Penpal Letters to Grandparents They’ll Treasure Forever!

With technology comes the latest advancements older generations could only begin to imagine. We’ve seen drastic changes in how we lead our lives, as well as how we execute tasks that require more work and effort. 

Yet, as the world consistently changes and develops, there’s only one thing that has not and never will change—our family’s love and how they value us. Our grandparents are part of that small group of people who are there for us and who will continue to show their support no matter where we go. While they may not be able to comment on our latest Facebook post or leave a heart reaction on our newest Instagram story, they always have us and our best interest in mind, even if they’re not using the same platforms to express it.

Due to these barriers, we may not be building on that relationship as much as we should, which is why it’s our responsibility to find a way to reconnect with them in our own little ways. This year, instead of emailing them or sending them a text, have you ever considered writing to them in a classic penpal style? 

Why You Should Write Penpal Letters to Grandparents

As we all know, our grandparents have lived for much longer than we have and, therefore, are more accustomed to traditional ways of communication. Writing to them as a penpal lets them know that you care about them enough to show your love in the method they know how. 

If this reason alone isn’t enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons why you should write letters to grandparents.

It Creates a More Meaningful Bond

If you take the time to write to your grandparents every month then your grandma and grandpa for sure will be seeing it as you trying to stay in touch and deepen your relationship with them. Every letter’s stroke will have a bigger impact, and the effort you put into writing them every time will prove to them just how much you care.

Keeps Your Grandparents in the Loop by Writing Letters

Because of, perhaps, your hectic schedule, it can be rare that you get to spend quality time with your grandparents. While life may feel busy for us, things have slowed down for Grandma and Grandpa. A simple letter in the mail from their favorite people might even be the highlight of their day! 

Offers a Varied Perspective

Life events and happenings are to be interpreted by us, and us alone. Unless we tell others about the things going on around us, we can only see them the way we want to. However, when we exchange letters with our grandparents, they are able to provide a different point of view that we can learn from. This allows us to grow wise and mature, just like grandma and grandpa.

It Feels Real

Writing takes a bit more time and effort than typing. By becoming penpals with your grandparents, the letters themselves feel more organic and true than any of those typewritten messages in your inbox. Emotions are better portrayed, and so are your intentions.

How to Write Penpal Letters to Grandparents

Now that we’ve gone over the reasons why we all should be writing letters to our grandparents, let’s go through some tips and tricks you can do while writing them.

Write Letters That Are From the Heart

When you’re writing to your family members and loved ones, never forget that the most crucial step of it all is to write from the heart. What you’re feeling, and your most sincere emotions, will definitely show in your writing. So, always take your time to get in the zone to be able to express your emotions clearly. That way, the next letter from you will surely make anyone’s day, as they feel closer and much dearer to you.

Send a Letter at Least Once a Month

Writing them letters on a monthly basis ensures you make time to sit down and rehash all of life’s recent events into a single letter. In return, this gives them something to look forward to from you for the rest of the year.

Even the younger generations can learn to write heartfelt letters to grandparents by using our Year of Penpal Letters for Grandparents pack! This twelve-month set of penpal letters have fun themed questions for kids and Grandma or Grandpa to answer, color, drawings, jokes, and more! These letters help the youngest members of the family send something their grandparents will cherish and look forward to all year-round.


While instant messaging and chat apps have definitely made communicating with others easier, it also has arguably made our interactions less engaging and less real. As such, using snail mail for handwritten letters to your grandparents is a great way to bridge the gap between the generations, and set a level playing field that’s both comfortable and warm for everyone.

At the end of the day, these people are your family. As much as they would want to see you every month, a letter containing all your stories and adventures may just be good enough to keep their patient hearts at bay until the day you come to see them again.

We hope this article inspires you to start writing back to your loved ones, not just your old grammy and gramps. Remember that life is short and that you should tell those close to you that you love them. This is just one way of doing so.

Laura is the force behind Gathered Again, transforming family gatherings into unforgettable memories with expert tips and a heart full of passion. Join her mission to celebrate the magic of family connections, one event at a time.

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