Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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Oh sweet Valentine’s Day, a day many children look forward to for the sole purpose of giving their original Valentines, their parents, something specially made for them!

Valentine’s Day Crafts

For kids, crafts are a great way to keep them busy and utilize their creative sides, inspiring ideas and feelings of wanting to give to make others happy. It’s fun to make things for people, especially for our parents and grandparents on Valentine’s Day!

Crafts for kids shouldn’t be so difficult that it will discourage them if they make a mistake, but a bit of a challenge never hurt anyone. When looking for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids, be sure to look for fun, age-appropriate activities that will hold their interest until completion.

Get Crafty

Need a few craft ideas? Try these!

Valentine’s Cards: Rather than darting for the store as soon as those cards go on sale, have them make some cute Valentine’s day cards instead. It’s more personal and they can even make enough for their classmates if they’re having fun with it!

“Bee Mine” Craft: A cute, construction paper bee with a really sweet message, “bee mine!” The wings are shaped like hearts and the antennae are made with pipe cleaners. You can even give it those little googly eyes for an added adorable effect!

Footprint Ladybug: This is the true love bug when it comes to Valentine’s Day! Make a red footprint on a piece of paper, then draw on the legs, heart dots, black head, and glue on some big googly eyes. Embellish the rest of the paper or leave it plain, that’s up to the kids!

I Love You To Pieces: This one is especially good for toddlers and preschoolers. Draw a big heart on a piece of paper, supply the child with paste and many colors of cut up pieces of paper, and instruct them to glue the little pieces inside the lines of the heart! When done, finish writing the rest of the message, as shown in the picture.

Heart Fox: Foxes are really ‘in’ right now, so this cute craft would be perfect! Made of only construction paper hearts and a pair of googly eyes, this will melt the heart of whoever receives it!

Heart Bird Feeders: Pick up a heart mold, some gelatin, bird seed, and string, then follow these easy directions for the rest! Everyone will love watching the birds come in for a treat; it’s quite the gift that keeps on giving!

I Love You THIS MUCH: Trace both hands on a piece of cardstock, cut a strip of the cardstock and fold it up accordion-style. On one hand, write “I love you…” and on the accordion piece, write “THIS MUCH!” The accordion piece will then be glued in between the hands and given like a card.

Celery “Flower” Prints: Take a stalk of celery and cut it in half so that the top is totally flat. On a piece of paper, paint a few stems in green, then using the celery, dip the cut side in any color paint and stamp on the tops of each stem to make a pretty flower!

Everyone will love these Valentine’s Day crafts, especially the recipients!

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