25 Anniversary Gifts for Parents

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It seems so rare these days that parents stick it out to the end, so each anniversary that comes and goes should really be cherished and showered with little anniversary gifts! For parents, it doesn’t take much for their kids to make them smile, so use your heart rather than wallet when picking the perfect anniversary gifts for parents.

Anniversary gifts for parents don’t have to be on the expensive side. Here’s a list of anniversary gifts categorized by price to help you in your shopping excursion!

Gift Ideas Under $25

Framed Poem: Your parents will love this beautiful poem in a frame on their Anniversary!

Family Tree Picture Frame: They started the family, so they are likely proud! Let them display their family tree with this nice frame!

40th Anniversary Cross Ornament: Perfect to hang on the wall or on a Christmas tree, this is a beautiful gift for the big 40th milestone!

Kissing Couple Salt and Pepper Shakers: How sweet are these?

50th Anniversary Cake Serving Set: Well, there’s a good chance that it’s been 50 years since they’ve replaced their cake serving set, so spring for a new one marking their 50th!

His/Hers Wine Glass Set: If there will be a party for the anniversary, this would be perfect accompanied by a bottle of fine wine!

Gift Card Holder Puzzle: Give them the gift of a meal at their favorite restaurant, but don’t just put the gift card in a card. Instead, put it in this wooden box!

Mr. and Mrs. Couples Espresso Cup Set: This is a beautiful set that can be decoration or used often (or both)!

Funny Ceramic Plaque: Do your parents have a sense of humor? Then you have to check this out!

Gift Ideas Under $50

Larger Family Tree Picture Frame: This is the same as the other family tree picture frame, but this tree has larger frames.

Willow Tree Anniversary Figurine: This is a gorgeous piece from a large collection. Start them on this collection on any anniversary and build on it each year!

24K Gold Foil Rose: Real roses are pretty but they don’t last very long. This is perfect, especially for the golden (50th) anniversary!

His/Her Novelty Tumblers: Give them the gift of beverage holders for on the go! Everyone will know they are the perfect couple using these!

40th Anniversary Plate With Stand: Many people collect plates, but even if your parents are not plate collectors, this gift is sure to put a smile on their faces on their big anniversary!

60th Wedding Anniversary Sofa Throw: This is something that they can snuggle under, or simply use as decoration. It’s pretty!

Hand Carved Keepsake Box: Certainly they have built up a lot of memories over the years, so a keepsake box will give them a place to store those cherished memories!

Large Tree of Life Leather Blank Book: What’s so perfect about a blank book is you write your own story! Your parents likely have a long one to tell, too!

His and Hers Coffee Mugs: Now they can really enjoy their morning joe in style! Just take a look, these are adorable!

Couples Pillowcases: Let their dreams be sweet while resting next to each other on these couples pillowcases!

Gift Ideas Under $100

Gourmet Gift Basket: A nice, decorative gift basket filled with lots of gourmet goodies! Perfect for that foodie couple.

50th Anniversary Framed Wall Clock: There’s something very symbolic about clocks on wedding anniversaries, and this one comes in a frame with a beautiful message.

Message In A Bottle Personalized Gift: Send them a real message in a bottle! It’s one that they will cherish forever.

Italian Romance Gift Basket: How cool is this? It’s a colander filled with all kinds of Italian foods. I know what they’ll be having for dinner!

His and Hers Watches: Couples watches are nice and always appreciated. Even when they’re apart, they will have a piece of each other. Cute, right?

Keurig Mini: Mini Keurigs make an awesome gift for easing a couple into the new way to brew coffee, one cup at a time!

Even a simple anniversary card with a hug and a kiss can do the trick, but buying something for their special occasion will make them realize just how special they really are.

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