25 Thanksgiving Crafts for Sunday School

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration and gratitude for all the blessings we’ve received in the previous year. It’s a great idea to instill the holiday’s value and essence through Thanksgiving crafts for Sunday School. 

Aside from livening up your traditional routine, this also helps make the kids reflect on why Thanksgiving matters. If you’re looking for some cool ideas in time for this special day, we’ve compiled a full list of 25 Thanksgiving crafts to try out for Sunday school.

Project-making activities allow children to reflect on the true essence and purpose of the holiday. For this article, we’ve put together a list of two different types—Thanksgiving crafts and Themed DIYs. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Sunday School Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving crafts are projects, which allow children to contemplate on what they’re grateful for. This helps them realize that they are blessed with gifts they shouldn’t be taking for granted, and make them understand the relevance of the occasion.

Gratitude Pumpkin 

Want to help children think about what they’re grateful for in the simplest way possible? Start off by making these easy-peasy Gratitude Pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Using basic fill-in-the-blank sentences, kids can create their own 3D pumpkins, which represent the blessings they’re thankful for. 

Whether it’s the love of their mom, the strength of their dad, or even a piece of candy they received from a friend, this activity helps open their eyes to appreciate the beauty in their lives.

Thankful Pie

Thanksgiving celebrations with the family are almost always centered around showing appreciation for one another and, of course, the food. Pumpkin pie is another Thanksgiving staple that never fails to put a smile on our faces, especially after enjoying a full and hearty meal. 

Since this dessert is reminiscent of the traditional gathering, incorporate it into this DIY Thankful Pie. Neat idea, right? Add this onto your list of Thanksgiving crafts, and the kids will learn about what truly matters in life.

Thanksgiving Cross

This holiday has always been in appreciation of the fruitful harvests God gave us throughout the year. Help the kids discover the value of their faith by having them create their own Thanksgiving cross for the occasion. 

Other than contemplating on what they’re blessed with, this project also helps reaffirm that it is through their faith that they would be saved.

Tree of Thanks

They say trees bring us great value in our lives. It’s by these strong and beautiful plants that we are blessed by the Lord on Earth. 

In commemoration of the trees placed on this planet, have the kids make their own Tree of Thanks as a sign of gratitude for the blessings they have. Not only are there fun leaf shapes to cut and fill out, you can even hang it on a wall or on the door to look at and appreciate. 

Thankful Turkey

You can say that the most awaited part during Thanksgiving dinners is the turkey. This scrumptious bird has become a big hit since 1863, when it was first brought to the table.

Since the turkey is a widely-recognized symbol of Thanksgiving, using it crafts would make a lot of sense. While this project may be a reiteration of all that the kids are grateful for in their lives, it works to serve as a cute, little standing reminder of all the things to never take for granted.

Thanksgiving Book

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to say what you’re grateful for. At times, we also have to supply the answer to the question, “Why?” 

If the kids in your class are older and able to understand, have them work on this project. Since this activity requires them to fill the pages, they will have to get creative when coming up with their answers. At the same time, this also gives them more time to reflect on the blessings they’ve received as they go over each page. 

Our Thankful Tree

Similar to the previous project, this Thankful Tree is a good activity to introduce in celebration of Thanksgiving. Instead of having the kids individually take on the DIY, creating a giant tree for the whole class to use is another way around it. 

Have each children write down what they’re most grateful for on a leaf, and stick to the cardboard tree. You can even ask them to keep adding to it whenever they encounter something worth being thankful for. In doing so, kids will learn to look for the good things in life while spreading positivity to their friends and classmates. 

Give Thanks Scripture Cards

The Bible always teaches us to give praise for our blessings, and be happy with the Lord’s will. Since Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to celebrate all these circumstances, incorporate the Word of God through these scripture cards. 

While this project doesn’t require input from the kids, it helps serve as a reminder of all the passages on humility and contentment. It also instills knowledge and wisdom in how we should all lead our lives, teaching children about finding true happiness. 

My Thankful Jar

Sometimes, simple Sunday school Thanksgiving crafts are enough to touch the kids’ hearts, and make them realize what’s important. In this case, My Thankful Jar is a perfect activity the kids can bring home. Have them fill up the jar with what they’re thankful for, and discuss later on. 

Whether they write once a day or whenever they feel like it, a little activity like this will definitely help the kids understand the essence of Thanksgiving. This also teaches them a lesson on blessings and how we should always cherish them.

