10 Purr-fect Stocking Stuffers for Cats

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With Christmas around the corner, even our four-legged family members deserve a little recognition beneath the Christmas tree or hung up in their stockings. They may not get it the seasons like us humans do, but they will get the treats tucked neatly into their stockings.

But what kind of things should you put in your meowiest paw pal’s stocking? There are so many ideas that sometimes it can even be overwhelming. Don’t worry, though, we have a few tips to consider when buying cat stocking stuffers, but they’ll make things easier!

Pet Toys

There are a variety of different toys you can put in your pet’s stocking. There are squeaky mouse plushies for them to chase, toys that spin and jolt on the floor, and tons of lights, colors, and sounds; the options can be quite overwhelming!

Although things don’t have to be difficult when selecting toys for your pet. Before deciding on what kind of toy your cat needs, go through their old toys, or consider what they may already have among all their other toys.

Also, consider disposing of torn and tattered toys, so they don’t end up choking on loose bits. Replace them with new ones for the holidays.

Make sure you give your pet variety with varying colors and other features that may work well with their personalities.

Cat Treats

There are so many different types of pet treats on the market that you can select from and put into your pet’s stocking. The different kinds of cat Christmas treats you can put in your cat’s stocking are listed below.

Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

These cat treats maintain their texture and fragrance so that your furry friend will love them for a long time to come. Your cat will adore the smell, and the freeze-drying process helps the treat keep its texture.

Freeze-dried cat treats come in different flavors, including lamb, shrimp, tuna, and chicken. They’re very simple and natural; basically meat without any extra ingredients or additives.

Handmade Cat Treats

Some cities have local bakeries for pets, your city might even have some tasty Christmas cat treats for your kitty. These specialty bakeries often hand-make the treats so that they are fresh and often use all organic and natural ingredients.

Moist Cat Treats

If your cat is a fan of wet food, this might be the holiday treat to select for them. Chewy cat treats come in a convenient package, so they are easy to put into stockings.

Grain-Free Cat Treats

Some of the cheaper cat treat brands use a lot of grain fillers in their treats. If you are looking for a higher-quality treat for your cat, then look for brands that exclusively market the packaging as ‘grain-free.’ These types of treats also come in convenient packaging.

Dental Cat Treats

If your cat needs some dental brush-up, this might be the best treat option for them. You won’t have to worry much about flavor since there are so many options on the market unless Mr. Fluffy is just picky.


Last but not least, catnip. Cats love catnip. Your cat probably does too. A treat that has catnip in it will likely make your cat happy this Christmas. Catnip is infamous for giving a little boost to a cat’s behavior. It’ll entertain both your cat and you! Make sure your cat does not consume large amounts of catnip as it can cause them indigestion or cause them to vomit. Finding catnip in a cat treat can ensure that you are giving them the right amount as it is made just for cats.

Pet Grooming

While this gift might seem like it’s for you, it’s crucial to select the right tools! This means getting devices that are gentle on your cat’s coat, which will make it seem more like a spa day than a grooming chore. This might mean splurging a bit more than you might usually, and that’s what makes the gift a gift for your cat. Below are just a few essentials to buying grooming tools for your pet.


Brushing can help remove any excess hair, dirt, and spread oils that collect throughout their coat, leaving them looking healthy and of course, a lot cleaner.

Pet Shampoos

Cats don’t need much bathing as they technically bathe themselves several times each day. With that aside, giving them a good scrub every now and then wouldn’t hurt and would definitely keep them from being too smelly. Finding a gentle organic shampoo to put in their stocking might not such a bad idea.

Nail Clippers

Making sure your cat’s nails don’t get too out-of-hand might actually save your own hand! Cats can be playful, but when their nails get sharp, and they grab you to nibble or play, you might have some regret. It can be a hassle clipping your pet’s nails, but it is absolutely necessary! If you don’t use a groomer, then you should consider getting quality nail clippers to do it yourself. Just make sure you follow the instructions!

