Father’s Day Breakfast Recipes Kids Can Make

Dads are the walls and foundations of our families. They have always taught us to be strong, and face battles head on with resilience and determination. Whenever we find ourselves stuck in a rut with problems at school, work, or with friends, they always come to our rescue. They offer us the best advice, and demonstrate it through practice. Which is why it’s important to show him our appreciation by preparing something special for him with the kids. 

They deserve our care and attention, too, and it’s important we are able to make him feel special. Since the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach, we figured breakfast would be a great way to celebrate.

In this article, we go over some easy Father’s Day Breakfast ideas, so you and your kids can prepare a lovely home-cooked meal for the hero in our lives. 

Preparing a Father’s Day Breakfast for Dad

There are a few ways to go about serving dad his Father’s Day breakfast. Either you serve it on a tray ala breakfast in bed, or you can bring him his favorite cup of brewed coffee along with a menu of assorted options for the meal. 

Whichever method you go for, preparing him breakfast on this special occasion will not only get him off to a good start for the day, but will also make him feel loved and appreciated by the family.

Among other things, here are some tips for how to prepare a Father’s Day Breakfast with the kids.

Cook with Adult Supervision

As much as kids can get excited and will want to do everything on their own, it’s vital to ensure their safety, especially with sharp kitchen tools and equipment that utilize heat and fire around.

Before you start cooking, always make sure you are guided by an adult, so as to make sure you can prepare the meal with no imminent risk for danger.

Plan Ahead

Even if you’re only going to be cooking one meal, it’s important to plan ahead, and figure out what you need to prepare to stay organized. If you have multiple children helping out, it’s important to delegate tasks ahead of time, so they are well-aware of their roles and responsibilities in this Father’s Day breakfast.

Not only will doing so help you prepare the dish in the shortest amount possible, it’ll also keep children engaged, and allow them to do their best with their respective roles.

Child-Proof the Kitchen

Especially if you have little kids helping you out with the cooking, you might want to consider child-proofing the kitchen before the big day. Keep knives and sharp objects out of their reach, and make sure to keep cabinets with toxic substances closed. This way, you can ensure a happy and healthy environment for a clean and kid-friendly cooking.

Breakfast Recipes for Father’s Day

Below are some ideas for fun and easy breakfast recipes that kids can help make for Father’s Day.

Necktie Pancakes

At the top of our list are some necktie pancakes. Pancakes are extremely simple to make, and can be a lot of fun customizing into different shapes. To make it fit the Father’s Day theme, a good way would be to form them into neckties.

To start, you can either purchase a ready-made pancake mix from the store, or make the batter on your own with some flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and butter. From here, it’s all about just cooking them in your desired shape. You can use a mold to place on top of the pan or, if you feel a bit more comfortable, a squeeze bottle to freehand your design. 

Once cooked, top them with some butter, maple syrup, or your Dad’s favorite toppings, and enjoy.


Also called Bullseyes, Eggies in a Basket, or Adam and Eves, this dish is pretty straightforward and can help satisfy your Dad’s hungry stomach on Father’s Day. 

Begin by taking a slice of bread, and cutting the loaf using any shape of cookie cutter the kids think is appropriate. Then, butter the pan, and place it on the stove along with the slice of bread.

While it’s cooking, crack a fresh egg in the center until cooked. You may also flip the egg if your Dad prefers his crispy.

Once it’s finished, you now have a quirky and creative piece of toast your kids put their hearts into! All you need to do now is season it with some salt and pepper, and serve with some chopped up chives for best effect.

“Dad” French Toast

Everybody loves french toast. It’s a really easy yet delicious recipe that’s been passed on from generation to generation, and is always present at Breakfast buffets with the family. Here’s how to customize this timeless classic for Father’s Day.

Begin by taking three pieces of bread, and cooking them on the pan with a batter mixture of eggs, milk, and vanilla. Once done cooking, lay them beside each other on a tray, and prepare some pieces of paper. Cut out the letters D and A, so you can have a template to use for the french toast. After that, place the template on top of the bread, and sprinkle some powdered sugar. Do this for all slices, until all three toasts spell out “Dad.”

The combination of sweetness and richness from the toast and sugar is bound to make your Dad’s heart swell with joy. Just remember to serve with a smile.

