Family Reunion Picnic Games and Activities

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The great outdoors is one of the very best places to have a family reunion, especially if it involves a picnic!

With any picnic family reunion, comes the need for some fun family reunion picnic games.

When you have a family reunion outside, there should be not a single person looking bored or secluding themselves from the rest of the group.

A family reunion is supposed to be a fun time for all, creating funny, sunny memories!

Picnic Games & Activities

Have lots of fun in the sun with these family reunion picnic games!

  • Cornhole: It’s that bean bag toss game with those wooden ramp-looking things that have a hole cut out in it. It’s fun once you know the rules!
  • Ladder ball: If you have ever wondered that that game is that is made out of plastic with three bars in the form of a ladder, where you throw those balls on the string to wrap it on one of the bars, this is ladder ball.
  • Frisbee: Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of frisbee?
  • Boomerang: I’ve never personally been able to make one of these come back to me, but it’s always fun to try!
  • Potato sack race: If you just don’t have access to the burlap sacks, using large pillow cases does the trick!
  • Water balloon fights: It will likely be very hot, throwing water balloons at people is always a fun way to cool down!
  • Squirt guns: Or super-soakers. Whatever your style, lock n’ load!
  • Fly kites: Kites are pretty, and if you will be having your family reunion in a big, open area, flying kites is a great idea for all ages!
  • Volleyball: If you have a net and have a ball, it would be a shame to leave them at home, wouldn’t it?
  • Badminton: Another activity with the volleyball net. Just don’t lose the birdies!
  • Beach ball: Even more fun with a gigantic beach ball, get your teams together and get your game on!
  • Soccer: Have a few athletes in the family? Set a couple of goals between trees or trash cans and start a soccer game!
  • Flag football: Okay, we all know tackle football is a lot of fun, but not everyone will be willing to play with such brutality, so playing flag football will get you some more participants.
  • Tug of war: All you need is a rope (and to be on the stronger team)!
  • Horseshoes: This one is more for the adults, but they need games too! Easy to set up, not so easy to score. Who will win?
  • Ring toss: You can buy this from the store, or make your own. Whichever you choose, the rules are the same!
  • Hula hoops: Know a few sweet hula hoop tricks? Show them off to the family and challenge grandma to give it a go!
  • Jump ropes: Single jumping or double-dutch, jump ropes can be a lot of fun for many!
  • Chalk: Have artists in the family? Set up an area for chalk and other types of street art. You can also make paint out of chalk which makes it more vibrant, but still washable!
  • Styrofoam airplanes: The really, really big ones. Enough said.

So now that you have a bunch ideas for fun family reunion picnic games, you have no reason for your family to be bored because there is something for everyone on this list. Keep everyone active and having a blast!

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