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101 Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

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Toddlerhood is such a fun age, especially when it comes to holidays! They are in full exploration mode and are beginning to understand everything in the world around them (well, they understand a lot anyway). This is the time when holidays really begin to click and they put two and two together!

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets are always a fun thing to put together for the kids, but sometimes toddlers are at the age where they are not quite ready for candy, but maybe will be soon. Some kids do great with candy while others react wildly to it.

It should therefore come as no surprise that everyone is in need of a wide range of toddler Easter basket ideas, both food and non-food items. Here is a list of 101 toddler Easter basket ideas that you shouldn’t miss!

  • Chocolate bunny
  • Jelly beans
  • Children’s Bible
  • Christian children’s books about Easter
  • Board books
  • Bubble bath
  • Cute bath pouf/loofah
  • Coloring book with fat crayons
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Finger paints
  • Wooden musical instruments
  • Play-Doh
  • Bouncy balls (The big ones that won’t fit in their mouth)
  • Bathing suit/swimming trunks
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun hat
  • Beach toys
  • Character beach towel
  • Bubbles
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Stuffed bunny
  • Stuffed lamb
  • Kinder eggs
  • Rubber bath toys
  • Foam letters
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Wooden peg puzzles
  • Sippy cups
  • Crayola “My First” crayons or markers
  • Bunny ear headband
  • Easter outfit
  • Kite
  • Peeps
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Yogurt puffs
  • Toy cars
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Pinwheel
  • Stacking cups
  • Barrel of Monkeys
  • Etch-a-Sketch
  • Hair bows
  • Bow ties
  • Shoes
  • Giant lollipop
  • Stickers
  • Fisher Price Little People
  • Children’s DVDs
  • Crayola Color Wonder markers with coloring book
  • Watering can
  • Toddler gardening gloves
  • Child-sized gardening tools
  • Socks
  • Easter PEZ dispenser
  • Umbrella
  • Rain boots
  • Rain coat
  • Memory game
  • Play food
  • Hooded bath towel
  • Watercolor paint
  • Paint sponges
  • Toy fishing rod
  • RC car
  • Inflated spikey ball
  • Alphabet flash cards
  • Memory card game
  • Go Fish
  • Finger puppets
  • Alphabet magnets
  • Play purse
  • Play phone
  • Peter Cottontail book
  • Peter Cottontail movie
  • Bath color fizzies
  • Bath foam
  • Cotton candy
  • Silly Putty
  • Baby doll
  • Superhero figurines
  • Frisbee
  • Jump rope
  • Small hula hoop
  • Toddler plates
  • Character fork and spoon set
  • Squeezable fruit and/or veggie pouches
  • Ring Pops
  • Silly string
  • Pajamas
  • Bunny slippers
  • Mini board book set
  • Whistle pops
  • TY Beanie Baby Boos
  • Mini chocolate eggs
  • Personalized water bottle
  • Baby legs
  • Tutu
  • Costume jewelry
  • Superhero cape
  • Piggy Paints nail polish
  • Slinky

Fun With Easter Baskets

Many times, the traditional easter basket will contain a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, random candy and a couple of small toys. Break away from the traditional easter baskets by giving it a theme!

Here are some ideas for Easter basket themes:

  • Jesus loves me
  • Outdoor play
  • Bath time
  • Bedtime
  • Beach day
  • Rainbows
  • Cartoon characters
  • Color schemes
  • Music
  • Movie time
  • Dress up
  • Sunday school
  • Learning time
  • Sensory play
  • Peter Cottontail
  • Just ducky!
  • Things that go “POP!”

You can really make it a fun time putting together Easter baskets for toddlers, but what’s best is watching the look on their faces when they realize the Easter Bunny stopped by the house and left something special for them! Nothing compares to the sheer joy on your child’s face on Easter morning.

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