30 Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions to Quiz Your Loved Ones

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Every holiday can be a fun time, whether it’s a Santa-themed Christmas or Easter with the eggs and bunny rabbits. One mirrors the birth of Christ, the other celebrates his death and resurrection. Each is fun to celebrate in its own way. Now, how about a festival specifically to celebrate the deep love and affection that bond families together? Well, now you have Valentine’s Day!

So many stories surround the origin of Valentine’s Day. The various narratives can be blended into this summary: First, the name actually belongs to a saintly man called Valentine, who, it was told, risked his life to wed Christian couples in secret at a time when the Roman Emperor Claudius ll forbade their marriage. It is said that he was caught on the 14th day of February, which is why we now celebrate the very day that we call Valentin’s Day!

For families, Valentine’s Day holds a special place, as it provides means to demonstrate love and affection. There are, of course, lots of fun activities families can engage in.

Printable Valentine’s Day Activities!

Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions

Make this Valentine’s Day a fun one for your loved ones by testing your knowledge about the Holiday of Love! Here are 30 questions about Valentine’s Day to quiz your family and friends!

1. What fruit is known as the love apple?

A) Guava
B) Orange
C) Tomato
D) Pawpaw

2. Cupid, the God of Love, is usually depicted as a baby with wings holding what?

A) A harp
B) A laurel wreath
C) A heart
D) A bow and arrow

3. Valentine’s Day was first celebrated in:

A) Africa
B) Ancient Rome
C) Russia
D) America

4. Which group of persons get shown the most love with Valentine cards during this holiday?

A) Girlfriends
B) Wives
C) Boyfriends
D) Teachers

5. Which of the following is not a typical Valentine gift?

A) Flowers
B) Fruit baskets
C) Cards
D) Chocolates

6. Why do we refer to people as ‚ÄúValentines‚ÄĚ on Valentine‚Äôs Day?

A) Because St. Valentine signed a letter to someone special to him ‚ÄúFrom your Valentine‚ÄĚ
B) Simply because the day is called Valentine’s Day
C) Cupid called his lover ‚ÄúValentine‚ÄĚ
D) Nobody really knows

7. Which color rose stands for ‚Äúlove at first site‚ÄĚ?

A) White
B) Pink
C) Red
D) Lavender

8. Lots of flowers are sold on Valentine’s Day, but which is the only holiday that beats it in floral sales?

A) Veterans Day
B) Mother’s Day
C) Thanksgiving
D) Christmas

9. 36 million of these are sold for Valentine’s day:

A) Dozens of roses
B) Engagement rings
C) Boxes of chocolates
D) Greeting cards

10. Which company first produced ‚ÄúSweethearts,‚ÄĚ also known as ‚ÄúConversation Hearts‚ÄĚ?

A) Brachs
B) Nestle
C) Wonka
D) Necco

11. Which Roman emperor forbade marriage for young men?

A) Aurelius
B) Claudius II
C) Trajan
D) Domitian

12. Who created the very first box of chocolates?

A) Richard Cadbury
B) Jim Russell
C) Edward Kennedy
D) Lady Godiva

13. On Valentine’s Day, love always finds a way. Who was the man that wrote a poem about Valentine for his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London?

A) Geoffrey Chaucer
B) Charles Darwin
C) Charles Duke of Orleans
D) Alexander Pope

14. She was known as ‚Äėthe Mother of American Valentine‚Äô for being the first mass manufacturer of uniquely designed American Valentine‚Äôs.

A) Serena Williams
B) Monica Bellucci
C) Charlotte Bronte
D) Esther Howland   

15. While love is in the air and everywhere else on Valentine’s day, how many Valentine’s cards are exchanged?

A) 114 Million
B) 1 Billion
C)  500 Million
D) 25 Million

16. What was the name of the first card company in America to make Valentine’s Day cards?

A) American Greetings
B) Hallmark
C) New England Valentine Co.
D) Sweet Sentiments

A) Dandies
B) Pompoms
C) Bonbons
D) Cockles

18. Valentine’s day is viewed as a golden opportunity to propose for marriage. What percentage of proposals take place on Valentine’s Day?

A) 10 percent
B) 43 percent
C) 90 percent
D) 50 percent

19. About how much does the average person spend on Valentine’s Day?

A) $75
B) $40
C) $160
D) $15

20. Aphrodite, the Love Goddess, favored which animal for their monogamous habits?

A) Angelfish
B) Wolves
C) Doves
D) Swans

21. You call that feeling ‚Äúbutterflies‚ÄĚ but science calls it hormones. Which hormone is known as the ‚Äúlove hormone‚ÄĚ??

A) Testosterone
B) Oxytocin
C) Serotonin
D) Estrogen

22. ‚ÄúO Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?‚ÄĚ Juliette cried out from her home in this city:

A) Verona
B) Milan
C) Venice
D) Rome

23. This king declared Valentine’s Day to be a public holiday in England in 1537.

A) King Henry VIII
B) King Richard the Lionheart
C) King James II
D) King Edward I

24. How many candy hearts are produced for Valentine’s Day each year?

A) 100 Million
B) 500 Million
C) 1 Billion
D) 8 Billion

25. Both men and women buy flowers for Valentine’s Day, with 73 percent of buyers being men. What percentage of buyers are women?

A) 15 percent
B) 20 percent
C) 23 percent
D) 5 percent

26. Sometimes people don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day (and that’s okay!!) but, it’s always nice to receive flowers. What percentage of women send flowers to themselves?

A) 1 percent
B) 15 percent
C) 20 percent
D) 25 percent

27. Animals need lovin’ too! How many pets also get gifts on Valentine’s?

A) 9 Million
B) 15 Million
C) 20 Million
D) 22 Million

28. What is the name of the girl who planted an almond tree with pink blossoms beside the grave of St. Valentine?

A) Julia
B) Rosemary
C) Cynthia
D) Aurora

29. According to Roman Legends, which goddess is known as the Goddess of Love and Desire?

A) Flora
B) Vesta
C) Luna
D) Venus

30. What is the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time?

A) When Harry Met Sally
B) Pretty Woman
C) My Big Fat Greek Wedding
D) The Proposal

We Leave You With This

For a holiday that celebrates the essence of true love worldwide, facts about it are so little-known. There is always a good feeling attached to the knowledge of why we do certain things in certain ways, why things are the way they are, or the answers to unexpected curiosities.  

When we celebrate Valentine’s Day, by digging into a treasure trove of trivia in such a fun way, we add far more value to the experience of the holiday.

We hope that this article would not only increase your knowledge, but would also add much more color to the fun and deep love of families for each other when they unite to celebrate this great festival of love.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Answer Key

  1. C) Tomato
  2. D) A bow and arrow
  3. B) Ancient Rome
  4. D) Teachers
  5. B) Fruit baskets
  6. A) Because St. Valentine signed a letter to someone special to him ‚ÄúFrom your Valentine‚ÄĚ
  7. D) Lavender
  8. B) Mother’s Day
  9. C) Boxes of Chocolates
  10. D) Necco
  11. B) Claudius II
  12. A) Richard Cadbury
  13. C) Charles Duke of Orleans
  14. D) Monica Bellucci
  15. B) 1 billion
  16. C) New England Valentine Co.
  17. D) Cockles
  18. B) 43 percent
  19. C) $160
  20. C) Doves
  21. B) Oxytocin
  22. A) Verona
  23. A) King Henry VIII
  24. D) 8 billion
  25. C) 23 percent
  26. B) 15 percent
  27. A) 9 million
  28. A) Julia
  29. D) Venus
  30. B) Groundhog Day

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