Family Reunions: When Should You Have One?

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When is the best time to have a family reunion? It all depends on your family’s preferences, but feel free to use this as a guide to help you decide!

Reunions Throughout the Year

When planning your family reunion, you’ll want to be sure to know about the ups and downs of every season in order to make a good decision for your family. One season might be great for one family but not so much for the next. Read on!



  • Beautiful temperature and scenery outside, great for an outdoor reunion.
  • Schools are out for spring break, allowing time for reunion.
  • Outdoor activities and games.
  • Better rates for travel and lodging due to it being off-season.


  • May be too cool for water activities depending on location.
  • Not all schools have the same spring break time.
  • May have to contend with college spring breakers depending on venue.
  • Higher chance of a rainy day.

This season is ideal for pretty much anyone as long as the dates can line up right with kids in school and the like. Sunny weather offers you any number of outdoor venues to host your reunion at.



  • Summertime livin’s easy! (Okay, it’s from a song, but it’s true!).
  • Everything is open in every state (usually) including attractions and water parks.
  • School’s out for summer! (Okay, another song, but summertime makes you want to sing!)
  • Beach family reunion! Or, anything that involves water.
  • Outdoor activities and games.
  • Fireworks celebration for Independence Day.


  • Very hot outside in most places, not good for those who cannot tolerate heat.
  • Higher chance of thunderstorms.
  • Delayed flights with bad weather.
  • Hurricane season depending on location.
  • Attractions are much busier with children being out of school.

This season is ideal for most people, and is most commonly thought to be the best time to have a family reunion, mainly because the kids are out of school pretty much at the same time, and because there tends to be a preference for the hotter weather for outdoor activities.



  • Beautiful changes in scenery with all of the fall colors.
  • Many farms have fun fall activities.
  • Pleasant temperature; everyone has clothes that are suitable for fall!
  • Possibility for Halloween costume family reunion!
  • Better rates for travel and lodging due to it being off-season.


  • Potential for snow in some states (if you don’t like that).
  • Children may not have a (long enough) break from school during this time.
  • Still hurricane season.
  • Some attractions may be closed or closing during this season.

This season is ideal for people who enjoy the changing colors of Autumn, pumpkin anyways, and attending Harvest festivals. Having a few days off around Thanksgiving also gives you more favorable reunion scheduling for a Thanksgiving reunion dinner.



  • Potential for snow in the north.
  • Winter games and activities such as snowball fights, snowman-building contests, snow angels, snow painting, real snow cones, and so on.
  • New venue opportunities such as ski resorts.
  • Winter sports.
  • Chance to plan a Christmas or New Year’s family reunion.
  • Schools are out for winter break, allowing time for the reunion.


  • It’s really cold! Bundle up.
  • Planning so far ahead, you might not see snow, or might need to travel to see some.
  • Possibility for blizzards.
  • Possibility for delayed or canceled flights due to weather conditions.
  • Dangerous road conditions may necessitate snow tires.

This season is ideal for those who live in the south who wish to experience snow and related activities, or for those who live in a cold state already but too far away to see each other all the time.

Now that you have an ideas of the pros and cons for each season, which one do you think is the best time to have a family reunion?

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