Thank You Lord Pumpkin

Instead of simply writing it down, don’t you think drawing what they’re thankful for is a more fun and creative activity for the kids? Let their artistic side flourish with this craft as they think about the gifts they’ve received throughout the years, . 

Have the children fill up the pumpkin with drawings of the blessings they received and appreciate. After everyone’s finished, have them participate in an interactive show, where everyone can showcase and share backstories of their drawings. At the end of the day, this project will teach kids that there are a lot of things to be grateful for, despite different circumstances. 

Grateful Paper Bag Turkey Puppets

Ever wondered what it would be like to host a presentation, which highlights the essence of the season? Well, if this is what you’re aiming for, perhaps you want to try out these Grateful Paper Bag Turkey Puppets. 

Instead of having them go in front of the class one by one, have them design their own puppets. After they’ve decorated each of the bags as they please, have each “turkey” recite what they’re grateful for and why. Since they’ll have to speak their answers out loud, this can help kids vocalize their gratitude. This also encourages kindness and positive reinforcement not only to their classmates, but to everyone around them. 

I am Thankful For… Window Crafts

There’s always more than one way to show your gratitude in time for Thanksgiving. If you want to let the kids’ imagination and creativity take over, these Window Crafts will do the job. 

Similar to the Gratitude Pumpkins featured earlier, this will come with a bit of more effort to put together. However, as this interactive DIY calls out to the children’s artistic abilities, this will also allow them to reflect on what truly matters to them, and what makes each of those gifts and blessings special.

Thanksgiving Wreath

According to the Bible, wreaths are representative of an everlasting life with God, who knows no beginning or end. It symbolizes that our Creator has been there from the beginning of time, and will not disappear or abandon us. With that said, Thanksgiving is also a great time to reflect on this concept. More importantly, you can even use it in your next DIY project with the kids. 

To showcase their gratitude for the blessings they’ve received, have the kids create their own wreaths, which represent their view of the holiday. Once finished, give them a Bible passage or have them find one that resonates with their understanding of Thanksgiving. Either way, this project will teach the kids about gratitude and how blessed we all are in this lifetime. 

Sunday School Thanksgiving-Themed Crafts

On the other hand, Themed DIYs are made for the purpose of fun and enjoyment of the holiday. These are more lighthearted crafts, which anyone can enjoy making together with friends and fellow classmates.

Turkey Hat

Turkeys, as we’ve mentioned, are symbolic of the Thanksgiving spirit.

Before the holiday comes, have the kids make this project. They can wear this either in class or as a headdress for the actual event. Its colorful nature definitely helps liven up the mood, while the silly-looking limbs and face can make anybody smile anytime.

Turkey Plate

Painting can be a lot of fun, especially when there are no limits, and you can do as you please. This is a great project perfectly suited for beginners, who aren’t familiar with the proper strokes and techniques but are interested in experiencing the fun of the hobby. 

This DIY only requires sponges and a couple shades of red, yellow, and orange paint. With that, it’s incredibly doable even for young kids, who want to partake on a themed project for Thanksgiving.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie

After every Thanksgiving dinner is a sweet and savory pumpkin pie, which fills our hearts and tummies. If you and the kids are huge fans of this iconic dessert, why not do this project in celebration? 

While this may not be educational or awe-inspiring in any type of way, it’s still nice to put your energy towards an artistic outlet where you can explore the bounds of your creativity. Whether you create the ultimate pumpkin pie with your favorite toppings, or adorn one with dressings that are out of this world, the options are definitely limitless while still in line with Thanksgiving.

Bubblewrap Turkey

Whoever said you can’t multipurpose ordinary packaging items was probably unaware of this Bubblewrap Turkey project for Thanksgiving. With this DIY, even non-art enthusiasts can rest easy. 

Using basic tools, such as a lint roller, some bubble wrap, and some rusty shades of paint, the kids can create their own versions of this sophisticated animal. Not only does this help in developing creativity, it also helps to serve as a little silly decor on your wall or window. 

Pinecone Turkeys

You know autumn has arrived when leaves are falling and the air smells earthy and crisp. Aside from these typical telltale signs, there’s also the abundance of pine cones in wreaths, garlands, and table setups among other decorations. Since Thanksgiving takes place during the fall season, consider utilizing these famous nuts for this Pinecone Turkey project with the kids. 

With this activity, children can get creative with the different colors of feathers they can utilize for the turkey’s tail. Because this project doesn’t take a lot of work, your students can focus on having fun, while basking in the essence of what makes Thanksgiving special.

