5 Family Sports Movies You Loved as a Kid that Your Kids Will Love Now

Do you remember your all-time favorite childhood movies? How many times did you watch it? I bet you memorized—or at least you’re familiar with—its iconic dialogues. Why don’t we take a trip down memory lane, and relive our childhood memories together with our kids? Let’s bring back the nostalgia, and share the magic of these family sports movies that our kiddos would definitely love, too! 

Here are some movies you could binge-watch on your next family movie night. Don’t forget your popcorn and munchy snacks!

Family Sports Movies to Watch with Your Kids

A decade or two ago, movie rental stores were our source of movies if we didn’t make it to the cinemas. Either we’ll purchase a VCD or DVD copy of a certain movie, or rent the copy for several days. Now, things got easier and more digital, as there are a lot of platforms we can use to stream, download, and watch movies for our family movie nights. 

We have handpicked five feel-good family sports movies for you and your kids to binge-watch, and learn a thing or two from them. These movies feature different kinds of sports your kids might want to try after watching the movie. Moreover, the kids, along with the rest of the family, would surely laugh and be entertained.

Despite them being classics, for sure, your kids will appreciate these movies, and pick up some values they may apply in real life.

The Sandlot

Ahoy, baseball fans out there! The Sandlot is a 1993 film that unveils how Scotty, a new kid on the block, learned baseball and met his teammates-turned-buddies. With the tagline, the adventure of a lifetime, the summer of their dreams…and the dog of their nightmares, discover how this Beast became the nightmare they need to deal with on the Sandlot. 

This movie shares various life lessons your kids can relate to today, as this movie transcends beyond the field of baseball. One of its messages is about hope. Just like when Scotty felt like he was losing the game, he was proven that second chances are always bound your way.

Join Scotty and the rest of the gang with their adventures by watching this feel-good movie. Who knows? After watching this movie your kids might want to try ball as their new hobby or sport!

The Mighty Ducks

For those who almost gave up on their dreams, and think that they’re not worth a shot anymore, watch this movie! Gordon was once a dreamer. In his childhood, he was the star player of a champion hockey team, but didn’t make it in winning a shootout. This led to the disapproval of his coach. 

After several years, he became a hotshot lawyer who got arrested for drunk driving. The court sentenced him to coach the worst hockey league for community service. Little did he know, this incident would be his game changer. 

Beyond the humor and entertainment this movie gives us, kids would realize how important it is to take responsibility and accountability for their actions. We may blame several external factors why some things fail, but at the end of it all, it’s best to do something about it and learn from these failures in order to succeed the next time around.

Little Giants

It all started when Kevin O’Shea, who was once a football star, organized and conducted tryouts for the Urbania Cowboys—the state’s representative for the Peewee Football Playoffs. 

Becky, aka the Icebox, was one of the few who got rejected. And the reason she didn’t make the cut? Although she’s good and knows the sport well, she was rejected because she is a girl. Together with the guys who didn’t make the cut, she decided to form her own team. 

The team’s coach is no other than Becky’s dad & Kevin’s younger brother, Danny O’Shea. As each town only needs one representative for the playoffs, Kevin and Danny agreed to have a match to determine the town’s Peewee Football Playoff’s representative. 

Angels in the Outfield

Prayers are indeed powerful. At a very young age, Roger is a foster child, separated from his biological family. His estranged father promised him that if the Angels win the Pennant, they’ll reunite as a family and be together again. With that, Roger’s wish is simple—to have and be with his family, and see the Angels win despite them being the least favorable team to win the game. 

More than baseball, this movie focuses on family. As Roger and George Knox, the Angels team manager, got to know each other, they developed a father-and-son relationship both were yearning for.

By the end of the movie, most of us can relate that, indeed, anything can happen when you believe. More than divine intervention, if you believe that you can do it, complemented with persistence, determination, and drive, you can achieve every goal you have.

The Big Green

Similar to The Mighty Ducks, follow The Big Green’s journey to championship. This soccer team, composed of misfit kids, are determined to be better and master the sport.  

Teacher Anna, the exchange teacher-turned-coach from England, discovered how low these kids’ self-esteem are, and struggled on how to bridge the gap between her and the students. This paved her way to introduce soccer. 

If you want to uplift your kids’ spirits and self-esteem by showing that they, too, can do anything as long as they put their hearts and minds to it, this movie is a must-watch.

Family Sports Movies for All

You may notice a special connection among all these movies—they all show hardships and trials. Thus, your kids will really learn that every journey sometimes takes a detour or a restart. 

You may not reach the finish line successfully at your first try but with dedication, perseverance, and hard work, nothing is impossible. So, if your heart’s heavy because your dream seems to be far-fetched, pause for a moment, and breathe; try to rest for a while and recharge. After which, start all over with a more determined heart. This does not only apply to sports, but also in real life journeys—may it be in academics, work, or dreams.  

These family sports movies truly leave valuable life lessons, such as teamwork, determination, and persistence. These do not only feature youth sports, but also values they can pick up from it, leaving them a huge impact on their views and insights about life, family, friends, and relationships.

May these family sports movies help your kids open their hearts and minds to chase their dreams. At the same time, this would open to more family movie nights to come as a form of family bonding and quality time together.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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