Christmas Gifts Your Cats Will Love

Now that you have an idea of what to put in your cat’s stocking, here are some products that might actually be useful for the holidays.

Feather Teaser Wands For Playful Cats

This popular toy is one of a kind and loved by many cat owners and their cats. The feather teaser wand is made from eco-friendly materials, is durable, and consists of non-toxic material for your pets. The package contains 4 feather replacements that fit on the end of the rod. The 4 alternative heads allow it to be used for an extended period before considering replacing or buying a new one. Unlike other wands, if the feathers wear down, all you have to do is buy a feather refill. You don’t have to purchase a wand replacement!

The wand is made to be flexible so that it does not break when your cat bends it out of shape while playing. EcoCity has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is essential if your cat doesn’t like the toy. Just make sure you keep the packaging. Amazon makes returning purchases a cinch!

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Laser Pointers For Crazy Cats

The laser pointer is bound to entertain you and give your cat some exercise. Not only is it shaped like a paw, unlike traditional laser pointers, but it also comes with comfort and convenience with its battery-easy design.

This user-friendly laser pointer has five buttons, but don’t be confused- because all buttons function the same. It works with any of the buttons on the control panel.

Pushing the button once puts on a blinking light, pushing it a second time, makes the light solid, and pushing it a third time turns it off. The two laser modes can make playing with your cat creative and fun while also bringing out the hunter inside your cat.

The last feature of Ruri’s Cat Laser Pointer is its portable size. It allows you to take it on-the-go without hassle. Many laser pointers for cats are smallish, tower-styles which aren’t nearly as compact, and take away the interaction between you and your furry pal. That’s not the case with this laser pointer.

If your cat is crazy about laser pointers, this product is designed just for them.

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Catnip Mice For Every Cat

As stated before, cats love catnip, but they also love mice. Catnip Mice are a perfect combination for your cat’s innate likings for mice and catnip. The catnip mice are three adorable plush mice that are spiked with pure and potent catnip. The toy mice are sized just right so that your cat can bat them around or carry them in its mouth around the house.

The catnip stored inside the mice are produced without any chemicals or pesticides, so it won’t make your cat ill.

Inside the packaging, you will find three 4 inch long mice that are packed with pure and potent catnip for your cat. The products produced by this company are made with certified organic and recycled materials.

Catnip Mice are a perfect stocking stuffer idea for cats because not only is it a toy, it also serves the purpose as a treat with the catnip.

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All Natural Cat Treats For Hungry Cats

If you need a cat treat that offers all-natural ingredients, then Orijen freeze-dried cat treats are the perfect gift for your cat this coming Christmas.

These treats are loaded with protein and are excellent for nourishing your cat. They are the perfect gift to reward them for their outstanding behavior or just give them a little love.

The all-natural ingredients include 100% free-range chicken and turkey, and wild-caught monkfish. Orijen Freeze-dried treats are free of preservatives and kept as close to nature as possible.

Made in the USA, Orijen treats are a great option if you need an all-natural and decadent treat for your cat this Christmas.

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Hairball Control Treats For Cats With Sensitive Tummies

Does your cat suffer from hairballs? Well, an easy way to treat their hairball problem is by giving them a treat that will help control the hair that comes up and out of their mouths.

Feline Greenies Smartbites is a treat that helps minimize the hairballs that form from your cat.

These treats are chicken flavored and made with all-natural ingredients. Greenies Smartbites are packed with minerals, vitamins, and other nutritious ingredients that help keep your cat in shape and their diet balanced.

The treats have less the 2 calories per treat, which makes them a low-calorie and tasty gift for your cat to enjoy.

The texture is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. If your cat likes textures, then they will enjoy this treat for the holidays.

In addition to them getting a treat during the holidays, you will also have less hair to clean up from what used to be a hairball problem.

