Valentine’s Day Feud Questions and Answers!

It is Valentine’s Day – a time of romance and celebration! But why not add an extra element of fun with a family-friendly game of Valentine’s Day Feud? Whether you are gathering with just your closest family members, at an office Valentine’s Day party, or at a church event, these questions are sure to spark laughter and joy.

From funny observations on love to silly questions about the color red, these Valentine’s Day Family Feud-style questions will bring everyone together in a shared experience that is unique and delightful. With a special touch of humor and tenderness, these questions will make the day a memorable one for all who play.

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Find out how to play Valentine’s Feud

Family Feud will give you a real thrill! It’s all about quick-fire responses. Not only does it put your knowledge to the test, but it also pits two groups of people against each other in a race to guess the most popular answers.

It’s a real mind game, as teams must guess which responses are most popular based on the results of a survey taken before they began playing.

Points can be won for every correct answer, so even when one team is ahead, you never know who will come out on top till the end. Here is what you need to play Valentine’s Feud.

The Setup

Select someone who is not playing the game to be the family host and quizmaster. They’ll call the shots by asking all players questions.

Two teams are ready to battle! Split them up however you like – boys versus girls, kids against adults, spouses challenging spouses, or just pick randomly. Or go old-school and choose captains to draft their squads. Get creative and make sure everybody has a team!

The Gameplay

The host calls a player from each team and reads out the question. Whoever buzzes in first gets to answer – whether they jump in before the host is done asking or wait until they are done talking.

Get it right, and the category’s yours! Buzz in first to answer, but get it wrong, and your opponent can steal. Win and choose if you want to take on more answers or pass to the opposing team.

One by one, the host will give each family members a chance to provide their answer for what they believe the survey respondents said. They only get five seconds to reply, and they’ve got three wrong guesses max!

If they don’t guess all of the survey responses, the other team can steal! While waiting to grab, they can talk and think together to come up with answers.

When the team in control gets three wrong, the host moves on and gives the other team a chance. Their leader then answers with the team’s agreed-upon response.

The Questions

Every question can have as many as 8 possible answers, depending on the details of the questions, and what people responding to the survey select.

The number of people who gave a particular response in surveys determines the points earned.

The Points

The game is won after 300 points are collected. Points add up over the course of play, so your team needs to strategize their moves and aim to reach the target. Make sure you hit the mark and get the victory!

Tweak the rules to make it perfect for your game! Change up points, time and scoring so it fits your family size and number of rounds. Forget about money rewards like on TV – make this totally fun with bragging rights and awesome toys or gifts for the kids.

What You’ll Need

Have these things handy to play the game.

  • A Podium: Feel free to use anything like a small table, or even a chair.
  • Bell or Buzzer: Place this on top of the podium so the teams can “Buzz” in.
  • Questions: Our Printable Valentine’s Feud game cards.
  • Cover Sheet: Answer Cover Sheet.
  • Timer: A timer/stopwatch to measure response times.

 Decorations: Do it up however you want! Turn up the officialness! Amp up the extravagance! Go wild with mics and fancy stuff, or keep it chill with everyday household items. It’s all good!

What Questions Should You Ask for a Family Feud-Style Game on Valentine’s Day?

Rules done. Teams known. Supplies ready. But Trivia Questions? No worries! In addition to our printable game cards, we’ve got some free questions right here for you, on the house!

Name a heart-shaped gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

Box of Chocolates38Earrings5
Pendant31Picture Frame3

Name a word that often follows the word “Love.”

Russell Stovers11

Besides peanut butter & jelly, name two foods that go together.

Ham & Cheese26Spaghetti & Meatballs8
Peas & Carrots21Burgers & Fries5
Mac & Cheese17Fish & Chips4
Bacon & Eggs14

Name a phrase you might read on candy conversation hearts.

Be Mine31Soul Mate6
Kiss Me25True Love5
Love You18Call Me4
Hug Me7Miss You2

Besides red, name a color of rose a husband might buy his wife.


Besides a bear, name a stuffed animal you might get on Valentine’s Day.


Name a Disney animated movie about love.

Beauty and the Beast18Lady & the Tramp8
Snow White15Princess and the Frog7
The Little Mermaid14Sleeping Beauty5

Name something a person would need to dress up as Cupid.

Bow & Arrow24

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is all about love and celebrating with people we care about. So why not make it even more festive with some Family Feud-style questions? These questions are sure to spark some laughter and friendly competition among family members as they try to guess the answers. And with a little bit of luck, you’ll walk away with some prizes too!

In the end, we should recognize that nothing is more important than spending quality time with one another. We can have fun while still cherishing each other, making memories along the way – memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Jennifer Taylor brings a vibrant flair for storytelling to the Gathered Again team, having joined us in 2023. With a profound love for writing and a knack for capturing the essence of family moments, Jennifer crafts content that inspires and connects, making every reader feel right at home.

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