Turkey Leaf Light

Fall nights are always cool and cozy. Whether it’s the chilly breeze or the airy atmosphere, the season is known for slowly making its way into winter and, of course, sweater weather. Introduce this adorable Turkey Leaf Light to warm up one of the kids’ favorite spots at home.

Since this DIY mainly consists of household items and leaves, you shouldn’t have any problem having the kids take on this cute and quirky Thanksgiving craft. Other than serving as a simple light the kids can place on their nightstands, it can also be placed on the dining table to help set the tone for Thanksgiving dinner.  

Falling Leaves Jar

Anyone who has seen the beauty of autumn, must have probably thought of bottling it all in a jar to keep at their desk by the window. Well, if snow globes were made for the winter time, who said we couldn’t do the same for fall? 

With this Thanksgiving craft, indulge yourselves in the essence of the season, and have the liberty to place it on your desk as decoration. Use accessible materials, such as cute leaf embellishments, glitters, a jar, and some glycerin to recreate the mesmerizing outdoor setting. The entire project can be done in just one afternoon, so the kids can take them home to share and enjoy.

Turkey Finger Puppets

Want to incorporate a little playtime into your Sunday School schedule? If you’re looking for an easy and whimsical activity, have the kids participate in making their own Turkey Finger Puppets. This DIY’s charm comes from the turkey’s rounded body and the kids’ fingers, which double as the puppet’s feet. 

Once they all finish making their own finger puppets, you can either give the kids play time or have them come up with a short presentation using the crafts they just made. 

Giving them this little project to take on doesn’t only help encourage the spirit of Thanksgiving, but also helps boost friendship, camaraderie, and appreciation for one another.

Hand & Foot Painted Turkey

It’s fun to get messy sometimes, especially when it’s justified for the sake of art. Doing so not only acts as a destressor, but it also helps to improve your mood and well-being. Since this alone has a lot of benefits, take the opportunity to put it to good use with this Thanksgiving craft. 

The main materials you’ll be needing only consist of paint and paper, along with other embellishments to complete the turkey’s face. As they’re making their own version, give the kids freedom, and let their imagination soar as they use their bare hands and feet to come up with this project. 

At the end of the day, you can choose to hang up their artworks on the wall, or have them take it home as a remembrance of the fun they had. Whatever you choose, you can rest easy, knowing you gave everyone a blast with this little project for Thanksgiving.

Reese’s Pieces Turkey Bags

Everything in life can be made sweeter with a bag of chocolate. Regardless of what form or shape it comes in, receiving a bag of treats can make anyone’s day. So, in celebration of Thanksgiving and the blessings that have been given to us in the past year, why don’t you start a project that’s meant to be given to someone else for a change? It can be the kids’ parents, sibling, relative, or even their own classmate. 

After they each gifted their Turkey Bags, ask them how the whole experience of making something to give someone felt and how it’s changed their perspective for the better. Overall, partaking in this project will not only give the kids a fun activity to work on, but it will also teach them a lesson on how great it feels to spread the love with others.

Watercolor Turkey

Watercolor paint fans, rejoice! It’s now your time to shine with this Watercolor Turkey Project for Thanksgiving. Using plain coffee filters, have the kids design it from scratch, and paint the animal’s tail however they like. 

Whether they use the turkey’s natural colors, a rainbow, or their own mixture of colors, the options are endless. There are absolutely no limitations, meaning the kids’ imagination can run wild. Not only does this project’s carefree nature help boost their creativity, it also reminds them of the essence of Thanksgiving celebration.

Turkey Corner Bookmark

Reading is a lot of fun on its own, but what if we told you there was a way to make it even more exciting? In light of the true Thanksgiving spirit, why don’t you try out these fun Turkey Corner Bookmarks with the kids? These adorable bookmarks are small and dainty, but also incredibly easy to make. You can either put them together using a bunch of printables, or cut them out from scratch for a bit of an added challenge. Either way, they can help you and the kids get into the spirit of the holiday, while encouraging you to pick up a book and read. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, am I right?


Needless to say, Thanksgiving is an important occasion, which allows us to give praise for all that has been graciously given to us. Teaching this to kids in the form of Thanksgiving crafts during Sunday school will definitely help them realize where their priorities should lie, as well as give them some lessons on how grateful we should feel for all that we have and receive.

So, for your next Sunday School activity, consider assigning one of these Thanksgiving crafts to the kids, and see where it leads you. Have them reflect on their feelings afterwards, and see if they have developed a renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation. 

No matter what you choose, we’re sure that these these Sunday school Thanksgiving crafts, together with your proper guidance and support, will help the kids become good stewards of God and this world.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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