Spooky Stories for Your Halloween Left Right Game!

As the days grow shorter and a crisp chill winds through the air, it’s clear that the season of spirits and spooks is upon us. That also means it’s time to start planning the best Halloween party your guests have ever been to!

Besides spooky movie marathons and funny costume contests, there’s one new tradition to start this year! Enter the Halloween Left Right Game – a perfect blend of suspense and surprise, destined to become an instant favorite. Dive into this article as we carve out the details of a Halloween bash that’ll be talked about for moons to come and unveil the captivating charm of the Left Right game.

Ready to cast a new spell on your Halloween festivities? This Halloween Left Right Game will surely be a hit with everyone at your spooky celebration! Join us, if you dare, and discover a fresh Halloween Party Game to enchant guests of all ages.

How to Play the Halloween Left Right Game

The Left Right Gift Passing Game is a delightful activity that combines storytelling with the thrilling exchange of gifts. With a spooky Halloween twist, it promises heaps of fun and suspense as guests eagerly pass gifts around, unsure of which they’ll end up with by the story’s end. Here’s how to play:

  1. Choose a Spooky Story: First things first, select or write a Halloween-themed story. Make sure it frequently uses the words “left” and “right”. This narrative is the backbone of your game and sets the pace for the passing of gifts.
  2. Gather the Gifts: Ask each guest to bring a wrapped gift suitable for a general audience or you can provide a selection yourself. Place the gifts in a central pile where everyone can reach. You can also provide the gifts yourself if preferred.
  3. Form a Circle: Have all your guests sit in a circle, ensuring each of them has easy access to the pile of gifts.
  4. Distribute the Gifts: Each player selects a gift from the central pile, but they shouldn’t open it yet! The mystery of what’s inside adds to the suspense.
  5. Begin the Tale: Start reading your chosen Halloween story aloud. Every time the word “left” is mentioned, participants pass their gift to the person on their left. Similarly, when “right” is read, gifts are passed to the right.
  6. End of the Story: Once the story is finished, the gift each player is holding is theirs to keep. It’s then that everyone can unwrap their presents and discover the surprises inside.

The Left Right Gift Passing Game is not only fun but also encourages interaction and laughter. As gifts are hastily passed left and right, expect a mix of suspense and hilarity to fill the room. The end of the story always culminates in delightful surprises and often, unexpected treasures in the form of the final gift in one’s hands. Perfect for Halloween, this game is sure to become an eagerly anticipated tradition at your parties!

Printable Halloween Left Right Stories

We’ve written three family-friendly Halloween stories, perfect for a Halloween party with your family and friends, in the classroom with your students, or at the office with coworkers.

Each one of our stories is completely free here on Gathered Again, but if you’d like to support our site, we welcome you to pick up a convenient, printable copy from our Etsy shop. They’re available for download immediately after purchase and include a page of easy-to-follow instructions.

We truly appreciate each one of our customers and are honored to have our games included in your special celebrations!

“The Most Haunted House” Left Right Story

It was October, which meant there wasn’t much time LEFT before the annual Most-Haunted House competition in the community of LEFT-Lake Valley. LEFT-Lake Valley was known for having some scary houses, but none ever compared to Mr. WRIGHT’s Fright-house. That was, until this year…

LEFT-Lake Valley began their annual Most-Haunted House competition 10 years ago, and Mr. WRIGHT, a now-retired high school teacher, had sought and won the title each year. Every year since, he added something new to his haunted Halloween display. This year, it was a large ghostly animatronic that would soar overhead between the two large oak trees on the LEFT and RIGHT sides of his front yard.

But things changed when the house RIGHT across the street from Mr. WRIGHT was purchased by a man who was excited to join Fall festivities!

The new homeowner, Mr. Benjamin LEFTen, was a quirky inventor who loved all things Halloween. He had moved to LEFT-Lake Valley from a distant town, bringing with him his enthusiasm for spooky decorations and a creative mind that was always buzzing with ideas.

