Traditional Easter Hymns and Songs

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Psalm 96:1-2 “Sing to the LORD a new song; Sing to the LORD, all the earth. Sing to the LORD, bless His name; Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day.”

What better way to honor the sacrifice Jesus made, and celebrate the hope He offered to us through His sacrifice, than with songs of praise and love!

Whether you’re in your car driving to work, at church for Sunday service, or in the kitchen prepping Easter dinner, these hymns and songs are sure to get you in the spirit of the Easter!

Classic Easter Hymns

If you walk into any Lutheran, Baptist, or Catholic church on Easter Sunday, you’re likely to hear one or more of these traditional hymnals about Easter. Now everyone, turn to Hymnal 504!

The Old Rugged Cross

This sweet hymnal is one I remember singing with my elementary school class during Friday morning Chapel. It was written in 1913 by George Bennard, and while it is a traditional Easter hymn, this version by Alan Jackson blends it beautifully into a modern country variation.

Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Christ, the Lord is risen today, Sons of men and angels say, Alleluia! This classic hymnal, written in 1739 by Charles Wesley, tells of triumph of Jesus Christ over the sin of the world, and how we can rejoice in knowing we can have everlasting life because of His sacrifice.

Because He Lives

An new hymn, but a beautiful one! ‘Because he lives, I can face tomorrow. Because he lives, all fear is gone!’ Because Jesus Christ died for our sins, we know that one day, we’ll be in Heaven with Him one day. That fact can give us encouragement when times are difficult.

Contemporary Worship Songs

If you’re part of a non-denominational church, these songs are likely a bit more up your alley.

In Christ Alone

Christ died on the cross so that we would be able to find salvation through Him. That is the only way to reach Heaven. ‘In Christ Alone’ is about that fact. There was only one who was perfect, only one who could make a path for us, only one who could rise up again, and that one was Christ!

Jesus Saves

He came to this world to save us, and that’s what He did. In ‘Jesus Saves’, we sing about letting the world know what He did for us that day! “Raise a shout to let all the world know that Jesus saves!”

Happy Day

Easter is about both remembering Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, but also celebrating his triumphant resurrection! ‘Happy Day’ is about the latter! This upbeat Easter song will have everyone up on their feet dancing!

Easter Songs for Kids

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so! No matter what time of year it is, ‘Jesus Loves Me’ is the most beloved Christian children’s song. It reminds us that Jesus loved us so much that He died for us so we could go to Heaven one day!

This Little Light of Mine

Jesus brought light into the world when he died on the cross. Now it’s our turn to be a light to others! I don’t know about you, but I’m going to let mine shine!

The Joy Joy Joy

When you accept that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, you invite the Holy Spirit to live within your heart. And because He is Love, you’ve got the ‘Joy Joy Joy Joy’ down in your heart!

I hope you and your family enjoy these songs this Easter!

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