Who Jesus Is

The Easter Storybook invites readers to fully understand the story of Jesus. It starts with His time in the temple as a boy until His resurrection. Unlike other Easter story books, this one depicts the life of Jesus, telling the story in a way the reader can fully understand His life, His works, and His sacrifice. 

There is a photo or illustration for each story in the book. It elegantly tells the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in a thought-provoking and understable way. It incorporates the scripture, questions, and short narratives based on the Bible.

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The Story of Easter

The Story of Easter is a board book, telling the story of Jesus’ life as close to the facts as possible, but in an age-appropriate way. It’s perfect for children aged five and below.

Also, it tells the true meaning of Easter in an understandable and fun way. The rhyming texts makes it easier for a child to memorize the story. It has a carry-me handle, which children can bring to school or the park. The book also has colorful and adorable illustrations and texts, which make reading comprehensible and fun. 

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The Easter Story

This children’s book does not shy away from the original scripture, but is still age-appropriate. If you want a book that accurately depicts the scripture, but still maintains its friendly and light tone, then this book is for you and your kids. 

It has scenes that are not included in other children’s books, such as the washing of the feet, praying in the garden, and Jesus’ appearance to His disciples after the resurrection. The texts are also short in each page, and summarizes the story in a way that is understable for children from three to seven years old. The book touches on some stories, such as how Jesus chose His disciples, and the miracles He did.

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Easter Love Letters from God: Bible Stories

For each story in Easter Love Letters from God contains letters from God. It guides the reader through the Holy week, with seven Bible stories. Each story contains a letter at the end, for your children to read. Each letter would pique the curiosity of the child to know what happened after Jesus’ resurrection, and the meaning of Easter. 

It’s perfect for children from four to eight years old, and to their parents who will be reading to them. The letters make it more personal, and makes God more real in the eyes and hearts of the children. The way Jesus’ love and humility is told in the stories can be deeply felt by the readers. 

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The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross

This beautifully illustrated book tells the whole story of the Bible—from the creation of the Garden of Eden to Jesus’ suffering and resurrection. The book explains to children that because of our sin from the Garden of Eden, we couldn’t enter God’s kingdom. But, through Jesus’ sacrifice for us, our sins were washed clean, and those who believe in Him can enter a more beautiful garden than the one first depicted. 

The book is perfect for children aged four to eight years old. It summarizes the whole Gospel, and clearly illustrates the truth that sin separates us from God. But through Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection, we are redeemed from our sins. It also bridges the Old Testament and the New Testament.

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The Story of Easter

This simple book is perfect for toddlers. With colorful and vibrant illustrations, it tells the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem until His resurrection. The story doesn’t stop with the Bible story, but it relates to modern day, so kids can understand the connection of it in real life.

The book is perfect for kids who are two to five years old, and can be read in a small or big group during Easter. The storyline is also simple, which makes it fun and understandable for kids.  

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Holy Week: An Emotions Primer (Baby Believer)

This unique board book makes use of colorful artwork to understand Jesus’ final week. Children would love the unique artworks, and learn about different emotions, such as joy, anger, sadness, fear, and many more. Through this book, children would understand that emotions are created by God, and that it is good to feel different kinds of emotions.

Perfect for infants and toddlers, this book has beautiful illustrations and shows diversity as Jesus isn’t portrayed as a white man. The story begins with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem until his resurrection. Lastly, it explores the emotions of the readers, which makes it more real. 

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The different Easter Bible stories for kids that you pick will help your child understand the true meaning of Easter. This holiday is more than just Easter bunnies and candies; it is a day of joy and new life. Through the Easter Bible stories, your kids would be able to picture, experience, and comprehend the sacrifice and love of God. 

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