As the days LEFT until Halloween ticked away, the two neighbors couldn’t help but notice each other’s preparations. Mr. WRIGHT had his usual eerie setup with cobwebs, creepy crawlies, and fog machines filling his yard. Meanwhile, Mr. LEFTen’s house began undergoing a fascinating transformation as he worked tirelessly to create his own haunted masterpiece.

On Halloween Eve, the rivalry between the two houses reached its peak. Families from LEFT-Lake Valley gathered on the sidewalks, eager to witness the spectacular show of fright that awaited them. Mr. WRIGHT’s Fright-house had always been the highlight of the event, but this year, there was a buzz of excitement about what Mr. LEFTen had in store.

As darkness engulfed the neighborhood, Mr. WRIGHT activated his newest addition – the ghost animatronic that soared LEFT and RIGHT between the oak trees, eliciting gasps and cheers from the crowd. The children of LEFT-Lake Valley screamed and laughed at the sight of the flying phantom above them.

However, when it was Mr. LEFTen’s turn to showcase his creation, he unveiled something truly extraordinary. His house came to life with an enchanting blend of spooky and whimsical. Giant jack-o’-lanterns lined the LEFT and RIGHT sides of the yard, and out of them emerged animated dancing skeletons that moved with synchronized precision.

On the LEFT side of his house, a collection of friendly ghosts floated in the air, playfully weaving around visitors and making them giggle. On the RIGHT side, an oversized witch’s cauldron bubbled wildly, casting a cloud of iridescent bubbles into the sky.

The spectators were in awe of Mr. LEFTen’s creativity and the heartwarming atmosphere he had created. As the whimsical music filled the air, families were torn between Mr. WRIGHT’s spooky scare tactics and Mr. LEFTen’s fun and magical display.

The judges faced a tough decision. LEFT with a difficult choice, they deliberated as the two neighbors exchanged playful glances, respecting each other’s unique talents and creativity.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the judges announced their decision. Both houses had earned the RIGHT to be called the Most-Haunted House in a unanimous vote! The crowd erupted into cheers and applause, acknowledging the efforts of both Mr. WRIGHT and Mr. LEFTen.

With newfound friendship, the two neighbors decided the RIGHT thing to do was to join forces the following year, combining their ideas and skills to create a collaborative Halloween experience that embraced both fright and fun.

And so, LEFT-Lake Valley’s Most-Haunted House competition evolved into a spooky community celebration, and the rivalry between Mr. WRIGHT and Mr. LEFTen turned into a legendary friendship. Each year, they continued to surprise and delight the neighborhood with their imaginative displays, proving that sometimes, the best Halloween experiences come from embracing the LEFT and RIGHT of creativity and the joy of working together.

“The Boo Crew” Left Right Story

There once were three little ghosts named Misty, Jasper, and Boomer. Every Halloween night, the tricky trio, who called themselves “The Boo Crew”, set out to play silly pranks on the town’s trick-or-treaters. From secretly taking candy RIGHT out of their bags and buckets, to constantly tapping on their LEFT and RIGHT shoulders before vanishing out of sight. 

RIGHT before it started getting dark, Jasper had an extra mischievous idea.

“Instead of playing the same old tricks on trick-or-treaters, let’s pretend to be trick-or-treaters and collect all the candy!” Jasper said.

“Oh, and we can make it a competition! Whoever collects the most candy wins!” replied Boomer.

“That’s a great idea!” agreed Misty.

The Boo Crew donned their ghostly garments and LEFT for the first neighborhood of the night. It would be the first time they’d be RIGHT out in the open. It was more than exciting, the idea of being RIGHT there among the other trick-or-treaters was down RIGHT thrilling!

They started at the first house on the RIGHT. They had never rang a doorbell before, but luckily some children ran RIGHT past them and rang it for them.

“Trick-or-treat!” the children yelled to Mr. WRIGHT as he opened his door. He happily handed out candy to all the children, as well as to Misty, Jasper, and Boomer, who were waiting RIGHT behind them.

As the children LEFT and ran off to the next house, the three ghosts felt relieved. No one realized they were actually ghosts! And now, the competition was officially in full swing!