Breakfast Burritos

Some Dads have to work on Father’s Day, and it stinks! If that’s the case for your Dad, why not make him a delicious on-the-go treat that can fill his stomach and heart at the same time? Start by preparing a tortilla, and heating it up on the stove or oven. To make the filling, cook up some sausages, eggs, and cheese, or you can mix it up however you like. 

Once you have all the ingredients prepped, simply assemble and roll up with some cute and personalized wrapping paper to fit the occasion. Whether he eats it on the way to work or at the breakfast table, your Dad is bound to remember the love and thought you put into his meal.

Bacon Waffles

The smell of bacon frying when you wake up is always a nice surprise to give you a jolt of good energy in the morning. Since it’s Father’s Day, step it up a notch by adding waffles to this simple yet hearty dish that can make anyone smile with ease.

Start by preparing your waffle mixture, and putting some quality thin-sliced bacon on the stove. Once the bacon becomes crispy, and its smell overflows your kitchen, chop them up into crisps and mix them into the batter. Cook your waffle mixture as you would, and serve with a side of maple syrup and two slices of bacon on the side.

The simplicity of this dish makes it easy for your kids to help with the cooking, while still giving Dad the breakfast of his desires. 

Steak n’ Eggs

Steak is rich, and luxuriously delicious. The tenderness of the meat coupled with its fullness can leave anyone craving for more. However, to make it suited for breakfast time, have you ever considered adding an egg?

That’s right! Among our list of breakfast ideas is a dish called steak n’ eggs, which basically means steak with a side of eggs. You can start by grilling the meat on the pan, along with a few spices and seasonings. 

Once the steak is cooked half-way through, you can now begin to prepare some eggs, cooked sunny side up, to go on the side. Once you have all your ingredients ready, remember to plate nicely before serving. 

Because of the steak, your Dad will realize that you’ve prepared a special meal for him to show your appreciation. This makes this dish another good contender for Father’s Day.

Breakfast Sliders

Who wouldn’t want burgers for breakfast? This Father’s Day, give your Dad a nice morning cheat meal with these delicious breakfast sliders. 

Begin by preparing some buns, and adding in some thinly diced onion and garlic to raw meat patties. You can either use beef or chicken here, depending on which one your Dad prefers. From there, fry them on the pan or grill until the outside forms a crispy golden brown crust. After you’re done cooking the patties, the rest is up to you.

Allow the kids to assemble the sliders with some cheese and veggies. You can also add a toothpick to keep it all together, along with the benefit of giving the presentation added flair.

Morning Tacos

Morning tacos for Father’s Day are similar to Breakfast Burritos, only that they differ in filling and the wrapping used to keep all the ingredients together. 

Start by cooking up some bacon and scrambled eggs in a pan, together with your desired seasonings for the taste you’re after. From here, you have the option to use either a soft taco shell using a tortilla, or a crispy golden brown shell for texture. Put it all together, and serve with a sauce on the side for added depth of flavor. 

Because this one’s really fast and easy to pull off, you can also add a salad on the side with some cut-up fruit or chopped-up nuts for freshness.

Dad-vocado Toast

If your Dad likes to have toast for breakfast, you can step it up a notch by making some Dad-vocado toasts on this day. Making these is as simple as mashing up some avocados, and adding in some fresh lemon juice to the concoction. 

Once you have your mixture, simply spread on top of crispy toast, and add your desired toppings to complete the dish.

Popular toppings we found delicious to include are chili flakes, olive oil, nuts, and other assortment of fruits your Dad may like. Because it can be easily customized, this dish can create multiple versions, perfect for different tastes.

Fried Rice

Fried rice is another one of those breakfast recipes that just never grow old. More importantly, since this recipe is already versatile in nature, you can include any mix-ins your Dad loves, so he could enjoy it more.

Start off by cooking some plain rice in a rice cooker or pot. While the rice cooks, have the kids prepare the additional ingredients you’d like to include in the dish. Once the rice is done cooking, and the mix-ins are half-cooked, fry them all up in a pan, and add your Dad’s favorite spices and sauces to add a bit more body and flavor. Voila! In no time, you are able to easily whip up a hearty meal for Father’s Day that’s bursting with flavor and aroma.

Father’s Day Breakfast Made with Love

Aside from preparing a Father’s Day breakfast filled with love, it would be sweeter if the kids write him a little note. It would be a nice way to show Dad their love and affection.

During his special breakfast you and the kids have prepared, it’s also a great time to give him some Father’s Day gifts (if there are any), share a quote, or tell some dad jokes.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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