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Silicone Message Brush For Cats That Love Being Pet

With the material used in the Celemoon cat brush, your cat will enjoy a gentle brushing without having their skin being scratched by the comb. This brush can remove up to 90% of hair the comes from your pet’s bed of hair when the shed. It only takes minutes to remove the excess hair that comes from your pet.

The brush itself is easy to clean with its material. You can just rinse it with water to remove any stuck hairs from the brush after you are done brushing your cat.

The brush is easy to grip with its non-slip hand grip. It is easy to brush your cat with the fit of the grip and is non-resistant to slipping when using it to groom your cat’s fur.

Some guidelines for using the brush are to add some water on the surface before brushing them as it can attract more hair while brushing.

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Pet Grooming Gloves For Fluffy Cats

Another tool to use for your cat’s shedding is the pet grooming gloves. The gloves make it easy to remove any stray or loose pet hairs that stick to your pet and also knots that are embedded in their hair.

The glove has a five-finger design that allows you to groom in-between places or smaller areas such as their face, legs, or tail.

The gloves have rubber tips that make grooming feel like a gentle petting without having to chase them around with a brush or external tool. Your pet won’t be as wary of grooming with these gloves. It also won’t scratch their skin because of the soft material, so they might actually enjoy their time being brushed!

You can use both hands to brush them as there are two gloves included. And like most other products on Amazon, if you don’t like the product, you can get a refund with Amazon’s A-to-Z guarantee!

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Pet Nail Clippers For Cats With Claws

Keeping your pet’s nails intact and in order is a must in pet care. With the pet nail clippers, you can professionally clip any of your pet’s nails, including your cats.

These specific nail clippers are made for smaller breeds such as kittens, cats, rabbits, puppies, and more.

The top quality assurance with this product has a 90 days money-back guarantee, and a 4-year warranty if anything happens at all with the quality. Although, fear not with how these clippers are made because they are quality controlled when they are manufactured. This quality control reassures that no parts will come lost when using them.

When using these paw nail clippers, a tip is to apply baby oil to make the quick of the pet’s nail visible. The

Is the blood vessel in their nail so that when you cut their nails, you don’t cut into the vein in their nail-bed?

One of the main benefits of buying these specific nail clippers or any other Pet Republique product, they will donate 15% of profits to the American Rescue Society. This is a society that rescues abandoned dogs and cats and places in homes where they will be loved just as your animal is.

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Anti-Scratch Cat Tape For Cats That Scratch

Does your cat have a bad habit of clawing the furniture? If they do, the anti-scratch cat tape might deter your cat from your couches and other furniture.

The anti-scratch cat tape is 4-inches wide, which allows it to cover larger areas than other tapes that make it difficult to do so. It also provides enough tape to protect larger pieces of furniture, such as your couches.

This product is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. That means that while you’re protecting your furniture, you’re also protecting your precious furry family member.

The tape itself is transparent and double-sided and also barely noticeable after applying it.

The last feature of the anti-scratch cat tape is that it is compatible with couches, carpets, flooring, windows, and wood. It is not recommended to use on leather as it may damage the surface.

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Pet GPS Tracker For Outdoor Cats

If your pet is naughty, you might have worries of losing them on their adventures and snooping.

You can quickly solve this worry by using a Pet GPS Tracker. You will be easily able to locate your pet within 1-inch with the accuracy of this pet tracking device and RF-based technology.

The Pet GPS tracker is one of the most accurate GPS pet trackers available on the market today.

You won’t have to pay any monthly fees with applications that are used on this device like some GPS services charge. It is just a one time cost and a lifetime of worry-free with having to find your pet if they escape.

This product also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the device or performance.

You can have peace of mind these holidays with the GPS pet tracking device.

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Merry Christmas Kitties!

From Christmas cat treats to catnip mice, cat stocking stuffers come in abundance just as the many other gifts we buy for our loved ones during the holidays.

We hope this guide will help make your Christmas a jolly and merry time for all your family, including those with paws!

Don’t forget your pups! If you’ve got a dog in the family, here are our favorite stocking stuffer ideas for dogs as well!

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