25 Funny Family Reunion Slogans

Ahh.. summertime: The season of family reunions. It’s always seemingly right around the corner!

At your family reunion, how is your flock going to shout to the world that you are all one, big, happy family? By wearing matching t-shirts, of course!

Matching t-shirts, hats, or beverage koozies is a great way to show that you are together, and to always have something to remember the reunion by, but is a bit pointless without family reunion slogans printed on them! Does your family have a silly slogan that suits them? If so, perfect; put it in print! If not, and you need some ideas for family reunion slogans, read on.

Not only is a slogan necessary for family reunion paraphernalia, but it is great to use on the invitations and welcome letters as well!

Slogan Tips

  • If there is children to be attending the reunion, keep it clean because they’ll be using or wearing whatever it is printed on, too!
  • Don’t be afraid to use some humor! This reunion is meant to be a fun time for all.
  • Make sure the slogan is all-inclusive. In other words, make sure it is about everybody and not just your immediate family members!
  • Use indicators of family name, number of generations, year family started, where everyone is from, and so on. This is all about your family, after all!

Sample Slogans

Here is a list of 30 great example family reunion slogans:

  1. Crazy is our maiden name!
  2. Blessed to be related to these crazies!
  3. This is my (insert number for each person) family reunion. (The older the age, the darker the shirt.)
  4. You can’t break this chain!
  5. Making memories, breaking the distance.
  6. Grown up, but not apart!
  7. New leaves, stronger roots!
  8. One reunion, many paths: Psychopaths, sociopaths, and more psychopaths.
  9. From the tree fell the fruit, we are a hoot!
  10. Putting the “fun” in dysfunctional since (insert year for each person)!
  11. Back to our roots!
  12. I’m with (insert family last name).
  13. I am not related to these crazies that I’m related to.
  14. Watch out, here comes the (insert last name) family!
  15. You can’t choose your family!
  16. We are like a Payday candy bar: Just a few nuts sticking together!
  17. Here we go again!
  18. We are the people our mom warned us about.
  19. Eat, drink and be (insert last name)!
  20. Reunion survivor!
  21. It’s a (insert last name) thing!
  22. (Insert last name) family circus!
  23. Who put the Miracle-Gro on the (insert last name) family?!
  24. We’re just getting started!
  25. Buy me a beer, my family is here!

Once you decide on a good family reunion slogan to be printed on shirts and everything, come up with a good logo to go along with it! Make it silly but personal to your family; make it fun!

Family reunions are meant to be a good time, a time to relax, a time for fun and humor, so try to make the slogan a funny one, something that even passersby will remember! After all, you only have a reunion once in a while!

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