Egg Toss Game Play Rules

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The egg toss game is a traditional game played at family reunions, field days, birthday parties, and even on Easter. It’s a good time and can get quite messy, which is all a part of the fun!

It’s likely that you have played this game at some point in our life, and probable that it was in conjunction with other field-type games such as potato sack races and relays. Therefore, you should know just how much fun you can have with something as simple as an egg!

How to Play

The egg toss game is a rather easy and straight-forward game to play. In order to begin, you must have an even number of players as they will be divided into pairs. Each pair of players gets one egg and then the game begins.

Make sure everyone is wearing something they don’t mind getting messy!

  • All teams begin by standing an equal distance apart. One person begins by tossing the egg to the other teammate.
  • If the teammate catches the egg successfully, they both take a step back and the game continues.
  • If the egg is dropped, but not broken, the teammate may pick it up and throw it back and consider themselves lucky to still be in the game! (Some variations set a limit on how many times the egg can be dropped by a team before they are disqualified.)
  • If the egg breaks on the ground or in someone’s hands, the team is now out of the game.
  • The game continues until there is one team left standing.
  • If there happens to be a question on the last two teams as to whose egg broke first, the winning team is determined by whichever team is at the farthest distance apart.

Tips for Playing

Although the egg toss game is meant to be fun and messy, sometimes it’s not always realistic to use raw eggs, and sometimes extra precautions should be taken. Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Young children: who are not yet very coordinated throwers or catchers, a hard shell can hurt! Instead, consider using a small water balloon or a plastic egg with some goodies in it for the younger kids. This way, they can participate without the potential for getting nailed in the face with a real egg!
  • Indoor or strict venues: You may wish to consider replacing the raw egg with a hard boiled egg as they are much easier to clean up! Also, laying something on on the floor can help ease the cleanup process.
  • Championship games: If you plan on making it a huge egg toss affair, then be sure to keep record of the measurements between each winning teammate to determine the overall winner at the end of the game!
  • Outdoor cleanup: After the game is done and the party is over, simply hose down all of the areas with splatted eggs to avoid having a nasty stench emanating from the area in a couple of days. We all know that the smell of rotten eggs is less than pleasant!

Now that you have all of the knowledge you need to plan the game, it’s time to get ready for tossing some eggs!

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