The three ghosts LEFT, each taking a separate route. Misty went LEFT down the street, Jasper headed RIGHT, and Boomer turned RIGHT around and headed to a different street. They agreed to meet RIGHT back in front of Mr. WRIGHT’s house in one hour!

House by house, the Boo Crew collected their candy. With each house they LEFT, Misty, Jasper, and Boomer felt more comfortable around their human trick-or-treating counterparts. In fact, the children were very nice, much to the surprise of the three little ghosts. At one house, a little girl even put candy RIGHT in Misty’s bucket before collecting any for herself.

With no time LEFT in the competition, the three ghosts gathered back at Mr. WRIGHT’s house to compare their candy. As they counted the candies, they talked about their trick-or-treating adventures, and how nice the children had been. This gave Misty an idea.

“We can’t eat candy, RIGHT? So let’s give it away to the trick-or-treaters! The first to empty their bucket wins!”

“You’re on!” Jasper and Boomer replied.

So The Boo Crew raced around the neighborhood, sharing all their candy with the children. It was even more fun than playing tricks on them! Finally, when there was no candy LEFT, the ghosts decided their trick-or-treating adventure was over and called it a night.

Every Halloween after, the Boo Crew enjoyed trick-or-treating with the children rather than playing tricks on them. 

The end

“Trick or Treasure” Left Right Story

Mike and Johnny were RIGHT to be excited! Halloween was RIGHT around the corner and the two best friends went trick-or-treating together every year! And this year was going to be extra fun, because their town was planning its first ever “Halloween Treasure Hunt!”

All participants would begin RIGHT in the center of town at 6 o’clock. Each would be given the first of a series of riddles that would lead them RIGHT to the treasure, a $200 prize and chest full of candy!

“With $200, we’d have the RIGHT amount for 2 new bikes, with some LEFT over!” Mike said to Johnny. “We have to win that prize!”

Mike and Johnny decided if they were going to be hunting for treasure, they should be dressed RIGHT. They got dressed in their new costumes, a pair of swashbuckling pirates! They were RIGHT about to leave, when Mike’s mom said, “Make sure you take your little sister!” Mike rolled his eyes, as his little sister, Maggie bounced RIGHT out of her room in her Tinker Bell costume.

The new trio LEFT the house and headed for Town Center. They arrived RIGHT at 6 o’clock for the first clue.

“Through haunted halls of spooky tales,
Of witches brewing and dragon’s scales,
Page by page, from LEFT to RIGHT,
This quiet place holds your next clue tonight.”

All the groups of children huddled together, trying to figure out the riddle.

“Oh, I know RIGHT where to go! The Library!” whispered Johnny. The boys quietly LEFT and raced to the library, with Maggie trying her best to keep up.

One by one, Mike and Johnny solved the riddles as fast as they could and raced to the next clue. Finally there was only one clue LEFT.

“The day has LEFT, darkness fills the sky.
Time for ghosts to play and swing and fly,
One riddle LEFT to find your treasure,
This spooky game has been a pleasure!”

Mike and Johnny stood there silently. The riddle had LEFT the two boys completely perplexed.

“Got any ideas, Mike?” Johnny asked.

“Not really,” replied Mike.

The boys began reading over the riddle again, when a little voice spoke up.

“I know the RIGHT place to go!” said Maggie. “It’s the playground! It said that ghosts are playing and swinging, RIGHT?”

“RIGHT!” shouted the boys. “Great job Maggie!”

They raced RIGHT to the park, hoping they’d be first to arrive. When they got there, they saw the park was lit up by a Halloween festival! They headed towards the playground and found the treasure hunt’s coordinators waiting alongside parents and other community members. To the LEFT, sat a pirate’s treasure chest.

“Congratulations! You are the first to arrive, so the prize money and candy chest to my LEFT is yours to share!” the coordinator told the three children.

Mike, Johnny, and Maggie were thrilled! After enjoying some candy from their treasure chest, they LEFT for home. The next day, the kids LEFT for the store to pick out their new bikes, but Mike and Johnny made sure to not forget Maggie. They surprised her with a little pink bike that was just the RIGHT size! Then the three children enjoyed a bike ride in the park.

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